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Substitutional p-Type Doping in NbS2 -MoS2 Lateral Heterostructures Grown by MOCVD 1-gen-2023 Wang, Zhenyu; Tripathi, Mukesh; Golsanamlou, Zahra; Kumari, Poonam; Lovarelli, Giuseppe; Mazziotti, Fabrizio; Logoteta, Demetrio; Fiori, Gianluca; Sementa, Luca; Marega, Guilherme Migliato; Ji, Hyun Goo; Zhao, Yanfei; Radenovic, Aleksandra; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; Fortunelli, Alessandro; Kis, Andras
Envelope-function-based analysis of the dependence of shot noise on the gate voltage in disordered graphene samples 1-gen-2021 Marconcini, Paolo; Logoteta, Demetrio; Macucci, Massimo
Cold-source paradigm for steep-slope transistors based on van der Waals heterojunctions 1-gen-2020 Logoteta, Demetrio; Cao, J.; Pala, M.; Dollfus, P.; Lee, Y.; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
A Steep-Slope MoS2-Nanoribbon MOSFET Based on an Intrinsic Cold-Contact Effect 1-gen-2019 Logoteta, Demetrio; Pala, Marco G.; Choukroun, Jean; Dollfus, Philippe; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
Vertical transport in graphene-hexagonal boron nitride heterostructure devices 1-gen-2015 Bruzzone, Samantha; Logoteta, Demetrio; Fiori, Gianluca; Iannaccone, Giuseppe
Graphene-based lateral heterostructure transistors exhibit better intrinsic performance than graphene-based vertical transistors as post-CMOS devices 1-gen-2014 Logoteta, D.; Fiori, G.; Iannaccone, G.
High-performance solution of the transport problem in a graphene armchair structure with a generic potential 1-gen-2014 Logoteta, Demetrio; Marconcini, Paolo; Bonati, Claudio; Fagotti, Maurizio; Macucci, Massimo
Numerical simulation of shot noise in disordered graphene 1-gen-2013 Logoteta, Demetrio; Marconcini, Paolo; Macucci, Massimo
Sinc-based method for an efficient solution in the direct space of quantum wave equations with periodic boundary conditions 1-gen-2013 Marconcini, Paolo; Logoteta, Demetrio; Macucci, Massimo
Effect of boron doping on the characteristics of graphene FETs 1-gen-2012 Marconcini, Paolo; Cresti, Alessandro; Triozon, François; Biel, Blanca; Niquet, Yann Michel; Logoteta, Demetrio; Roche, Stephan
Efficient numerical method to study the transport behavior of a graphene armchair nanoribbon in the presence of a generical potential using an envelope function approach 1-gen-2012 Logoteta, Demetrio; Marconcini, Paolo
Is the regine with shot noise suppression by a factor 1/3 achievable in semiconductor devices with mesoscopic dimesnions? 1-gen-2012 Marconcini, Paolo; Macucci, Massimo; Logoteta, Demetrio; Totaro, M.
Numerical simulation of scanning gate spectroscopy in bilayer graphene in the Quantum Hall regime 1-gen-2012 Logoteta, Demetrio; Marconcini, Paolo; Connolly, M. R.; Smith, C. G.; Macucci, Massimo
Unraveling Quantum Hall Breakdown in Bilayer Graphene with Scanning Gate Microscopy 1-gen-2012 Connolly, M. R.; Puddy, R. K.; Logoteta, Demetrio; Marconcini, Paolo; Roy, M; Griffiths, J. P.; Jones, G. A. C.; Maksym, P. A.; Macucci, Massimo; Smith, C. G.
Armchair graphene nanoribbons: PT-symmetry breaking and exceptional points without dissipation 1-gen-2011 Fagotti, M; Bonati, Claudio; Logoteta, Demetrio; Marconcini, Paolo; Macucci, Massimo
Effect of imperfections on the tunneling enhancement phenomenon in symmetric double quantum dots 1-gen-2010 Totaro, M; Marconcini, Paolo; Logoteta, Demetrio; Macucci, Massimo; Whitney, Rs
Numerical solution of the Dirac equation for an armchair graphene nanoribbon in the presence of a transversally variable potential 1-gen-2010 Marconcini, Paolo; Logoteta, Demetrio; Fagotti, M; Macucci, Massimo
Robustness to gate imperfections of the tunneling enhancement effect in double quantum dots 1-gen-2009 Totaro, M; Logoteta, Demetrio; Marconcini, Paolo; Macucci, Massimo; Whitney, R. S.
Transport and noise behavior of cascaded realistic tunnel barriers 1-gen-2009 Totaro, M; Marconcini, Paolo; Logoteta, Demetrio; Macucci, Massimo
Using gate voltages to tune the noise properties of a mesoscopic cavity 1-gen-2009 Totaro, M; Marconcini, Paolo; Rotter, S; Logoteta, Demetrio; Macucci, Massimo