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A Rational Mining Strategy for Proof-of-Work Consensus Algorithms 1-gen-2022 Basile, M.; Nardini, G.; Perazzo, P.; Dini, G.
A Survey on Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes Suitable for the Internet of Things 1-gen-2022 Rasori, M.; La Manna, M.; Perazzo, P.; Dini, G.
SegWit Extension and Improvement of the BlockSim Bitcoin Simulator 1-gen-2022 Basile, M.; Nardini, G.; Perazzo, P.; Dini, G.
Assessing the Cost of Quantum Security for Automotive Over-the-Air Updates 1-gen-2021 LA MANNA, Michele; Perazzo, Pericle; Treccozzi, Luigi; Dini, Gianluca
Indirect Revocable KP-ABE with Revocation Undoing Resistance 1-gen-2021 Rasori, Marco; Perazzo, Pericle; Dini, Gianluca; Yu, Shucheng
On Improving SimBlock Blockchain Simulator 1-gen-2021 Basile, Mariano; Nardini, Giovanni; Perazzo, Pericle; Dini, Gianluca
Performance evaluation of attribute-based encryption in automotive embedded platform for secure software over-the-air update 1-gen-2021 Manna, M. L.; Treccozzi, L.; Perazzo, P.; Saponara, S.; Dini, G.
Performance evaluation of Attribute-Based Encryption on constrained IoT devices 1-gen-2021 Perazzo, P.; Righetti, F.; La Manna, M.; Vallati, C.
SEA-BREW: A scalable Attribute-Based Encryption revocable scheme for low-bitrate IoT wireless networks 1-gen-2021 La Manna, Michele; Perazzo, Pericle; Dini, Gianluca
A lightweight and scalable attribute-based encryption system for smart cities 1-gen-2020 Rasori, M.; Perazzo, P.; Dini, G.
An Analysis of Routing Attacks Against IOTA Cryptocurrency 1-gen-2020 Perazzo, Pericle; Arena, Antonio; Dini, Gianluca
Attribute-based encryption and sticky policies for data access control in a smart home scenario: a comparison on networked smart object middleware 1-gen-2020 Sicari, S.; Rizzardi, A.; Dini, G.; Perazzo, P.; La Manna, M.; Coen-Porisini, A.
Evaluating and improving the scalability of RPL security in the Internet of Things 1-gen-2020 Arena, Antonio; Perazzo, Pericle; Vallati, Carlo; Dini, Gianluca; Anastasi, Giuseppe
BRUSCHETTA: An IoT blockchain-based framework for certifying extra virgin olive oil supply chain 1-gen-2019 Arena, A.; Bianchini, A.; Perazzo, P.; Vallati, C.; Dini, G.
FABElous: An attribute-based scheme for industrial internet of things 1-gen-2019 La Manna, M.; Perazzo, P.; Rasori, M.; Dini, G.
On the feasibility of attribute-based encryption on constrained iot devices for smart systems 1-gen-2019 Girgenti, B.; Perazzo, P.; Vallati, C.; Righetti, F.; Dini, G.; Anastasi, G.
Virtual private ledgers: Embedding private distributed ledgers over a public blockchain by cryptography 1-gen-2019 Arena, A.; Perazzo, P.; Dini, G.
ABE-Cities: An attribute-based encryption system for smart cities 1-gen-2018 Rasori, Marco; Perazzo, Pericle; Dini, Gianluca
Implementation of a wormhole attack against a RPL network: Challenges and effects 1-gen-2018 Perazzo, Pericle; Vallati, Carlo; Varano, Dario; Anastasi, Giuseppe; Dini, Gianluca
A low-cost UAV-based secure location verification method 1-gen-2017 Rasori, Marco; Perazzo, Pericle; Dini, Gianluca