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Damage Identification in Thin Steel Beams Containing a Horizontal Crack Using the Artificial Neural Networks 1-gen-2023 Heshmati, Amirhossein; Saadatmorad, Morteza; Talookolaei, Ramazan-Ali Jafari; Valvo, Paolo S.; Khatir, Samir
Energetically orthogonal fracture mode partitioning of the J-integral for cohesive interfaces 1-gen-2023 Valvo, Paolo S.
Free and forced vibration analysis of laminated composite beams with through-the-width delamination by considering the in-plane and out-of-plane deformations 1-gen-2023 Heshmati, Amirhossein; Jafari-Talookolaei, Ramazan-Ali; Valvo, Paolo S.; Saadatmorad, Morteza
Influence of Composite Lay-Up on the Stability of Channel-Section Profiles Weakened by Cut-Outs: A Numerical Investigation 1-gen-2023 Falkowicz, Katarzyna; Valvo, PAOLO SEBASTIANO
INTERFACIAL FRACTURE TOUGHNESS OF UNCONVENTIONAL SPECIMENS: SOME KEY ISSUES 1-gen-2023 Tsokanas, Panayiotis; Fisicaro, Paolo; Loutas, Theodoros; Valvo, Paolo S.
Mode decoupling in interlaminar fracture toughness tests on bimaterial specimens 1-gen-2023 Mujika, Faustino; Tsokanas, Panayiotis; Arrese, Ainhoa; Valvo, Paolo S.; da Silva, Lucas F. M.
Mode decoupling versus mode partitioning to determine pure-mode fractures in unconventional specimens 1-gen-2023 Tsokanas, Panayiotis; Fisicaro, Paolo; Valvo, Paolo S.; da Silva, Lucas F. M.
Decoupling fracture modes in non-standard test specimens: state of the art 1-gen-2022 Tsokanas, P; Akhavan-Safar, A; Valvo, Ps; Loutas, T; da Silva, Lfm
Delamination buckling in four-point bending tests - An experimental investigation 1-gen-2022 Dardano, Nicola; Paggi, Marco; Bennati, Stefano; Valvo, Paolo Sebastiano
Delamination of Thin Layers Promoted by Local Buckling 1-gen-2022 Dardano, Nicola; Paggi, Marco; Bennati, Stefano; Valvo, Paolo S.
Derivation of Symmetric Secant Stiffness Matrices for Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis 1-gen-2022 Valvo, PAOLO SEBASTIANO
Dynamic analysis of a laminated composite plate coupled with a piezoelectric energy harvester and traversed by a moving vehicle 1-gen-2022 Mobaraki, H. A.; Jafari-Talookolaei, R. -A.; Valvo, P. S.; Haghani, R.
Effects of Elastic Couplings in a Compressed Plate Element with Cut-Out 1-gen-2022 Falkowicz, Katarzyna; Samborski, Sylwester; Valvo, Paolo Sebastiano
Energetically Orthogonal Decomposition of Fracture Modes 1-gen-2022 Valvo, Paolo S.
Flapwise and Chordwise Free Vibration Analysis of a Rotating Laminated Composite Beam 1-gen-2022 Jafari-Talookolaei, Ramazan-Ali; Attar, Mostafa; Valvo, Paolo S.; Lotfinejad-Jalali, Farzaneh; Shirsavar, Seyedeh Farzaneh Ghasemi; Saadatmorad, Morteza
Forced Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates under the Action of a Moving Vehicle 1-gen-2022 Mobaraki, Hossein A.; JAFARI-TALOOKOLAEI, Ramazan-Ali; Valvo, Paolo S.; Haghani, Reza
Fracture Toughness Analysis of Non-Conventional Specimens: Some Key Issues 1-gen-2022 Tsokanas, Panayiotis; Fisicaro, Paolo; Loutas, Theodoros; Valvo, Paolo S.
Interfacial fracture analysis of layered beams with elastic couplings and hygrothermal stresses using an elastic-interface model 1-gen-2022 Tsokanas, Panayiotis; Loutas, Theodoros; Valvo, Paolo S.; Fisicaro, Paolo
Mode III Delamination in FRP Laminates with Elastic Couplings 1-gen-2022 Rzeczkowski, Jakub; Samborski, Sylwester; Valvo, Paolo S.; Paśnik, Jakub
Modelling of deployable cable nets for active space debris removal 1-gen-2022 Fisicaro, Paolo; Pasini, Angelo; Valvo, Paolo Sebastiano