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Photosynthesizing while hyperaccumulating nickel: Insights from the genus Odontarrhena (Brassicaceae) 1-gen-2022 Scartazza, Andrea; Di Baccio, Daniela; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Bettarini, Isabella; Selvi, Federico; Pazzagli, Luigia; Colzi, Ilaria; Gonnelli, Cristina
Recycling Cigarette Filters as Plant Growing Substrate in Soilless System 1-gen-2022 Mariotti, Lorenzo; HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Curadi, Maurizio; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
Remediation Capacity of Different Microalgae in Effluents Derived from the Cigarette Butt Cleaning Process 1-gen-2022 Chiellini, Carolina; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Reyes, Huarancca; Eduardo José de Arruda, ; Gustavo Graciano Fonseca, ; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo
The gibberellin-deficient dwarf2 mutant of sunflower shows a high constitutive level of jasmonic and salicylic acids and an elevated energy dissipation capacity in well-watered and drought conditions 1-gen-2022 Mariotti, L.; Fambrini, M.; Pugliesi, C.; Scartazza, A.
UV‐B Irradiation Effect on Microalgae Performance in the Remediation of Effluent Derived from the Cigarette Butt Cleaning Process 1-gen-2022 Reyes, Huarancca; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Chiellini, Carolina; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Gustavo Graciano Fonseca,
Auxin is required for the long coleoptile trait in japonica rice under submergence 1-gen-2021 Nghi, K. N.; Tagliani, A.; Mariotti, L.; Weits, D. A.; Perata, P.; Pucciariello, C.
Azospirillum baldaniorum Sp245 Induces Physiological Responses to Alleviate the Adverse Effects of Drought Stress in Purple Basil 1-gen-2021 Mariotti, L.; Scartazza, A.; Curadi, M.; Picciarelli, P.; Toffanin, A.
In Arabidopsis thaliana Cd differentially impacts on hormone genetic pathways in the methylation defective ddc mutant compared to wild type 1-gen-2021 Pacenza, Marianna; Muto, Antonella; Chiappetta, Adriana; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Talarico, Emanuela; Picciarelli, Piero; Picardi, Ernesto; Bruno, Leonardo; Beatrice Bitonti, Maria
Influence of zinc and manganese enrichments on growth, biosorption and photosynthetic efficiency of Chlorella sp 1-gen-2021 Ciurli, A.; Di Baccio, D.; Scartazza, A.; Grifoni, M.; Pezzarossa, B.; Chiellini, C.; Mariotti, L.; Pardossi, A.
Nocturnal gibberellin biosynthesis is carbon dependent and adjusts leaf expansion rates to variable conditions 1-gen-2021 Prasetyaningrum, Putri; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Cristina Valeri, Maria; Novi, Giacomo; Dhondt, Stijn; Inze´, Dirk; Perata, Pierdomenico; van Veen, Hans
Targeted knockout of the gene OsHOL1 removes methyl iodide emissions from rice plants 1-gen-2021 Carlessi, Martina; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Giaume, Francesca; Fornara, Fabio; Perata &, Pierdomenico; Gonzali, Silvia
Ulva intestinalis extract acts as biostimulant and modulates metabolites and hormone balance in basil (Ocimum basilicum l.) and parsley (petroselinum crispum l.) 1-gen-2021 Paulert, R; Ascrizzi, R; Malatesta, S; Berni, P; Noseda, Md; Mazetto de Carvalho, M; Marchioni, I; Pistelli, L; Rabello Duarte, Me; Mariotti, L; Pistelli, L
Energy conversion processes and related gene expression in a sunflower mutant with altered salicylic acid metabolism 1-gen-2020 Scartazza, A.; Fambrini, M.; Mariotti, L.; Picciarelli, P.; Pugliesi, C.
Hormone profile changes occur in roots and leaves of Micro-Tom tomato plants when exposing the aerial part to low doses of UV-B radiation 1-gen-2020 Mannucci, A.; Mariotti, L.; Castagna, A.; Santin, M.; Trivellini, A.; Reyes, T. H.; Mensuali-Sodi, A.; Ranieri, A.; Quartacci, M. F.
Mutation of arabidopsis copper-containing amine oxidase gene atcuaoδ alters polyamines, reduces gibberellin content and affects development 1-gen-2020 Alharbi, B.; Hunt, J. D.; Dimitrova, S.; Spadafora, N. D.; Cort, A. P.; Colombo, D.; Muller, C. T.; Ghuge, S. A.; Davoli, D.; Cona, A.; Mariotti, L.; Picciarelli, P.; De Graaf, B.; Rogers, H. J.
Effect of Iodine treatments on Ocimum basilicum L.: Biofortification, phenolics production and essential oil composition 1-gen-2019 Kiferle, Claudia; Ascrizzi, Roberta; Martinelli, Marco; Gonzali, Silvia; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Pistelli, Laura; Flamini, Guido; Perata, Pierdomenico
Gibberellins modulate auxin responses during tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) fruit development 1-gen-2019 Mignolli, Francesco; Laura Vidoz, Maria; Picciarelli, Piero; Mariotti, Lorenzo
HORMONE RESPONSES TO SHORT DAILY UV-B IRRADIATION IN TOMATO PLANTS: WHAT HAPPENS IN THE UPPER AND BELOW-GROUND ORGANS? 1-gen-2019 Mannucci, Alessia; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Bernardi, Rodolfo; Trivellini, Alice; HUARANCCA REYES, Thais; Mensuali, Anna; Ranieri, Annamaria; Santin, Marco; Castagna, Antonella; Quartacci, MIKE FRANK
Salinity in Autumn-Winter Season and Fruit Quality of Tomato Landraces 1-gen-2019 Moles, Tommaso Michele; de Brito Francisco, Rita; Mariotti, Lorenzo; Pompeiano, Antonio; Lupini, Antonio; Incrocci, Luca; Carmassi, Giulia; Scartazza, Andrea; Pistelli, Laura; Guglielminetti, Lorenzo; Pardossi, Alberto; Sunseri, Francesco; Hörtensteiner, Stefan; Santelia, Diana
Characterization of lingering hope, a new brachytic mutant in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) with altered salicylic acid metabolism 1-gen-2018 Mariotti, Lorenzo; Fambrini, Marco; Scartazza, Andrea; Picciarelli, Piero; Pugliesi, Claudio