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A High-Mobility Hole Bilayer in a Germanium Double Quantum Well 1-gen-2022 Tosato, A.; Ferrari, B.; Sammak, A.; Hamilton, A. R.; Veldhorst, M.; Virgilio, M.; Scappucci, G.
A NIR-LED based on tensile strained, heavily doped Ge/Si μ-strips fabricated in a BiCMOS pilot line 1-gen-2017 Capellini, G.; Lischke, S.; Nien, L. -. W.; Kreissl, J.; Yamamoto, Y.; Virgilio, M.; Schaffner, J.; Klesse, W. M.; Wolansky, D.; Voigt, K.; Zimmermann, L.; Mai, A.; Tillack, B.; Schroeder, T.
A proof of concept of the bulk photovoltaic effect in non-uniformly strained silicon 1-gen-2022 Manganelli, C. L.; Kayser, S.; Virgilio, M.
Atomic-Scale Insights into Semiconductor Heterostructures: From Experimental Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Interface to a Generalized Theory of Interfacial Roughness Scattering 1-gen-2020 Grange, T.; Mukherjee, S.; Capellini, G.; Montanari, M.; Persichetti, L.; Di Gaspare, L.; Birner, S.; Attiaoui, A.; Moutanabbir, O.; Virgilio, M.; De Seta, M.
CMOS-compatible optical switching concept based on strain-induced refractive-index tuning 1-gen-2015 Virgilio, Michele; Witzigmann, Bernd; Bolognini, Gabriele; Guha, Subhajit; Schroeder, Thomas; Capellini, Giovanni
CMOS-fabricated tensile Ge microstructures: towards an edge-emitting laser2014 7th International Silicon-Germanium Technology and Device Meeting (ISTDM) 1-gen-2014 G., Capellini; C., Reich; S., Guha; Y., Yamamoto; S., Lischke; J., Kreissl; L., Zimmermann; Virgilio, Michele; A., Ghrib; M., El Kurdi; P., Boucaud; B., Tillack; T., Schroeder
Combined effect of electron and lattice temperatures on the long intersubband relaxation times of Ge/SixGe1−x quantum wells 1-gen-2014 Virgilio, Michele; Michele, Ortolani; Martin, Teich; Stephan, Winnerl; Manfred, Helm; Diego, Sabbagh; Giovanni, Capellini; Monica De, Seta
Comparison of confinement characters between porous silicon and silicon nanowires 1-gen-2011 Tit, N; Yamani, Zh; Pizzi, G; Virgilio, Michele
Composition analysis and transition energies of ultrathin Sn-rich GeSn quantum wells 1-gen-2020 Fischer, I. A.; Clausen, C. J.; Schwarz, D.; Zaumseil, P.; Capellini, G.; Virgilio, M.; Da Silva Figueira, M. C.; Birner, S.; Koelling, S.; Koenraad, P. M.; Huang, M. R. S.; Koch, C. T.; Wendav, T.; Busch, K.; Schulze, J.
Compression and diffusion: a joint approach to detect complexity 1-gen-2003 Allegrini, P.; Benci, Vieri; Grigolini, P.; Hamilton, P.; Ignaccolo, M.; Menconi, G.; Palatella, L.; Raffaelli, G.; Scafetta, N.; Virgilio, Michele; Yang, J.
Conduction band intersubband transitions in Ge/SiGe quantum wells 1-gen-2009 De Seta, M; Capellini, G; Busby, Y; Evangelisti, F; Ortolani, M; Virgilio, Michele; Grosso, Giuseppe; Pizzi, G; Nucara, A; Lupi, S.
Conduction intersubband transitions at normal incidence in Si1-xGex quantum well devices 1-gen-2007 Virgilio, Michele; Grosso, Giuseppe
Confinement and interwell coupling effects in Ge double quantum wells pseudomorphic to a Si(001) substrate 1-gen-2005 Virgilio, Michele; Farchioni, R; Grosso, Giuseppe
Control of Electron-State Coupling in Asymmetric Ge/Si-Ge Quantum Wells 1-gen-2019 Ciano, C.; Virgilio, M.; Montanari, M.; Persichetti, L.; Di Gaspare, L.; Ortolani, M.; Baldassarre, L.; Zoellner, M. H.; Skibitzki, O.; Scalari, G.; Faist, J.; Paul, D. J.; Scuderi, M.; Nicotra, G.; Grange, T.; Birner, S.; Capellini, G.; De Seta, M.
Curvature effects on valley splitting and degeneracy lifting: The case of Si/Ge rolled-up nanotubes 1-gen-2012 Pizzi, G; Virgilio, Michele; Grosso, Giuseppe; Kiravittaya, S; Schmidt, O. G.
Design and simulation of losses in Ge/SiGe terahertz quantum cascade laser waveguides 1-gen-2020 Gallacher, K.; Ortolani, M.; Rew, K.; Ciano, C.; Baldassarre, L.; Virgilio, M.; Scalari, G.; Faist, J.; Gaspare, L. D. I.; Seta, M. D. E.; Capellini, G.; Grange, T.; Birner, S.; Paul, D. J.
Determination of the free carrier concentration in atomic-layer doped germanium thin films by infrared spectroscopy 1-gen-2014 Eugenio, Calandrini; Michele, Ortolani; Alessandro, Nucara; Giordano, Scappucci; Wolfgang M., Klesse; Michelle Y., Simmons; Luciana Di, Gaspare; Monica de, Seta; Diego, Sabbagh; Giovanni, Capellini; Virgilio, Michele; Leonetta, Baldassarre
Disentangling elastic and inelastic scattering pathways in the intersubband electron dynamics of n -type Ge/SiGe quantum fountains 1-gen-2020 Bagolini, L.; Montanari, M.; Persichetti, L.; Di Gaspare, L.; Capellini, G.; Ortolani, M.; De Seta, M.; Virgilio, M.
Dynamical systems and computable information 1-gen-2004 Benci, Vieri; Bonanno, Claudio; Galatolo, Stefano; Menconi, Giulia; Virgilio, Michele
Electron Dynamics in Silicon-Germanium Terahertz Quantum Fountain Structures 1-gen-2016 Sabbagh, Diego; Schmidt, Johannes; Winnerl, Stephan; Helm, Manfred; Di Gaspare, Luciana; De Seta, Monica; Virgilio, Michele; Ortolani, Michele