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Evaluation of ruminal methane and ammonia formation and microbiota composition as affected by supplements based on mixtures of tannins and essential oils using Rusitec 1-gen-2024 Foggi, G.; Terranova, M.; Daghio, M.; Amelchanka, S. L.; Conte, G.; Ineichen, S.; Agnolucci, M.; Viti, C.; Mantino, A.; Buccioni, A.; Kreuzer, M.; Mele, M.
A comparison of the efficacy of two omeprazole formulations in the treatment of equine gastric ulcer syndrome in racehorses: a blinded, randomized clinical trial. 1-gen-2023 Busechian, S; Conti, Mb; Sgorbini, M; Conte, Giuseppe; Marchesi, Mc; Piermati, C; Zappulla, F; Vitale, V; Rueca, F
Breath Alcohol Test Results in Equine Veterinarians after Performing an Abdominal Ultrasound with Ethanol 1-gen-2023 Valentina, V; Nocera, I; Van Gaben, G; Sgorbini, M; Conte, G; Aliboni, B; Verwilghen, D
Characterization of polar and non-polar lipids of Hermetia illucens and Tenebrio molitor meals as animal feed ingredients 1-gen-2023 Tognocchi, Monica; Conte, Giuseppe; Rossi, Elisabetta; Perioli, Riccardo; Mantino, Alberto; Serra, Andrea; Mele, Marcello
Effect of Cooking with Superheated (SHS) vs. Standard Steam Oven on the Fatty Acids Profile of Different Kinds of Meat and Fish 1-gen-2023 Tinagli, Sara; Amarie, Roxana Elena; Conte, Giuseppe; Tognocchi, Monica; Mele, Marcello; Mantino, Alberto; Casarosa, Laura; Serra, Andrea
Insight into the long-term impact of birth weight on intestinal development, microbial settlement, and the metabolism of weaned piglets 1-gen-2023 Trevisi, P.; Negrini, C.; Correa, F.; Virdis, S.; Laghi, L.; Mele, Marcello; Conte, G.; Mazzoni, M.; Luise, D.
Integrative factorial methods to explore the relationships between genotypes, phenotypes and climate in Holstein cows 1-gen-2023 Laloë, Denis; Biscarini, Filippo; Mastrangelo, Salvatore; Senczuk, Gabriele; Persichilli, Christian; Conte, Giuseppe; Finocchiaro, Rafaella; This Van Kaam, Jan; Benzoni, Lorenzo; Ciampolini, Roberta; Cassandro, Martino
Linseed supplementation in the diet of fattening pigs: Effect on the fatty acid profile of different pork cuts 1-gen-2023 Tognocchi, M.; Conte, G.; Mantino, A.; Foggi, G.; Casarosa, L.; Tinagli, S.; Turini, L.; Scicutella, F.; Mele, M.; Serra, A.
Milk characteristics and milking efficiency in Italian Mediterranean buffalo 1-gen-2023 Matera, R.; Pascarella, L.; Cotticelli, A.; Conte, G.; Tondo, A.; Campanile, G.; Neglia, G.
Squamata reptiles as a potential source of helminth infections when preyed on by companion animals 1-gen-2023 Carbonara, Mariaelisa; Mendoza-Roldan, Jairo Alfonso; Lia, Riccardo Paolo; Annoscia, Giada; Iatta, Roberta; Varcasia, Antonio; Conte, Giuseppe; Benelli, Giovanni; Otranto, Domenico
Assessment of blood and productive parameters in mid-lactation dairy cows fed different diets: replacement of corn silage with triticale silage 1-gen-2022 Giuliotti, Lorella; Benvenuti, Maria Novella; Martini, Andrea; Accorsi, Pier Attilio; Lotti, Claudia; Cappucci, Alice; Conte, Giuseppe
Characterization of the microbial community in ripened Pecorino Toscano cheese affected by pink discoloration 1-gen-2022 Daghio, M.; Pini, F.; Espinoza-Tofalos, A.; Conte, G.; Mari, E.; Giannerini, F.; Giovannetti, L.; Buccioni, A.; Franzetti, A.; Granchi, L.; Mele, M.; Rampazzo, G.; Gazzotti, T.; Zironi, E.; Viti, C.
Effect of dietary black soldier fly larvae meal on fatty acid composition of lipids and sn-2 position of triglycerides of marketable size gilthead sea bream fillets 1-gen-2022 Pulido, L.; Secci, G.; Maricchiolo, G.; Gasco, L.; Gai, F.; Serra, A.; Conte, G.; Parisi, G.
Equine echocardiography: Can dobutamine infusion correct alterations due to sedation with alpha-2 agonists? 1-gen-2022 Vitale, Valentina; Vezzosi, Tommaso; DI FRANCO, Chiara; Briganti, Angela; Tognetti, Rosalba; Conte, Giuseppe; Bucchioni, Elena; Sgorbini, Micaela
Exploring the relationship between bacterial genera and lipid metabolism in bovine rumen 1-gen-2022 Conte, G.; Dimauro, C.; Daghio, M.; Serra, A.; Mannelli, F.; Mcammond, B. M.; Van Hamme, J. D.; Buccioni, A.; Viti, C.; Mantino, A.; Mele, M.
hCG is more effective than the GnRH agonist buserelin for inducing the first ovulation of the breeding season in mares 1-gen-2022 Fanelli, D.; Tesi, M.; Rota, A.; Beltramo, M.; Conte, G.; Giorgi, M.; Barsotti, G.; Camillo, F.; Panzani, D.
In vitro screening of the ruminal methane and ammonia mitigating potential of mixtures of either chestnut or quebracho tannins with blends of essential oils as feed additives 1-gen-2022 Foggi, G.; Terranova, M.; Conte, G.; Mantino, A.; Amelchanka, S. L.; Kreuzer, M.; Mele, M.
Novel Board Game versus Active Case-Based Discussion to Teach Final-Year Veterinary Students the Diagnostic Approach to Clinical Cases 1-gen-2022 Vitale, Valentina; Bonelli, Francesca; Conte, Giuseppe; Orsetti, Chiara; Van Galen, Gaby; Verwilghen, Denis; Sgorbini, Micaela
Nutritional Composition and Bioactivity of Salicornia europaea L. Plants Grown in Monoculture or Intercropped with Tomato Plants in Salt-Affected Soils 1-gen-2022 Castagna, A.; Mariottini, G.; Gabriele, M.; Longo, V.; Souid, A.; Dauvergne, X.; Magne, C.; Foggi, G.; Conte, G.; Santin, M.; Ranieri, A.
One device for two pests: a new double dispenser for mating disruption of Lobesia botrana and Planococcus ficus 1-gen-2022 Ricciardi, R.; Benelli, G.; Suma, P.; Cosci, F.; Giovanni, F. D.; Zeni, V.; Conte, G.; Marchesini, E.; Savino, F.; Ladurner, E.; Iodice, A.; Canale, A.; Lucchi, A.