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Additive manufacturing of wet-spun chitosan/hyaluronic acid scaffolds for biomedical applications 1-gen-2024 Braccini, Simona; Chen, Chong-Bo; Łucejko, Jeannette Jacqueline; Barsotti, Francesca; Ferrario, Claudia; Chen, Guo-Qiang; Puppi, Dario
Monosaccharide composition of lignocellulosic matrix—Optimization of microwave-assisted acid hydrolysis condition 1-gen-2024 Modugno, F.; Lucejko, J. J.
The Lord of Ucupe mask from Moche culture (Peru). A multianalytical study of the materials from the metals to the adhesive 1-gen-2024 Iannaccone, R.; Ribechini, E.; Lucejko, J. J.; Bertelli, I.; Marceddu, S.; Aldana, J.; Colombini, M. P.; Brunetti, A.
Understanding changes in holocellulose and lignin compounds in wooden structure of veneers: Molecular insights post hydrothermal treatment and aging 1-gen-2024 Szwajca, A.; Lucejko, J. J.; Berdychowska, N.; Zborowska, M.
Analytical Pyrolysis: A Useful Tool to Analyze and Evaluate Consolidated Archaeological Wood 1-gen-2023 Lucejko, J. J.; Bargagli, I.; Mattonai, M.; Ribechini, E.; Colombini, M. P.; Chaumat, G.; Braovac, S.; Zborowska, M.; Modugno, F.
Identifying the original function of vessels deposited in Lusatian Urnfield burials: the case of the Czernikowice cemetery (Poland) 1-gen-2023 Łaciak, D.; Stolarczyk, T.; Ribechini, E.; La Nasa, J.; Łucejko, J. J.
Lignin as an invaluable resource for organic field-effect transistors 1-gen-2023 D’Orsi, Rosarita; Vladu, Mihai-Irimia; Lucejko, Jeannette J.; DI FIDIO, Nicola; Antonetti, Claudia; RASPOLLI GALLETTI, ANNA MARIA; Operamolla, Alessandra
The role of early synthetic materials degradation in the downfall of the Ansaldo A.1, an Italian World War I biplane fighter 1-gen-2023 La Nasa, Jacopo; Ceccarini, Alessio; Ducoli, Riccardo; Manariti, Antonella; Lucejko, Jeannette J.; Degano, Ilaria; Capra, Neva; Giovannini, Lucia; Tomasi, Maria Luisa; Modugno, Francesca; Colombini, Maria Perla; Bonaduce, Ilaria
Chemical modification of wood induced by the traditional making procedures of bowed string musical instruments: the effect of alkaline treatments 1-gen-2022 Albano, Michela; Comelli, Daniela; Fiocco, Giacomo; Mattonai, Marco; Lucejko, J. J.; Zoia, Luca; Colombini, M. P.; Malagodi, Marco
Development of Storage and Assessment methods suited for organic Archaeological artefacts (StAr) - JPI-CH project 1-gen-2022 Ribechini, E.; Lucejko, J. J.; Mattonai, M.; Modugno, F.; Chaumat, G.; Braovac, S.; Steindal, C. C.; Zborowska, M.; Dabrowski, H. P.; Fejfer, M.
Gold Mine Wooden Artefacts: Multianalytical Investigations for the Selection of Appropriate Consolidation Treatments 1-gen-2022 Fejfer, M.; Lucejko, J. J.; Miazga, B.; Cantisani, E.; Zborowska, M.
Kraft lignin: from pulping waste to bio-based dielectric polymer for organic field-effect transistors 1-gen-2022 D’Orsi, Rosarita; Vlad Irimia, Cristian; Lucejko, Jeannette J.; Kahraman, Bilge; Kanbur, Yasin; Yumusak, Cigdem; Bednorz, Mateusz; Babudri, Francesco; Irimia-Vladu, Mihai; Operamolla, Alessandra
Kumagawa and Soxhlet solvent fractionation of lignin: impact on the chemical structure 1-gen-2022 D'Orsi, Rosarita; Lucejko, Jeannette J.; Babudri, Francesco; Operamolla, Alessandra
Lignin structural, chemical and physical characterization and dielectric performance in organic field-effect transistors 1-gen-2022 D’Orsi, Rosarita; Irimia, C. Vlad.; Lucejko, J. J.; Kahraman, B.; Kanbur, Y.; Yumusak, C.; Babudri, F.; Sariciftci, N. S.; Irimia Vladu, M.; Operamolla, A.
Lignin: a biobased dielectric polymer for Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFETs) 1-gen-2022 D’Orsi, Rosarita; Vlad Irimia, C.; Lucejko, J. J.; Kahraman, B.; Kanbur, Y.; Yumusak, C.; Babudri, F.; Irimia-Vladu, M.; Operamolla, A.
Lignin: a potential renewable material candidate for organic devices 1-gen-2022 D’Orsi, Rosarita; Irimia, C. Vlad.; Lucejko, J. J.; Kahraman, B.; Kanbur, Y.; Yumusak, C.; Babudri, F.; Sariciftci, N. S.; Irimia Vladu, M.; Operamolla, A.
Testing Clean-Up Methods for the Quantification of Monosaccharides and Uronic Acids 1-gen-2022 Bargagli, I.; Sabatini, F.; Modugno, F.; Lucejko, J. J.
The organic residues of lining in transport vessels from the Red Sea coast of Eritrea: a further element to understand past commercial relations 1-gen-2022 Zerai, A; Guerrini, C; Lucejko, Jj; Ribechini, E; Piccirillo, A; Massa, S; Mandelli, C; Medin, T; Re, A; Lo Giudice, A; Davit, P; Gulmini, M
Violin Varnishes: Microstructure and Nanomechanical Analysis 1-gen-2022 Odlyha, M.; Lucejko, J. J.; Lluveras-Tenorio, A.; di Girolamo, F.; Hudziak, S.; Strange, A.; Bridarolli, A.; Bozec, L.; Colombini, M. P.
Analytical Pyrolysis and Mass Spectrometry to Characterise Lignin in Archaeological Wood 1-gen-2021 Lucejko, JEANNETTE JACQUELINE; Tamburini, Diego; Modugno, Francesca; Ribechini, Erika; Colombini, MARIA PERLA