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1Gbps near-Shannon SCCC-based Modem Prototype 1-gen-2005 D., Giancristofaro; M., Fonte; A., Bernardi; A., Ginesi; S., Benedetto; G., Montorsi; Luise, Marco; M., Straniero
8PSK Demodulator for New-Generation DVB-S2 1-gen-2003 T., Botticchio; P., Burzigotti; F., Richichi; R., DE GAUDENZI; A., Martinez; Luise, Marco; P., Tabacco
A Chemistry-Inspired Framework for Achieving Consensus in Wireless Sensor Networks 1-gen-2014 Monti, M.; Sanguinetti, Luca; Tschudin, C.; Luise, Marco
A coalitional game-inspired algorithm for resource allocation in orthogonal frequency division multiple access 1-gen-2010 Shams, F; Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
A Collision Resolution and Dynamic Allocation MAC Protocol to Integrate Data and Voice in Wireless Networks 1-gen-2001 Lenzini, Luciano; Luise, Marco; Reggiannini, Ruggero
A Digital Chip Timing Recovery Loop for Band-Limited Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Signals 1-gen-1993 DE GAUDENZI, R; Luise, Marco; Viola, R.
A Frequency Error Resistant Blind CDMA Detector 1-gen-2000 ROMERO GARCIA, J; DE GAUDENZI, R; Giannetti, Filippo; Luise, Marco
A game-theoretic perspective on code acquisition in CDMA wireless systems 1-gen-2010 Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
A Game-Theoretic Perspective on Code Synchronization for CDMA Wireless Systems 1-gen-2012 Luise, Marco; Bacci, G.
A Multi-Rate Real-Time Test-Bed for Low-Complexity Adaptive Interference Mitigation in CDMA Transmission 1-gen-2001 Fanucci, Luca; Letta, E; Rovini, M; Colleoni, G; Degaudenzi, R; Giannetti, Filippo; Luise, Marco
A New Approach to Deliver Tv-Centric Satellite Multimedia Services 1-gen-2008 Boccolini, Gabriele; Luise, Marco
A New Interpretation of the Average Matched Filter for MSK-Type Receivers 1-gen-1990 Luise, Marco; Mengali, U.
A new look into the issue of the Cramér-Rao bound for delay estimation of digitally modulated signals 1-gen-2009 Zanier, Francesca; Luise, Marco
A New Set of Spreading Sequences that Improves Time-Delay Estimation in Satellite Positioning 1-gen-2006 Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
A noncooperative approach to joint rate and power control for infrastructure wireless networks 1-gen-2009 Bacci, Giacomo; Luise, Marco
A Performance Comparison of Orthogonal Code Division Multiple Access Techniques for Mobile Satellite Communications 1-gen-1995 Giannetti, Filippo; DE GAUDENZI, R; Garde, T; Luise, Marco
A Pre-Bayesian Game for CDMA Power Control During Network Association 1-gen-2012 Luise, Marco; Bacci, G.
A pre-Bayesian game formulation for energy-efficient CDMA power control 1-gen-2011 Bacci, ; Luise, Marco
A Real-Time, Fully-Software Aeronautical VHF tx/rx waveform based on the SCA-compliant OSSIE/USRP2 platform 1-gen-2012 Luise, Marco; DI DIO, M; Morellii, A.
A real-time, fully-software receiver for DVB-T signals based on the USRP 1-gen-2010 Pellegrini, Vincenzo; DI DIO, Mario; Rose, Luca; Luise, Marco