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Determination of Jupiter’s Pole Orientation from Juno Radio Science Data 1-gen-2024 Lari, Giacomo; Zannoni, Marco; Durante, Daniele; Park, Ryan S.; Tommei, Giacomo
New Yarkovsky drift detections using astrometric observations of NEAs 1-gen-2024 Bedini Lisa, &; Tommei, Giacomo
Deepening asteroid dynamics in the new era of observations: the project MONASTER (MONitoring ASTERoids) 1-gen-2023 Tommei, Giacomo; Mochi, Maddalena
Orbit determination methods for interplanetary missions: development and use of the Orbit14 software 1-gen-2022 Lari, G.; Schettino, G.; Serra, D.; Tommei, G.
Dynamical properties of the Molniya satellite constellation: Long-term evolution of orbital eccentricity 1-gen-2021 Alessi, E. M.; Buzzoni, A.; Daquin, J.; Carbognani, A.; Tommei, G.
Gravity, Geodesy and Fundamental Physics with BepiColombo’s MORE Investigation 1-gen-2021 Iess, L.; Asmar, S. W.; Cappuccio, P.; Cascioli, G.; De Marchi, F.; di Stefano, I.; Genova, A.; Ashby, N.; Barriot, J. P.; Bender, P.; Benedetto, C.; Border, J. S.; Budnik, F.; Ciarcia, S.; Damour, T.; Dehant, V.; Di Achille, G.; Di Ruscio, A.; Fienga, A.; Formaro, R.; Klioner, S.; Konopliv, A.; Lemaître, A.; Longo, F.; Mercolino, M.; Mitri, G.; Notaro, V.; Olivieri, A.; Paik, M.; Palli, A.; Schettino, G.; Serra, D.; Simone, L.; Tommei, G.; Tortora, P.; Van Hoolst, T.; Vokrouhlický, D.; Watkins, M.; Wu, X.; Zannoni, M.
New Tools for the Optimized Follow-Up of Imminent Impactors 1-gen-2021 Mochi, Maddalena; Tommei, Giacomo
On the Dominant Lunisolar Perturbations for Long-Term Eccentricity Variation: The Case of Molniya Satellite Orbits 1-gen-2021 Talu, Tiziana; Maria Alessi, Elisa; Tommei, Giacomo
On the impact monitoring of near-earth objects: Mathematical tools, algorithms, and challenges for the future 1-gen-2021 Tommei, G.
A Test of Gravitational Theories Including Torsion with the BepiColombo Radio Science Experiment 1-gen-2020 Schettino, G; Serra, D; Tommei, G; Di Pierri, V
Jupiter's Gravity Field Halfway Through the Juno Mission 1-gen-2020 Durante, D.; Parisi, M.; Serra, D.; Zannoni, M.; Notaro, V.; Racioppa, P.; Buccino, D. R.; Lari, G.; Gomez Casajus, L.; Iess, L.; Folkner, W. M.; Tommei, G.; Tortora, P.; Bolton, S. J.
Spectrophotometric and dynamical properties of the soviet/russian constellation of molniya satellites 1-gen-2020 Buzzoni, A.; Guichard, J.; Alessi, E. M.; Altavilla, G.; Figer, A.; Carbognani, A.; Tommei, G.
A Solution of Jupiter’s Gravitational Field from Juno Data with the ORBIT14 Software 1-gen-2019 Serra, Daniele; Lari, Giacomo; Tommei, Giacomo; Durante, Daniele; Casajus, Luis Gomez; Notaro, Virginia; Zannoni, Marco; Iess, Luciano; Tortora, Paolo; Bolton, Scott J
Studying a Direct Re-Entry from a Sun-Earth Libration Point Orbit: Can Ground Uncertainty be Kept Under Control? 1-gen-2019 Tommei, Giacomo; Maria Alessi, Elisa
Toward a Physical Characterization of the Soviet/Russian Constellationof Molniya Satellites 1-gen-2019 Buzzoni, Alberto; Guichard, José; Altavilla, Giuseppe; Figer, Alain; Maria Alessi, Elisa; Tommei, Giacomo
Addressing some critical aspects of the BepiColombo MORE relativity experiment 1-gen-2018 Schettino, Giulia; Serra, Daniele; Tommei, Giacomo; MILANI COMPARETTI, Andrea
Dynamical uncertainty and demisability occurrence for the atmospheric re-entry of SOHO 1-gen-2018 Maria Alessi, Elisa; Tommei, Giacomo; Holbrough, Ian; Beck, James
Radio Science Investigations with the Asteroid Impact Mission 1-gen-2018 Zannoni, Marco; Tommei, Giacomo; Modenini, Dario; Tortora, Paolo; Mackenzie, Ruaraidh; Scoubeau, Mehdi; Herfort, Ulrich; Carnelli, Ian
Short arc orbit determination and imminent impactors in the Gaia era 1-gen-2018 Spoto, F.; DEL VIGNA, Alessio; Milani, A.; Tommei, G.; Tanga, P.; Mignard, F.; Carry, B.; Thuillot, W.; David, P.