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1D and 2D Field Effect Transistors in Gas Sensing: A Comprehensive Review 1-gen-2023 Paghi, A.; Mariani, S.; Barillaro, G.
Photo-Trap: A low-cost and low-noise large-area SiPM-based pixel 1-gen-2023 Guberman, D.; Wunderlich, C.; Barillaro, G.; Cortina, J.; Paghi, A.; Paoletti, R.; Rugliancich, A.
Wireless and Flexible Optoelectronic System for In Situ Monitoring of Vaginal pH Using a Bioresorbable Fluorescence Sensor 1-gen-2023 Paghi, A; Corsi, M; La Mattina, Aa; Egri, G; Dahne, L; Barillaro, G
Bioresorbable Nanostructured Chemical Sensor for Monitoring of pH Level In Vivo 1-gen-2022 Corsi, Martina; Paghi, Alessandro; Mariani, Stefano; Golinelli, Giulia; Debrassi, Aline; Egri, Gabriella; Leo, Giuseppina; Vandini, Eleonora; Vilella, Antonietta; Dähne, Lars; Giuliani, Daniela; Barillaro, Giuseppe
In situ controlled and conformal coating of polydimethylsiloxane foams with silver nanoparticle networks with tunable piezo-resistive properties 1-gen-2022 Paghi, Alessandro; Corsi, Martina; Corso, Samuele; Mariani, Stefano; Barillaro, Giuseppe
Boosting Static and Dynamic Performance of Integrated Solid-State Diodes By Peripheral Integration of Nanostructured Porous Silicon 1-gen-2021 Paghi, Alessandro; Strambini, Lucanos; Toia, Fabrizio; Sambi, Marco; Marchesi, Marco; Depetro, Riccardo; Morelli, Marco; Barillaro, Giuseppe
Fully Three-Dimensional Silicon-Integrated Dielectric Capacitor at 1 µFmm-2 for on-Chip Energy Storage 1-gen-2021 Paghi, Alessandro; Strambini, Lucanos; Mariani, Stefano; Sood, Anjali; Kalliomaki, Jesse; Jarvinen, Paivi; Toia, Fabrizio; Scurati, Mario; Morelli, Marco; Lamperti, Alessio; Barillaro, Giuseppe
Maskless Preparation of Spatially-Resolved Plasmonic Nanoparticles on Polydimethylsiloxane via In Situ Fluoride-Assisted Synthesis 1-gen-2021 Mariani, S.; La Mattina, A. A.; Paghi, A.; Strambini, L.; Barillaro, G.
Solution-Processable Carbon Nanotube Nanohybrids for Multiplexed Photoresponsive Devices 1-gen-2021 Ye, Q.; Xu, X.; Paghi, A.; Bamford, T.; Horrocks, B. R.; Houlton, A.; Barillaro, G.; Dimitrov, S.; Palma, M.
Bioresorbable and Biodegradable Electronics and Photonics 1-gen-2020 La Mattina, A. A.; Mariani, S.; Paghi, A.; Corsi, M.; Barillaro, G.
Peripheral Nanostructured Porous Silicon Boosts Static and Dynamic Performance of Integrated Electronic Devices 1-gen-2020 Paghi, A.; Strambini, L.; Toia, F. F.; Sambi, M.; Marchesi, M.; Depetro, R.; Morelli, M.; Barillaro, G.
Record Capacitance Density from Three-Dimensional Silicon-Based Capacitor: Toward Effective on-Chip Energy Storage 1-gen-2020 Strambini, Lucanos; Paghi, Alessandro; Mariani, Stefano; Sood, Anjali; Kalliomaki, Jess; Jarvinen, Paivi; Fausto Renzo Toia, Fabrizio; Scurati, Mario; Morelli, Marco; Lamperti, Alessio; Barillaro, Giuseppe
Decoration of Porous Silicon with Gold Nanoparticles via Layer-by-Layer Nanoassembly for Interferometric and Hybrid Photonic/Plasmonic (Bio)sensing 1-gen-2019 Mariani, S.; Paghi, A.; La Mattina, A. A.; Debrassi, A.; Dahne, L.; Barillaro, G.
Three-dimensional silicon-integrated capacitor with unprecedented areal capacitance for on-chip energy storage 1-gen-2019 Strambini, L.; Paghi, A.; Mariani, S.; Sood, A.; Kalliomaki, J.; Jarvinen, P.; Toia, F.; Scurati, M.; Morelli, M.; Lamperti, A.; Barillaro, G.
Low-Concentration Ethanol Vapor Sensing with Nanostructured Porous Silicon Interferometers Using Interferogram Average over Wavelength Reflectance Spectroscopy 1-gen-2018 Mariani, Stefano; Strambini, Lucanos M.; Paghi, Alessandro; Barillaro, Giuseppe