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The Algorithmic Information Content for randomly perturbed systems 1-gen-2004 Bonanno, Claudio
Algorithmic information for interval maps with an indifferent fixed point and infinite invariant measure 1-gen-2004 Bonanno, Claudio; Galatolo, Stefano
Almost sure asymptotic behaviour of Birkhoff sums for infinite measure-preserving dynamical systems In corso di stampa Bonanno, Claudio; Schindler, Tanja I.
An analytical formulation for the MOID and its consequences 1-gen-2000 Bonanno, Claudio
Asymptotic behaviour of orbit determination for hyperbolic maps 1-gen-2021 Maro', Stefano; Bonanno, Claudio
Chaotic motion in the breathing circle billiard 1-gen-2022 Bonanno, Claudio; Maro', Stefano
A Complexity approach to the soliton resolution conjecture 1-gen-2015 Bonanno, Claudio
Complexity for extended dynamical systems 1-gen-2007 Bonanno, Claudio; Collet, P.
Computable information content and boolean networks dynamics 1-gen-2005 Bonanno, Claudio; Menconi, G; Benci, Vieri; Cerrai, Paola
Computational information for the logistic map at the chaos threshold 1-gen-2002 Bonanno, Claudio; Menconi, Giulia
Discrete dynamics in biological models 1-gen-2002 Bonanno, Claudio; Manca, V.
Dynamical systems and computable information 1-gen-2004 Benci, Vieri; Bonanno, Claudio; Galatolo, Stefano; Menconi, Giulia; Virgilio, Michele
Dynamics of continued fractions and kneading sequences of unimodal maps 1-gen-2013 Bonanno, Claudio; Carminati, Carlo; Isola, S; Tiozzo, G.
Entropy and complexity in dynamical systems and PDEs 1-gen-2012 Bonanno, Claudio
Escape rates for the Farey map with approximated holes 1-gen-2016 Bonanno, Claudio; Chouari, I.
Estimates of Kolmogorov complexity in approximating Cantor sets 1-gen-2011 Bonanno, Claudio; CHAZOTTES J., R; Collet, P.
Existence and multiplicity of stable bound states for the nonlinear Klein–Gordon equation 1-gen-2010 Bonanno, Claudio
Global-local mixing for the Boole map 1-gen-2018 Bonanno, C.; Giulietti, P.; Lenci, M.
Gravity field and rotation state of Mercury from the BepiColombo Radio Science Experiments 1-gen-2001 MILANI COMPARETTI, Andrea; Rossi, A; Vokrouhlicky, D; Villani, D; Bonanno, Claudio
Hylomorphic solitons in the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation 1-gen-2009 Bellazzini, J; Benci, Vieri; Bonanno, Claudio; Sinibaldi, E.