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An experimental dataset on yields of pulses across Europe 1-gen-2023 Antichi, Daniele; Pampana, Silvia; Tramacere, Lorenzo Gabriele; Biarnes, Véronique; Stute, Ina; Kadžiulienė, Žydrė; Howard, Becky; Duarte, Isabel; Balodis, Oskars; Bertin, Iris; Makowski, David; Guilpart, Nicolas
Legume Cover Crop Alleviates the Negative Impact of No-Till on Tomato Productivity in a Mediterranean Organic Cropping System 1-gen-2023 Abou Chehade, L.; Antichi, D.; Frasconi, C.; Sbrana, M.; Tramacere, L. G.; Mazzoncini, M.; Peruzzi, A.
Long-term cover cropping in tillage-based systems filters weed community phenology: A seedbank analysis 1-gen-2023 Adeux, Guillaume; Rodriguez, Alain; Penato, Clémence; Antichi, Daniele; Carlesi, Stefano; Sbrana, Massimo; Bàrberi, Paolo; Cordeau, Stéphane
N2 use in perennial swards intercropped with young poplars, clone I-214 (Populus euramericana (Dode) Guinier), in the Mediterranean area under rainfed conditions 1-gen-2023 Tramacere, LORENZO GABRIELE; Sbrana, Massimo; Antichi, Daniele
Tecniche di conservazione e rigenerazione del suolo in agricoltura biologica: si può e si deve fare 1-gen-2023 Bàrberi, Paolo; Antichi, Daniele
Testing of Roller-Crimper-and-Undercutting-Blade-Equipped Prototype for Plants Termination 1-gen-2023 Sportelli, M.; Frasconi, C.; Gagliardi, L.; Fontanelli, M.; Raffaelli, M.; Sbrana, M.; Antichi, D.; Peruzzi, A.
Assessment of a Chain Mower Performance for Weed Control under Tree Rows in an Alley Cropping Farming System 1-gen-2022 Gagliardi, L; Fontanelli, M; Frasconi, C; Sportelli, M; Antichi, D; Tramacere, Lg; Rallo, G; Peruzzi, A; Raffaelli, M
Can Shading Affect Nitrogen Fixation Of Forage Legume Swards? An Assessment Of B-Value Through The 15N Natural Abundance Method 1-gen-2022 Gabriele Tramacere, Lorenzo; Sbrana, Massimo; Ricci, Alessandro; Mazzoncini, Marco; Antichi, Daniele
Ground vegetation covers increase grape yield and must quality in Mediterranean organic vineyards despite variable effects on vine water deficit and nitrogen status 1-gen-2022 Raffa, D. W.; Antichi, D.; Carlesi, S.; Puig-Sirera, A.; Rallo, G.; Barberi, P.
Innovative living mulch management strategies for organic conservation field vegetables: evaluation of continuous mowing, flaming, and tillage performances 1-gen-2022 Sportelli, M; Frasconi, C; Fontanelli, M; Pirchio, M; Gagliardi, L; Raffaelli, M; Peruzzi, A; Antichi, D
Light reduction affected agronomic performance and nutritive value of temporary grassland swards in a Mediterranean rainfed plot trial 1-gen-2022 Tramacere, LORENZO GABRIELE; Mantino, Alberto; Sbrana, Massimo; Mazzoncini, Marco; Mele, Marcello; Ragaglini, Giorgio; Antichi, Daniele
Simulating the effect of climatic variations on the long-term performance of different agroforestry systems within field trials using virtual experiments 1-gen-2022 Jarosch, Klaus A.; Allen, Michelle; Antichi, Daniele; Bernard, Mickaël; Boutchakdjian, Lory; Burgess, Paul; Dufour, Lydie; Dupraz, Christian; Eden, Jonathan; Graves, Anil; Mele, Marcello; Moreno, Gerardo; Ripamonti, Alice; Olave, Rodrigo; Palma, João; Rolo, Victor; Simonson, Will; Tosh, Colin; Tramacere, LORENZO GABRIELE; Herzog, Felix
Targeted timing of hairy vetch cover crop termination with roller crimper can eliminate glyphosate requirements in no-till sunflower 1-gen-2022 Antichi, Daniele; Carlesi, Stefano; Mazzoncini, Marco; Bàrberi, Paolo
Agronomic aspects of cover crops termination with roller crimper 1-gen-2021 Antichi, Daniele; Tramacere, LORENZO GABRIELE; Sbrana, Massimo; Bendinelli, Samuele; Mazzoncini, Marco; Frasconi, Christian
Application of remote sensing techniques to discriminate the effect of different soil management treatments over rainfed vineyards in chianti terroir 1-gen-2021 Sirera, A. P.; Antichi, D.; Raffa, D. W.; Rallo, G.
Cover crops promote crop productivity but do not enhance weed management in tillage-based cropping systems 1-gen-2021 Adeux, Guillaume; Cordeau, Stéphane; Antichi, Daniele; Carlesi, Stefano; Mazzoncini, Marco; Munier-Jolain, Nicolas; Bàrberi, Paolo
Current research on the ecosystem service potential of legume inclusive cropping systems in Europe. A review 1-gen-2021 Ditzler, Lenora; van Apeldoorn, Dirk F.; Pellegrini, Fernando; Antichi, Daniele; Bàrberi, Paolo; Rossing, Walter A. H.
Groundcover Mulching in Mediterranean Vineyards Improves Soil Chemical, Physical and Biological Health Already in the Short Term 1-gen-2021 Warren Raffa, Dylan; Antichi, Daniele; Carlesi, Stefano; Frasconi, Christian; Marini, Simone; Priori, Simone; Barberi, Paolo
Quali soluzioni per una gestione integrata delle infestanti 1-gen-2021 Loddo, Donato; Sattin, Maurizio; Antichi, Daniele; Frasconi, Christian; Meriggi, Pierluigi; Ruggeri, Matteo; Mario Centis, Christian; Camilla Moonen, Anna; Leoni, Federico; Furlan, Lorenzo; Barbieri, Stefano; Chiarini, Francesca; Spolon, Serenella; de Zanche, Antonio
Rye (Secale cereale L.) and squarrose clover (Trifolium squarrosum L.) cover crops can increase their allelopathic potential for weed control when used mixed as dead mulch 1-gen-2021 Abou Chehade, Lara; Puig, Carolina G.; Souto, Carlos; Antichi, Daniele; Mazzoncini, Marco; Pedrol, Nuria