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"Did You Really Say That?" Voiceover and the (Re)creation of Reality in Berlusconi’s ‘Shocking’ Interview for Newsnight 1-gen-2016 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
"Reading the news: A pilot study on Italian students’ understanding of English journalistic texts" 1-gen-2022 Filmer, Denise Anne
"“As my Right Honourable Lady knows…”: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Prime Minister’s Question Time Comparing Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May" 1-gen-2022 Filmer, DENISE ANNE; Bonsignori, Veronica
Analyzing Multimodality in Specialized Discourse Settings: Innovative Research Methods and Applications 1-gen-2022 Bonsignori, V.; Crawford Camiciottoli, B.; Filmer, D.
Anti-Gay, Sexist, Racist: Backwards Italy in British News Narratives 1-gen-2018 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Cascading Effects: mediating the unutterable sufferance of gender-based violence in migratory flows 1-gen-2019 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Ethnic Epithets and Linguistic Taboos: Offensive language transfer in Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" 1-gen-2012 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Fimmini e Buttane. Negotiating sexism, sexuality, and non-pc language for the British audience of Inspector Montalbano 1-gen-2019 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Images of Italy? The words Berlusconi never (officially) said 1-gen-2016 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Italy’s Politicians in the News. Journalistic translation and cultural representation 1-gen-2021 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Journalators? An ethnographic study of British Journalists who translate 1-gen-2014 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Journalistic translation in migrant news narratives: Representations of the Diciotti Crisis in British news brands 1-gen-2020 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Mediating Migrants: trust and Identity in Communicating the Migrant Crisis on the South East Coast of Sicily 1-gen-2019 Filmer, Denise Anne
Mediating migration crises: Sicily and the languages of despair 1-gen-2018 Filmer, Denise; Federici, Federico M.
News media translation 1-gen-2022 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Preface 1-gen-2022 Crawford Camiciottoli, B.; Bonsignori, V.; Filmer, D.
Racial Slurs: Last Linguistic Taboo and Translational Dilemma - A comparative analysis of the original and dubbed versions of the film "Gran Torino", assessing the transfer of offensive language from English into Italian 1-gen-2012 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Salvini, stereotypes and cultural translation: analysing anglophone news discourse on Italy’s ‘little Mussolini’ 1-gen-2021 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
The ‘gook’ goes ‘gay’. Cultural interference in translating offensive language 1-gen-2012 Filmer, DENISE ANNE
Voicing diversity? Negotiating Italian identity through voice-over translation in BBC broadcasting 1-gen-2018 Filmer, DENISE ANNE