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Balancing Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings of Desert Areas: Impact of Passive Strategies 1-gen-2023 Khechiba, A.; Djaghrouri, D.; Benabbas, M.; Leccese, F.; Rocca, M.; Salvadori, G.
Dataset of virtual and real-life visual experiences inside a museum: survey on visual perception with objective and subjective measures 1-gen-2023 Salvadori, G.; Tambellini, G.; Cevik, A.; Kazanasmaz, Z. T.; Leccese, F.
Proposal of a Simplified Tool for Early Acoustics Design Stage of Classrooms in Compliance with Speech Intelligibility Thresholds 1-gen-2023 Croce, P.; Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.; Berardi, U.
Thermal comfort and adaptive capacities: Differences among students at various school stages 1-gen-2023 Torriani, G.; Lamberti, G.; Salvadori, G.; Fantozzi, F.; Babich, F.
Thermal comfort and energy efficiency evaluation of a novel conductive-radiative Personal Comfort System 1-gen-2023 Rugani, R.; Bernagozzi, M.; Picco, M.; Salvadori, G.; Marengo, M.; Zhang, H.; Fantozzi, F.
Windows opening in naturally ventilated classrooms: management strategies to balance energy use and reduction of risk infection transmission 1-gen-2023 Lamberti, G; Salvadori, G
A Novel Personal Comfort System: A Radiant Desk With a Loop Heat Pipe 1-gen-2022 Rugani, Roberto; Bernagozzi, Marco; Picco, Marco; Salvadori, Giacomo; Fantozzi, Fabio
An enhanced system for the combined seismic and energy retrofit of masonry buildings 1-gen-2022 Caprili, S.; Del Carlo, F.; Salvadori, G.
Drawing data for a 3D historical reconstruction of Shakespeare's first Globe Theatre 1-gen-2022 Croce, P.; Leccese, F.; Mordaga, M.; Salvadori, G.
Exploration of environmental noise in Saharan oases on the basis of urban configurations: City of Biskra datasets 1-gen-2022 Okba, Benameur; Noureddine, Zemmouri; Cutini, Valerio; Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo
Exploration of environmental noise in Saharan oases on the basis of urban configurations: City of Biskra datasets 1-gen-2022 Benameur, Okba; Zemmouri, Noureddine; Cutini, Valerio; Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo
Monitoring CO2 concentration to control the infection probability due to airborne transmission in naturally ventilated university classrooms 1-gen-2022 Fantozzi, Fabio; Lamberti, Giulia; Leccese, Francesco; Salvadori, Giacomo
Perception of Light in Museum Environments: Comparison between Real-Life and Virtual Visual Experiences 1-gen-2022 Cevik, A.; Kazanasmaz, Z. T.; Tambellini, G.; Salvadori, G.; Leccese, F.
The Interdisciplinary Role of Archaeoacoustics and Its Applications 1-gen-2022 Croce, P.; Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.; Berardi, U.
Towards reconstructing the Shakespeare's first Globe Theatre: A virtual model for research and development 1-gen-2022 Croce, Paolo; Leccese, Francesco; Mordagà, Mirko; Salvadori, Giacomo
Advancement on thermal comfort in educational buildings: Current issues and way forward 1-gen-2021 Lamberti, G.; Salvadori, G.; Leccese, F.; Fantozzi, F.; Bluyssen, P. M.
Analisi termo-energetica dinamica per la sostenibilità ambientale del sistema cantina 1-gen-2021 Albertini, Leonardo; Salvadori, Giacomo; Rugani, Roberto; Santi, Giovanni; Mencarelli, Fabio
Assessing users’ willingness-to-engagement towards Net Zero Energy communities in Italy 1-gen-2021 Piselli, C.; Salvadori, G.; Diciotti, L.; Fantozzi, F.; Pisello, A. L.
Criticalities in monitoring the UV solar radiation for workers' safety 1-gen-2021 Burattini, Chiara; Pompei, Laura; Salvadori, Giacomo; Leccese, Francesco; Grignaffini, Stefano; Bisegna, Fabio
Do green roofs really provide significant energy saving in a Mediterranean climate? Critical evaluation based on different case studies 1-gen-2021 Fantozzi, Fabio; Bibbiani, Carlo; Gargari, Caterina; Rugani, Roberto; Salvadori, Giacomo