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Radial solutions and a local bifurcation result for a singular elliptic problem with Neumann condition 1-gen-2024 Saccon, Claudio
Radial Solutions and a Local Bifurcation Result for a Singular Elliptic Problem with Neumann Condition 1-gen-2023 Saccon, Claudio
On an analytical method for the satellite problem revisited 1-gen-2022 Saccon, Claudio; Pilloni, Niccolò
Some Existence Results for a Singular Elliptic Problem via Bifurcation Theory 1-gen-2020 Saccon, Claudio
Evolution for a constrained problem related to the one dimensional alt Caffarelli functional 1-gen-2017 Saccon, C.
Multiple Positive Solutions for a Nonsymmetric Elliptic Problem with Concave Convex NonlinearityAnalysis and Topology in Nonlinear Differential Equations 1-gen-2014 Saccon, Claudio
Notes on Circadian Rhythm 1-gen-2013 Saccon, Claudio; Robert E. L., Turner
Doubly resonant semilinear elliptic problems via nonsmooth critical point theory 1-gen-2010 JEAN NOEL, Corvellec; Viorica, Motreanu; Saccon, Claudio
Multiple Periodic Bounce Trajectories via Asymptotically Critical Points 1-gen-2010 Marino, Antonio; Saccon, Claudio
Multiplicity results for a class of asymptotically linear elliptic problems with resonance and applications to problems with measure data 1-gen-2010 Alberto, Ferrero; Saccon, Claudio
Brezis-Nirenberg type theorems and multiplicity of positive solutions for a singular elliptic problem 1-gen-2008 Hirano, Norimichi; Saccon, Claudio; Shioji, Naoki
Asymptotically critical points and multiple elastic bounce trajectories 1-gen-2007 Marino, Antonio; Saccon, Claudio
Existence and Multiplicity Results for Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Measure Data and Jumping Nonlinearities 1-gen-2007 Ferrero, Alberto; Saccon, Claudio
Existence and Multiplicity Results for Semilinear Equations with Measure Data 1-gen-2006 Ferrero, Alberto; Saccon, Claudio
Asymptotically Critical Points and Multiple Solutions in the Elastic Bounce Problem 1-gen-2005 Marino, Antonio; Saccon, Claudio
On the eigenvalues of the biharmonic operator with pointwise gradient constraint 1-gen-2005 Saccon, Claudio
Bifurcation for variational inequalities with strongly indefinite quadratic part 1-gen-2004 Groli, Alessandro; Saccon, Claudio
Multiple Existence of Positive Solutions for Singular Elliptic Problems with Concave and Convex Nonlinearities 1-gen-2004 Hirano, Norimichi; Saccon, Claudio; Shioji, Naoki
Multiple Solutions for an Asymptotically Linear Problem in R^N 1-gen-2004 Micheletti, ANNA MARIA; Saccon, Claudio
Multiple bifurcation branches for variational inequalities 1-gen-2003 Groli, Alessandro; Saccon, Claudio