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(R)-(+)- and (S)-(-)-1-(9-Phenanthryl)ethylamine: Assignment of Absolute Configuration by CD Tweezer and VCD Methods, and Difficulties Encountered with the CD Exciton Chirality Method 1-gen-2002 SOLLADIE' CAVALLO, A.; Marsol, C.; Pescitelli, Gennaro; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Salvadori, Piero; Huang, X; Fujioka, N.; Berova, N.; Cao, X.; Freedman, T. B.; Nafie, L. A.
(R)-(+)- and (S)-(–)-1-(9-Phenenantryl)ethylamine: Assignment of Absolute Configuration by CD Tweezer and VCD Methods, and Difficulties Encountered with the CD Exciton Chirality Method 1-gen-2002 SOLLADIE CAVALLO, A; Marsol, C; Pescitelli, Gennaro; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Salvadori, Piero; Huang, X; Fujioka, N; Berova, N; Cao, X; Freedman, Tb; Nafie, La
[Ln(binolam)3]•(OTf)3, a New Class of Propeller-Shaped Lanthanide(III) Salt Complexes as Enantioselective Catalysts: Structure, Dynamics and Mechanistic Insight 1-gen-2010 DI BARI, Lorenzo; S., DI PIETRO; Pescitelli, Gennaro; F., Tur; J., Mansilla; J. M., Saa; DI PIETRO, Sebastiano
A chiral lactate reporter based on total and circularly polarized Tb(iii) luminescence 1-gen-2018 Leonzio, Marco; Melchior, Andrea; Faura, Georgina; Tolazzi, Marilena; Bettinelli, MARCO GIOVANNI; Zinna, Francesco; Arrico, Lorenzo; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Piccinelli, Fabio
A chiral probe for the acute phase proteins alpha-1-acid glycoprotein and alpha-1-antitrypsin based on europium luminescence 1-gen-2012 Carr, R; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Lo Piano, S; Parker, D; Peacock, Rd; Sanderson, Jm
A circular dichroism study of the protective role of polyphosphoesters polymer chains in polyphosphoester‐myoglobin conjugates 1-gen-2022 Pelosi, Chiara; Arrico, Lorenzo; Zinna, Francesco; Wurm, Frederik R.; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Tinè, Maria R.
A Combined Experimental-Computational Investigation to Uncover the Puzzling (Chiro-)optical Response of Pyridocyclophanes: One- and Two-Photon Spectra 1-gen-2015 Padula, Daniele; Lahoz, Inmaculada R.; Díaz, Carlos; Hernández, Florencio E.; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Rizzo, Antonio; Santoro, Fabrizio; Cid, M. Magdalena
A fast but accurate excitonic simulation of the electronic circular dichroism of nucleic acids: How can it be achieved? 1-gen-2016 Loco, Daniele; Jurinovich, Sandro; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Mennucci, Benedetta
A maximum-entropy approach analysis of the problem of the rotameric distribution for substituted biphenyls studied by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in nematic liquid crystals 1-gen-1991 Catalano, DONATA INES MARIA; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; Shilstone, G. N.; Zannoni, C.
A New, Stereoselective, Ring-Forming Reaction of 1,2-Ethanedithiol with N-Acylated Indoles 1-gen-2007 Tsotinis, A; Eleutheriades, A; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Pescitelli, Gennaro
A novel chimeric cell-penetrating peptide with membrane-disruptive properties for efficient endosomal escape 1-gen-2012 Salomone, F; Cardarelli, F; Di Luca, M; Boccardi, C; Nifosì, R; Bardi, G; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Serresi, M; Beltram, F.; DI LUCA, Mariagrazia
A Simple and General Method to Determine Reliable Pseudocontact Shifts in Lanthanide Complexes 1-gen-2013 Berardozzi, Roberto; DI BARI, Lorenzo
A TDDFT/MMPol/PCM model for the simulation of exciton-coupled circular dichroism spectra 1-gen-2014 Jurinovich, Sandro; Pescitelli, Gennaro; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Mennucci, Benedetta
Absolute Stereochemistry Assignment of N-Phosphorylimine-Derived Aza-Diels-Alder Adducts with TDDFT CD Calculations 1-gen-2005 DI BARI, Lorenzo; Guillarme, S; Hermitage, S; Jay, Da; Pescitelli, Gennaro; Whiting, A.
Absolute Stereochemistry of a 4a-Hydroxyriboflavin Analogue of the Key Intermediate of the FAD-Monooxygenase Cycle 1-gen-2014 S., Iwahana; H., Iida; E., Yashima; Pescitelli, Gennaro; DI BARI, Lorenzo; A. G., Petrovic; N., Berova
Absolute stereochemistry of dihydrofuroangelicines bearing C-8 substituted double bonds: a combined chemical/exciton chirality protocol 1-gen-2004 K., Tanaka; Pescitelli, Gennaro; DI BARI, Lorenzo; T. L., Xiao; K., Nakanishi; D. W., Armstrong; N., Berova
Aggregation Modes of Chiral Diketopyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole Dyes in Solution and Thin Films 1-gen-2022 Albano, Gianluigi; Zinna, Francesco; Urraci, Francesco; Capozzi, Maria Annunziata M; Pescitelli, Gennaro; Punzi, Angela; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Farinola, Gianluca M
An Exciton-Coupled Circular Dichroism Protocol for the Determination of Identity, Chirality, and Enantiomeric Excess of Chiral Secondary Alcohols 1-gen-2012 You, L; Pescitelli, Gennaro; Anslyn, Ev; DI BARI, Lorenzo
An internal order approach to the investigation of intramolecular rotations in liquid crystals by NMR: 3-phenyltiophene in PCH and Phase IV 1-gen-1988 DI BARI, Lorenzo; Forte, C.; Veracini, CARLO ALBERTO; Zannoni, C.
Analysis of the binding of commercial stains to protein materials used in artworks 1-gen-2016 Biver, Tarita; Bonaduce, Ilaria; Colombini, MARIA PERLA; DI BARI, Lorenzo; Orsini, Sibilla; Venturini, Marcella; Zinna, Francesco