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Aglietta, M., and Reberioux, A.: Corporate Governance Adrift. A Critique of Shareholder Value 1-gen-2006 Chilosi, Alberto
At the Origin of Market Socialism: Dühring's ‘Socialitarian’ Model of Economic Communes and its Influence on the Development of Socialist Thought and Practice 1-gen-1999 Chilosi, Alberto
Can the Eu Neighbourhood Policy Be a Valid Substitute of Further Eu Enlargement? 1-gen-2005 Chilosi, Alberto
Coordination, Cooperation, and the Extended Coasean Approach to Economic Policy 1-gen-2004 Chilosi, Alberto
De lange mars van de Italiaanse communisten: van revolutie naar neo-liberalisme? De economische politiek van de Italiaanse post-communisten in historisch perspectief 1-gen-1999 Chilosi, Alberto
Dieci anni di transizione postcomunista in Europa centrorientale: un bilancio retrospettivo 1-gen-1999 Chilosi, Alberto
Distributional Consequences of Privatisation in the Economies in Transition: An Analytical Framework 1-gen-1996 Chilosi, Alberto
Duménil, G. and Lévy, D.: The Crisis of Neoliberalism IX, 400 p. Harvard University Press, Cambridge (Mass.), 2011. 1-gen-2012 Chilosi, Alberto
Economic Transition and the Unemployment Issue 1-gen-1993 Chilosi, Alberto
Entrepreneurship and Transition 1-gen-2008 Chilosi, Alberto
Entrepreneurship and Transition 1-gen-2001 Chilosi, Alberto
Harodl Winter, Trade-Offs : An Introduction to Economic Reasoning and Social Issues 1-gen-2005 Chilosi, Alberto
János Kornai, By Force of Thought: Irregular Memoirs of an Intellectual Journey, Cambridge (ma), The mit Press, 2007, pp. xix+461 1-gen-2007 Chilosi, Alberto
Kalecki's Theory of Income Determination and Modern Macroeconomics 1-gen-2003 Chilosi, Alberto
On the Economics and Politics of Unrestricted Immigration 1-gen-2002 Chilosi, Alberto
On the Social and Economic Consequences of Institutional Transformation in Eastern Europe 1-gen-1993 Chilosi, Alberto
Pecchi L., Piga G. (eds.): Revisiting Keynes. Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren XI, 215pp. The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., London 2008. 1-gen-2009 Chilosi, Alberto
Perspectives of the ENP, and Perspectives of the EU: Neighbourhood, Enlargement, and Unanimity 1-gen-2009 Chilosi, Alberto
Poland's Process of Economic Transformation: How has the West Helped and What Else Should be Done? 1-gen-1990 Chilosi, Alberto
Poland: From Traditional to New Forms of Financial Participation 1-gen-1995 Chilosi, Alberto; Krajewska, A.; Kwiatkowski, E.