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A composite indicator for measuring the environmental performance of water, wastewater, and solid waste utilities 1-gen-2022 Mergoni, Anna; D'Inverno, Giovanna; Carosi, Laura
Assessing the dynamic eco-efficiency of Italian municipalities by accounting for the ownership of the entrusted waste utilities 1-gen-2021 Romano, Giulia; Molinos-Senante, María; Carosi, Laura; Llanquileo-Melgarejo, Paula; Sala-Garrido, Ramón; Mocholi-Arce, Manuel
Environmental sustainability and service quality beyond economic andfinancial indicators: A performance evaluation of Italian water utilities 1-gen-2021 Giovanna, D'Inverno; Carosi, Laura; Romano, Giulia; D'Inverno, Giovanna
Evaluation of the impact of separative collection and recycling of municipal solid waste on performance: An empirical application for Chile 1-gen-2021 Llanquileo-Melgarejo, P.; Molinos-Senante, M.; Romano, G.; Carosi, L.
Matematica di base per l'economia e l'azienda: richiami di teoria, esercizi e applicazioni 1-gen-2021 Cambini, Alberto; Carosi, Laura; Martein, Laura
Preface to the special issue on performance measurement and efficiency analysis—theory and practice 1-gen-2020 Carosi, Laura; Camanho, Ana; D’Inverno, Giovanna; De Witte, Kristof; Riccardi, Rossana; D'Inverno, Giovanna
Waste services' performance assessment: The case of Tuscany, Italy 1-gen-2020 Romano, Giulia; Cunha Ferreira, Diogo; RIBEIRO DA CUNHA MARQUES, RUI DOMINGOS; Carosi, Laura
A note on scalar “generalized” invexity 1-gen-2019 Carosi, Laura; Cambini, Riccardo
Characterizing the generalized convexity of a quadratic fractional function 1-gen-2019 Cambini, Riccardo; Carosi, Laura
A reduced formulation for pseudoinvex vector functions 1-gen-2018 Arana Jiménez, Manuel; Cambini, Riccardo; Carosi, Laura
Global public spending efficiency in Tuscan municipalities 1-gen-2018 D'Inverno, Giovanna; Carosi, Laura; Ravagli, Letizia; D'Inverno, Giovanna
Water pollution in wastewater treatment plants: An efficiency analysis with undesirable output 1-gen-2018 D'Inverno, Giovanna; Carosi, Laura; Romano, Giulia; Guerrini, Andrea; D'Inverno, Giovanna
Cost Savings in Wastewater Treatment Processes: the Role of Environmental and Operational Drivers 1-gen-2017 Guerrini, A.; Romano, Giulia; Carosi, Laura; Mancuso, F.
Generating the efficient frontier of a class of bicriteria generalized fractional programming 1-gen-2017 Cambini, Riccardo; Carosi, Laura; Martein, Laura
Pseudoconvexity on a closed convex set: an application to a wide class of generalized fractional functions 1-gen-2017 Carosi, Laura
Simplex-like sequential methods for a class of generalized fractional programs 1-gen-2017 Cambini, Riccardo; Carosi, Laura; Martein, Laura; Valipour, Ezat
Identifying the performance drivers of wastewater treatment plants through conditional order-m efficiency analysis 1-gen-2016 Guerrini, Andrea; Romano, Giulia; Mancuso, Fabrizio; Carosi, Laura
Elementi di algebra lineare e funzioni di piu' variabili. Esercizi svolti 1-gen-2014 Cambini, Alberto; Carosi, Laura; Martein, Laura
Funzioni di una variabile. Esercizi svolti 1-gen-2014 Cambini, Alberto; Carosi, Laura; Martein, Laura
Global Public spending efficiency in Tuscan municipalities 1-gen-2014 Carosi, Laura; D’Inverno, G.; Ravagli, L.