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"ESSE" project: a sustainable proposal for the realization of social housing in Italy 1-gen-2011 Salvadori, Cristina; Salvadori, Giacomo
A method to assess lighting quality in educational rooms using analytic hierarchy process 1-gen-2020 Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.; Rocca, M.; Buratti, C.; Belloni, E.
A parametric approach to design a wooden climatic responsive village in Atacama Desert (Chile) 1-gen-2015 Leccese, F.; Mattoccia, A.; Rocca, M.; Rubio, R.; Salvadori, G.
Advancement on thermal comfort in educational buildings: Current issues and way forward 1-gen-2021 Lamberti, G.; Salvadori, G.; Leccese, F.; Fantozzi, F.; Bluyssen, P. M.
An analytical model to evaluate the cocktail party effect in restaurant dining rooms: A case study 1-gen-2015 Leccese, Francesco; Tuoni, Giuseppe; Salvadori, Giacomo; Rocca, Michele
Analisi dei fabbisogni energetici per l'illuminazione degli edifici: indice di efficienza energetica e prestazioni illuminotecniche 1-gen-2012 Bertozzi, M; Casini, M; Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo
Analisi Numerica delle Prestazioni di un Dissipatore termico a Funzionamento Periodico 1-gen-2004 Filippeschi, Sauro; Salvadori, Giacomo
Analisi termo-energetica dinamica per la sostenibilità ambientale del sistema cantina 1-gen-2021 Albertini, Leonardo; Salvadori, Giacomo; Rugani, Roberto; Santi, Giovanni; Mencarelli, Fabio
Analysis and Measurements of Artificial Optical Radiation (AOR) Emitted by Lighting Sources Found in Offices 1-gen-2014 Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo; Casini, M.; Bertozzi, M.
Analysis of Acoustic Requirements of a Small Hall of a Theatre According to the Coupling Factor with the Stage Tower 1-gen-2012 Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo; Francesconi, M.
Analysis of in Situ Acoustical Performance of Concrete Noise Barriers 1-gen-2012 Leccese, Francesco; Fantozzi, Fabio; Salvadori, Giacomo
Analysis of the relationship between daylight illuminance and cognitive, affective and physiological changes in visual display terminal workers 1-gen-2020 Oner, M.; Kazanasmaz, T.; Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.
Application of climate-based daylight simulation to assess lighting conditions of space and artworks in historical buildings: the case study of cetacean gallery of the Monumental Charterhouse of Calci 1-gen-2020 Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.; Tambellini, G.; Kazanasmaz, Z. T.
Architectural Design and Energy Analysis of a Complex of Residential Buildings in Paris 1-gen-2008 Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo; Tuoni, G; D'Acunto, P.
Architectural lighting of the seventeenth-century building “Logge dei Banchi” (Pisa) for the retraining of the pedestrian axis Leaning Tower-Railway Station 1-gen-2009 Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo; Tuoni, G; Casini, M.
Artificial lighting in low energy buildings as unique backup heating system: Results of dynamic simulations based on the climate surface method 1-gen-2017 Brunello, Favilla; Fantozzi, Fabio; Salvadori, Giacomo; Peter, Widerin
Artificial Optical Radiation (AOR) due to lighting sources in indoor work places 1-gen-2014 Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo; Casini, M.; Bertozzi, M.
Assessing museums’ daylighting adequacy without annual measurement campaign: Dataset of a confrontation between measured and simulated illuminance values inside the Cetacean Gallery of the Charterhouse of Calci 1-gen-2020 Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.; Tambellini, G.; Kazanasmaz, Z. T.
Assessing users’ willingness-to-engagement towards Net Zero Energy communities in Italy 1-gen-2021 Piselli, C.; Salvadori, G.; Diciotti, L.; Fantozzi, F.; Pisello, A. L.
Blue light hazard and risk group classification of 8 W LED tubes, replacing fluorescent tubes, through optical radiation measurements 1-gen-2015 Leccese, Francesco; Vandelanotte, Viola; Salvadori, Giacomo; Rocca, Michele