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Activation of Type I and Type II Interferon Signaling in SARS-CoV-2-Positive Thyroid Tissue of Patients Dying from COVID-19 1-gen-2021 Poma, Anello Marcello; Basolo, Alessio; Bonuccelli, Diana; Proietti, Agnese; Macerola, Elisabetta; Ugolini, Clara; Torregrossa, Liborio; Alì, Greta; Giannini, Riccardo; Vignali, Paola; Santini, Ferruccio; Toniolo, Antonio; Basolo, Fulvio
Adipose tissue in COVID-19: detection of SARS-CoV-2 in adipocytes and activation of the interferon-alpha response 1-gen-2022 Basolo, A.; Poma, A. M.; Bonuccelli, D.; Proietti, A.; Macerola, E.; Ugolini, C.; Torregrossa, L.; Giannini, R.; Vignali, P.; Basolo, F.; Santini, F.; Toniolo, A.
AUTOPSY STUDY OF TESTICLES IN COVID-19: UPREGULATION OF IMMUNE-RELATED GENES AND DOWNREGULATION OF TESTIS-SPECIFIC GENES 1-gen-2022 Basolo, Alessio; Poma, Anello Marcello; Macerola, Elisabetta; Bonuccelli, Diana; Proietti, Agnese; Salvetti, Alessandra; Vignali, Paola; Torregrossa, Liborio; Evangelisti, Laura; Sparavelli, Rebecca; Giannini, Riccardo; Ugolini, Clara; Basolo, Fulvio; Santini, Ferruccio; Toniolo, Antonio
Clinical-Pathological and Molecular Evaluation of 451 NIFTP Patients from a Single Referral Center 1-gen-2022 Vignali, P.; Proietti, A.; Macerola, E.; Poma, A. M.; Torregrossa, L.; Ugolini, C.; Basolo, A.; Matrone, A.; Rago, T.; Santini, F.; Elisei, R.; Materazzi, G.; Basolo, F.
Clinical–Pathological Features and Treatment Outcome of Patients With Hobnail Variant Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma 1-gen-2022 Poma, A. M.; Macerola, E.; Proietti, A.; Vignali, P.; Sparavelli, R.; Torregrossa, L.; Matrone, A.; Basolo, A.; Elisei, R.; Santini, F.; Ugolini, C.
COVID-19 autopsy cases: detection of virus in endocrine tissues 1-gen-2021 Poma, A. M.; Bonuccelli, D.; Giannini, R.; Macerola, E.; Vignali, P.; Ugolini, C.; Torregrossa, L.; Proietti, A.; Pistello, M.; Basolo, A.; Santini, F.; Toniolo, A.; Basolo, F.
Deviations in Energy Sensing Predict Long-term Weight Change in Overweight Native Americans 1-gen-2018 Basolo, A; Votruba, Sb; Heinitz, S; Krakoff, J; Piaggi, P
Down-regulation of miR-7-5p and miR-548ar-5p predicts malignancy in indeterminate thyroid nodules negative for BRAF and RAS mutations 1-gen-2022 Macerola, E.; Poma, A. M.; Proietti, A.; Rago, T.; Romani, R.; Vignali, P.; Ugolini, C.; Torregrossa, L.; Basolo, A.; Santini, F.; Basolo, F.
Early Adaptive Thermogenesis Is a Determinant of Weight Loss after Six Weeks of Caloric Restriction in Overweight Subjects 1-gen-2020 Heinitz, Sascha; Hollstein, Tim; Ando, Takafumi; Walter, Mary; Basolo, Alessio; Krakoff, Jonathan; Votruba, Susanne B; Piaggi, Paolo
Effects of short-term fasting and different overfeeding diets on thyroid hormones in healthy humans 1-gen-2019 Basolo, Alessio; Begaye, Brittany; Hollstein, Tim; Vinales, Karyne; Walter, Mary; Santini, Ferruccio; Krakoff, Jonathan; Piaggi, Paolo
Effects of Short-Term Fasting on Ghrelin/GH/IGF-1 Axis in Healthy Humans: the Role of Ghrelin in the Thrifty Phenotype 1-gen-2022 Hollstein, Tim; Basolo, Alessio; Unlu, Yigit; Ando, Takafumi; Walter, Mary; Krakoff, Jonathan; Piaggi, Paolo
Effects of tyrosine kinase inhibitors on thyroid function and thyroid hormone metabolism 1-gen-2021 Basolo, Alessio; Matrone, Antonio; Elisei, Rossella; Santini, Ferruccio
Effects of underfeeding and oral vancomycin on gut microbiome and nutrient absorption in humans 1-gen-2020 Basolo, Alessio; Hohenadel, Maximilian; Ang, Qi Yan; Piaggi, Paolo; Heinitz, Sascha; Walter, Mary; Walter, Peter; Parrington, Shannon; Trinidad, Donovan D.; von Schwartzenberg, Reiner Jumpertz; Turnbaugh, Peter J.; Krakoff, Jonathan
Endocannabinoid Anandamide Mediates the Effect of Skeletal Muscle Sphingomyelins on Human Energy Expenditure 1-gen-2018 Heinitz, Sascha; Basolo, Alessio; Piomelli, Daniele; Krakoff, Jonathan; Piaggi, Paolo
Energy Balance and Control of Body Weight: Possible Effects of Meal Timing and Circadian Rhythm Dysregulation 1-gen-2021 Basolo, Alessio; Bechi Genzano, Susanna; Piaggi, Paolo; Krakoff, Jonathan; Santini, Ferruccio
Energy expenditure in the etiology of human obesity: spendthrift and thrifty metabolic phenotypes and energy-sensing mechanisms 1-gen-2018 Piaggi, P.; Vinales, K. L.; Basolo, A.; Santini, F.; Krakoff, J.
Energy homeostasis and locomotor activity: the role of leptin and of the melanocortin system 1-gen-2015 Ceccarini, G.; Basolo, A.; Maffei, M.; Vitti, P.; Santini, F.
Exenatide has a Pronounced Effect on Energy Intake but not Energy Expenditure in Non-Diabetic Subjects with Obesity: A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial 1-gen-2018 Basolo, A; Burkholder, J; Osgood, K; Graham, A; Bundrick, S; Frankl, J; Piaggi, P; Thearle, Ms; Krakoff, J
Fasting glucagon-like peptide 1 concentration is associated with lower carbohydrate intake and increases with overeating 1-gen-2019 Basolo, A.; Heinitz, S.; Stinson, E. J.; Begaye, B.; Hohenadel, M.; Piaggi, P.; Krakoff, J.; Votruba, S. B.
Fine-needle aspiration cytology and histological types of thyroid cancer in the elderly: Evaluation of 9070 patients from a single referral centre 1-gen-2021 Poma, A. M.; Macerola, E.; Basolo, A.; Batini, V.; Rago, T.; Santini, F.; Torregrossa, L.