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Evaluation of Legionella pneumophila Decrease in Hot Water Network of Four Hospital Buildings after Installation of Electron Time Flow Taps 1-gen-2020 Totaro, Michele; Mariotti, Tommaso; Bisordi, Costanza; De Vita, Erica; Valentini, Paola; Laura Costa, Anna; Casini, Beatrice; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO; Baggiani, Angelo
Comparison of Anolyte and Chlorine Dioxide for a Continuous Hot Water Disinfection in Nursing Home: A Two Years Legionnaires’ Disease Prevention 1-gen-2019 Totaro, Michele; DE VITA, Erica; Giorgi, Serena; Profeti, Sara; Porretta, ANDREA DAVIDE; Antonio, Gallo; Frendo, Lorenzo; Casini, Beatrice; Valentini, Paola; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO; Baggiani, Angelo
Costs analysis for electron time flow taps and point of use filters: a comparison of two methods for Legionnaires’ disease prevention in hospital water networks 1-gen-2019 Totaro, M.; De Vita, E.; Mariotti, Tommaso; Bisordi, C.; Giorgi, S.; Gallo, A.; Costa, A. L.; Casini, B.; Valentini, P.; Privitera, G.; Baggiani, A.
Microbiological air quality in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of surgical and intensive care areas: The application of a disinfection procedure for dehumidification devices 1-gen-2019 Totaro, M; Costa, Al; Casini, B; Profeti, S; Gallo, A; Frendo, L; Porretta, A; Valentini, P; Privitera, G; Baggiani, A.
Water heating and new bacteria: Emerging infections in healthcare facilities 1-gen-2019 Totaro, M.; Casini, B.; Bisordi, C.; Mariotti, T.; Frendo, L.; Valentini, P.; Privitera, G.; Baggiani, A.
Assessing natural mineral water microbiology quality in the absence of cultivable pathogen bacteria. 1-gen-2018 Totaro, Michele; Casini, Beatrice; Valentini, Paola; Miccoli, Mario; LOPALCO PIER, Luigi; Baggiani, Angelo
Detection of viable but non-culturable legionella in hospital water network following monochloramine disinfection 1-gen-2018 Casini, B.; Baggiani, A.; Totaro, M.; Mansi, A.; Costa, A. L.; Aquino, F.; Miccoli, M.; Valentini, P.; Bruschi, F.; Lopalco, P. L.; Privitera, G.
Improving cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces in intensive care during carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter baumannii endemo-epidemic situations 1-gen-2018 Casini, Beatrice; Righi, Anna; De Feo, Nunzio; Totaro, Michele; Giorgi, Serena; Zezza, Lavinia; Valentini, Paola; Tagliaferri, Enrico; Costa, Anna Laura; Barnini, Simona; Baggiani, Angelo; Lopalco, Pietro Luigi; Malacarne, Paolo; Privitera, Gaetano Pierpaolo
Preliminary study of the air quality in operating rooms: do textiles have a role? 1-gen-2018 Totaro, M.; Porretta, A.; Canale, A.; Filippetti, E.; Tulipani, A.; Quattrone, F.; Giorgi, S.; Costa, A. L.; Valentini, P.; Casini, B.; Privitera, G.; Baggiani, A.
Survey on Energy Drinks consumption and related lifestyle among students of two Italian high schools 1-gen-2018 Totaro, M.; Avella, M.; Giorgi, S.; Casini, B.; Tulipani, A.; Costa, A. L.; Frendo, L.; Valentini, P.; Lopalco, P. L.; Privitera, G.; Baggiani, Angelo
Application of hydrogen peroxide as an innovative method of treatment for Legionella control in a hospitalwater network 1-gen-2017 Casini, Beatrice; Aquino, Francesco; Totaro, Michele; Miccoli, Mario; Galli, Irio; Manfredini, Laura; Giustarini, Carlo; Costa, Anna Laura; Tuvo, Benedetta; Valentini, Paola; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO; Baggiani, Angelo
Evaluation and control of microbial and chemical contamination in dialysis water plants of Italian nephrology wards 1-gen-2017 Totaro, Michele; Casini, Beatrice; Valentini, Paola; Miccoli, Mario; Giorgi, Serena; Porretta, ANDREA DAVIDE; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO; Lopalco, Pietro Luigi; Baggiani, Angelo
Presence of Legionella spp. in Hot Water Networks of Different Italian Residential Buildings: A Three-Year Survey 1-gen-2017 Totaro, Michele; Valentini, Paola; Laura Costa, Anna; Frendo, Lorenzo; Cappello, Alessia; Casini, Beatrice; Miccoli, Mario; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO; Baggiani, Angelo
Rate of Legionella pneumophila colonization in hospital hot water network after time flow taps installation 1-gen-2017 Totaro, M; Valentini, Paola; Costa, A. L; Giorgi, S; Casini, Beatrice; Baggiani, Angelo
Evaluation of a modified cleaning procedure in the prevention of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii clonal spread in a burn intensive care unit using a high-sensitivity luminometer 1-gen-2016 Casini, Beatrice; Selvi, C.; Cristina, M. L.; Totaro, M.; Costa, A. L.; Valentini, Paola; Barnini, S.; Baggiani, Angelo; Tagliaferri, E.; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO
Evaluation of the relationship between consumers and food labels in Tuscany (Italy) 1-gen-2016 Totaro, M; Casini, Beatrice; Costa, Al; Valentini, Paola; Petretti, F; Giorgi, S; Frendo, L; Miccoli, Mario; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO; Baggiani, Angelo
Risk of transmission of KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in digestive endoscopy 1-gen-2016 Casini, Beatrice; Zezza, L; Totaro, M; Giorgi, S; Righi, A; Bianchi, G; Marini, L; Valentini, Paola; Tagliaferri, E; Tascini, C; Baggiani, Angelo; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO
Colonization by Legionella spp. of water networks in residential buildings of the Province of Pisa, Italy 1-gen-2015 Baggiani, Angelo; Casini, Beatrice; Totaro, M; Aquino, Francesco; Valentini, Paola; Bruni, Beatrice; Porretta, ANDREA DAVIDE; Casalini, Francesca; Miccoli, Mario; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO
RISCHIO DI TRASMISSIONE DI KPC-PRODUCING KLEBSIELLA PNEUMONIAE IN ENDOSCOPIA DIGESTIVA 1-gen-2015 Casini, Beatrice; Guarneri, Francesca; Memmini, Silvia; Lucaccini, Elena; Marini, L.; Valentini, Paola; Tagliaferri, E.; Tascini, C.; Baggiani, Angelo; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO
Changes in microbial population in hospital water networks treated by monochloramine and hydrogen peroxide 1-gen-2014 Casini, Beatrice; Totaro, M.; Aquino, F.; Guarneri, F.; Galli, I.; Valentini, Paola; Cristina, M. L.; Baggiani, Angelo; Privitera, GAETANO PIERPAOLO