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Conversion of syngas into formic acid In corso di stampa Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Preti, D; Squarcialupi, S.
Carbon dioxide hydrogenation to formic acid by using a heterogeneous gold catalyst 1-gen-2011 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; D., Preti; C., Resta; S., Squarcialupi
Production of HCOOH/NEt3 Adducts by CO2/H2 Incorporation into Neat NEt3 1-gen-2010 Fachinetti, Giuseppe
Aerobic, Copper-Mediated Oxidation of Alkaline Formaldehyde to Fuel-Cell-Grade Hydrogen and Formate: Mechanism and Applications 1-gen-2009 Fachinetti, Giuseppe
Ethene hydroformylation with CO/H2O: nucleophilic attack by water on to a terminal CO of a Ru(II) acylcarbonyl complex 1-gen-2005 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana; Marchetti, Fabio
Hydrocarboxylation and stepwise alternating oligomerization of carbon monoxide and ethylene catalyzed by cis-[Rh(CO)2(amine)2](PF6) complexes in a wet liquid tetrabutylammonium hydrogensulfate 1-gen-2004 Pardey, A. J.; Longo, C; Funaioli, Tiziana; Fachinetti, Giuseppe
New Media in Homogeneous Catalysis: Wet Sodium or Tetrabutylammonium Hydrogensulfate Salts for Reppe Syntheses Catalyzed by a Ru(II) Carbonyl Complex 1-gen-2004 PARDEY A., J; RIVAS A., B; Longo, C; Funaioli, Tiziana; Fachinetti, Giuseppe
Ethane and Ethylidene Dicarboxylates from the Ruthenium(II)-Catalyzed Disproportionative Addition of Carboxylic Acids to Ethene 1-gen-2002 Funaioli, Tiziana; Marchetti, Fabio; Fachinetti, Giuseppe
The acylation of an acyl complex resulting in a labile OCO tridentate ligand 1-gen-2002 Funaioli, Tiziana; Falchi, G.; Marchetti, Fabio; Fachinetti, Giuseppe
Process for the Recovery and Refining of Rhodium 1-gen-2001 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana
Procedimento di riduzione del complesso Pd(NH3)2Cl2 a spugna di palladio 1-gen-2000 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana
Aqueous Organometallic Chemistry of Ruthenium(II). Aquo Carbonyl Derivatives and Related Ethene Hydrocarboxylation in Fully Aqueous Solvent 1-gen-1999 Funaioli, Tiziana; Cavazza, C; Marchetti, Fabio; Fachinetti, Giuseppe
Reactive Intermediates from Carbonylation of Ruthenium(I) Carbonyl Carboxylates. Isolation, Molecular Structures and Chemical Properties of Dinuclear Unbridged Ruthenium Carbonyl Trifluoroacetates 1-gen-1999 Funaioli, Tiziana; Marchetti, Fabio; Fachinetti, Giuseppe
Ru3(CO)12 in Acidic Media. Intermediates of the Acid-Cocatalyzed Water-Gas Shift Reaction (WGSR) 1-gen-1996 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana; Lecci, L; Marchetti, Fabio
Hydridosulphonato, Hydridocarboxylato and Cationic Hydrido Complexes of Carbonylpyridine Ruthenium(II) 1-gen-1995 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana; Marchetti, Fabio
Neutral Cobalt Carbonyl Catalysts for the Equilibration between CO and P(OPh)3 Ligands in Carbonylcobaltates 1-gen-1995 Ciuffarin, E; Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana; Isola, Mauro
Homogeneous WGS Reaction Promoted by Rhodium Carbonyls in Aqueous Pyridine: An Acid-Cocatalyzed Reaction Which Proceeds to the Complete Consumption of Water and Is Inhibited by Chloride Ions 1-gen-1994 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Fochi, G; Funaioli, Tiziana
Disproportionation of Homoleptic Rhodium Carbonyls 1-gen-1993 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana; Zanazzi, Pf
Mutual Catalysis of Neutral and Anionic Cobalt Carbonyls in Their CO Scrambling Reactions 1-gen-1992 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana
Reduction of Methanol by Tetracarbonylcobalt Anion Assisted by Carbon Dioxide and Cobalt Cation 1-gen-1992 Fachinetti, Giuseppe; Funaioli, Tiziana