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A Convenient Analytical Framework for Electromagnetic Scattering From Composite Targets 1-gen-2019 Fuscaldo, W.; Disimone, A.; Millefiori, L. M.; Iodice, A.; Braca, P.; Willett, P. K.
A distributed approach to estimating sea port operational regions from lots of AIS data 1-gen-2016 Millefiori, Lm; Zissis, D; Cazzanti, L; Arcieri, G
A Document-based Data Model for Large Scale Computational Maritime Situational Awareness 1-gen-2015 Cazzanti, L; Millefiori, Lm; Arcieri, G
Adaptive Bayesian learning and forecasting of epidemic evolution-data analysis of the COVID-19 outbreak 1-gen-2020 Gaglione, D.; Braca, P.; Millefiori, L. M.; Soldi, G.; Forti, N.; Marano, S.; Willett, P. K.; Pattipati, K. R.
Adaptive filtering of imprecisely time-stamped measurements with application to AIS networks 1-gen-2015 Millefiori, L. M.; Braca, P.; Bryan, K.; Willett, P.
Analytical Models for the Electromagnetic Scattering from Isolated Targets in Bistatic Configuration: Geometrical Optics Solution 1-gen-2020 Di Simone, A.; Fuscaldo, W.; Millefiori, L. M.; Riccio, D.; Ruello, G.; Braca, P.; Willett, P.
Anomaly Detection and Tracking Based on Mean-Reverting Processes with Unknown Parameters 1-gen-2019 Forti, N.; Millefiori, L. M.; Braca, P.; Willett, P.
Automated Port Traffic Statistics: From Raw Data to Visualisation 1-gen-2016 Cazzanti, L; Davoli, A; Millefiori, Lm
Bayesian Filtering for Dynamic Anomaly Detection and Tracking 1-gen-2022 Forti, N.; Millefiori, L. M.; Braca, P.; Willett, P.
Consistent Estimation of Randomly Sampled OrnsteinUhlenbeck Process Long-Run Mean for Long-Term Target State Prediction 1-gen-2016 Millefiori, Lm; Braca, P; Willett, P
COVID-19 impact on global maritime mobility 1-gen-2021 Millefiori, L. M.; Braca, P.; Zissis, D.; Spiliopoulos, G.; Marano, S.; Willett, P. K.; Carniel, S.
Data Driven Vessel Trajectory Forecasting Using Stochastic Generative Models 1-gen-2019 Uney, M.; Millefiori, L. M.; Braca, P.
Decision support for the quickest detection of critical COVID-19 phases 1-gen-2021 Braca, P.; Gaglione, D.; Marano, S.; Millefiori, L. M.; Willett, P.; Pattipati, K.
Deep Learning Methods for Vessel Trajectory Prediction Based on Recurrent Neural Networks 1-gen-2021 Capobianco, S.; Millefiori, L. M.; Forti, N.; Braca, P.; Willett, P.
Electromagnetic Modeling of Ships in Maritime Scenarios: Geometrical Optics Approximation 1-gen-2018 Fuscaldo, W.; Di Simone, A.; Millefiori, L. M.; Riccio, D.; Ruello, G.; Braca, P.; Willett, P.
Expression for the Probability of Correlation Error in Data Fusion 1-gen-2022 Willett, P.; Braca, P; Millefiori, L.; Marano, S.; Blair, W.; Miceli, P.; Kowalski, M.; Ogle, T.
Hybrid Bernoulli Filtering for Detection and Tracking of Anomalous Path Deviations 1-gen-2018 Forti, Nicola; Millefiori, Leonardo M.; Braca, Paolo
Joint Stochastic Prediction of Vessel Kinematics and Destination based on a Maritime Traffic Graph 1-gen-2022 Tengesdal, Trym; Millefiori, Leonardo M.; Braca, Paolo; Brekke, Edmund
Long-term vessel kinematics prediction exploiting mean-reverting processes 1-gen-2016 Millefiori, L. M.; Braca, P.; Bryan, K.; Willett, P.
Maritime Anomaly Detection Based on Mean-Reverting Stochastic Processes Applied to a Real-World Scenario 1-gen-2018 D'Afflisio, Enrica; Braca, Paolo; Millefiori, Leonardo M.; Willett, Peter