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On the quasi-isometric and bi-Lipschitz classification of 3D Riemannian Lie groups 1-gen-2021 Fassler, K.; Le Donne, E.
Conformal equivalence of visual metrics in pseudoconvex domains 1-gen-2020 Capogna, L.; Le Donne, E.
Pauls rectifiable and purely Pauls unrectifiable smooth hypersurfaces 1-gen-2020 Antonelli, G.; Le Donne, E.
A Sub-Finsler Problem on the Cartan Group 1-gen-2019 Ardentov, A. A.; Le Donne, E.; Sachkov, Y. L.
Besicovitch Covering Property on graded groups and applications to measure differentiation 1-gen-2019 Le Donne, E.; Rigot, S.
Conformality and Q-harmonicity in sub-Riemannian manifolds 1-gen-2019 Capogna, Luca; Citti, Giovanna; Le Donne, Enrico; Ottazzi, Alessandro
Infinite-Dimensional Carnot Groups and Gâteaux Differentiability 1-gen-2019 Le Donne, E.; Li, S.; Moisala, T.
Restricting open surjections 1-gen-2019 Jaramillo, J. A.; Le Donne, E.; Rajala, T.
Sub-Finsler Geodesics on the Cartan Group 1-gen-2019 Ardentov, Andrei A.; Le Donne, Enrico; Sachkov, Yuri L.
Universal differentiability sets and maximal directional derivatives in Carnot groups 1-gen-2019 Le Donne, Enrico; Pinamonti, Andrea; Speight, Gareth
Extremal polynomials in stratified groups 1-gen-2018 Le Donne, Enrico; Leonardi, Gian Paolo; Monti, Roberto; Vittone, Davide
Regularity properties of spheres in homogeneous groups 1-gen-2018 Le Donne, Enrico; Nicolussi Golo, Sebastiano
A Primer on Carnot Groups: Homogenous Groups, Carnot-Carathéodory Spaces, and Regularity of Their Isometries 1-gen-2017 Le Donne, Enrico
Ahlfors-regular distances on the Heisenberg group without biLipschitz pieces 1-gen-2017 Le Donne, Enrico; Li, Sean; Rajala, Tapio
Asymptotic behavior of the Riemannian Heisenberg group and its horoboundary 1-gen-2017 Le Donne, Enrico; Nicolussi-Golo, Sebastiano; Sambusetti, Andrea
Besicovitch covering property for homogeneous distances on the Heisenberg groups 1-gen-2017 Le Donne, Enrico; Rigot, Séverine
Isometric embeddings of snowflakes into finite-dimensional Banach spaces 1-gen-2017 Le Donne, Enrico; Rajala, Tapio; Walsberg, Erik
Isometries of nilpotent metric groups 1-gen-2017 Kivioja, Ville; Le Donne, Enrico
Smooth surjections and surjective restrictions 1-gen-2017 Aron, Richard M.; Jaramillo, Jesús Angel; Le Donne, Enrico
Sub-Finsler Structures from the Time-Optimal Control Viewpoint for some Nilpotent Distributions 1-gen-2017 Barilari, D.; Boscain, U.; Le Donne, E.; Sigalotti, M.