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A versatile method to fingerprint and compare the oxidative behaviour of lipids beyond their oxidative stability 1-gen-2023 Pizzimenti, Silvia; Bernazzani, Luca; Duce, Celia; Tinè, Maria Rosaria; Bonaduce, Ilaria
Analysis of gelatin secondary structure in gelatin/keratin-based biomaterials 1-gen-2023 Pulidori, E.; Micalizzi, S.; Koutsomarkos, N.; Bramanti, E.; Tine, M. R.; Vozzi, G.; De Maria, C.; Chatzinikolaidou, M.; Duce, C.
Evaluation of physicochemical properties of Type-II deep eutectic solvents/Water mixtures based on choline chloride and calcium/magnesium chloride hexahydrate 1-gen-2023 Pelosi, C.; Gonzalez-Rivera, J.; Tine, M. R.; Ciancaleoni, G.; Bernazzani, L.; Duce, C.
From volatiles to solid wastes: Towards the full valorization of lavender and rosemary by simultaneous in situ microwaves and ultrasounds irradiation extraction 1-gen-2023 Gonzalez-Rivera, J.; Campanella, B.; Pulidori, E.; Bramanti, E.; Tine, M. R.; Bernazzani, L.; Onor, M.; Barberi, P.; Duce, C.; Ferrari, C.
Industrial Ceramics: From Waste to New Resources for Eco-Sustainable Building Materials 1-gen-2023 Fugazzotto, M.; Mazzoleni, P.; Lancellotti, I.; Camerini, R.; Ferrari, P.; Tine, M. R.; Centauro, I.; Salvatici, T.; Barone, G.
Optimized preparation, thermal characterization and microwave absorption properties of deep eutectic solvents made by choline chloride and hydrated salts of alkali earth metals 1-gen-2023 Pelosi, Chiara; Gonzalez-Rivera, José; Bernazzani, Luca; Tiné, Maria Rosaria; Duce, Celia
Thermal and morphological investigations of alkali activated materials based on Sicilian volcanic precursors (Italy) 1-gen-2023 Pelosi, Chiara; Occhipinti, Roberta; Finocchiaro, Claudio; Lanzafame, Gabriele; Pulidori, Elena; Lezzerini, Marco; Barone, Germana; Mazzoleni, Paolo; Tine', MARIA ROSARIA
Thermochemical Evaluation of Different Waste Biomasses (Citrus Peels, Aromatic Herbs, and Poultry Feathers) towards Their Use for Energy Production 1-gen-2023 Pulidori, Elena; Gonzalez-Rivera, José; Pelosi, Chiara; Ferrari, Carlo; Bernazzani, Luca; Bramanti, Emilia; Tiné, Maria Rosaria; Duce, Celia
20 years of microwave technology developments using a coaxial antenna: From human health to green chemistry applications 1-gen-2022 Gonzalez Rivera, José; Pulidori, Elena; Pelosi, Chiara; Ferrari, Carlo; Bernazzani, Luca; Tinè, Maria Rosaria; Bramanti, Emilia; Duce, Celia
A circular dichroism study of the protective role of polyphosphoesters polymer chains in polyphosphoester‐myoglobin conjugates 1-gen-2022 Pelosi, Chiara; Arrico, Lorenzo; Zinna, Francesco; Wurm, Frederik R.; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Tinè, Maria R.
Blood Compatibility of Hydrophilic Polyphosphoesters 1-gen-2022 Pelosi, Chiara; Constantinescu, Iren; Son, Helena H; Tinè, Maria Rosaria; Kizhakkedathu, Jayachandran N; Wurm, Frederik R
Building geopolymers for CuHe part I: thermal properties of raw materials as precursors for geopolymers 1-gen-2022 Pulidori, Elena; Lluveras-Tenorio, Anna; Carosi, Rita; Bernazzani, Luca; Duce, Celia; Pagnotta, Stefano; Lezzerini, Marco; Barone, Germana; Mazzoleni, Paolo; Tiné, Maria Rosaria
Guidelines for a correct evaluation of deep eutectic solvents thermal stability 1-gen-2022 Rivera, Jose Gonzalez; Pelosi, Chiara; Pulidori, Elena; Duce, Celia; Tiné, Maria Rosaria; Ciancaleoni, Gianluca; Bernazzani, Luca
Magnetothermally-responsive nanocarriers using confined phosphorylated halloysite nanoreactor for in situ iron oxide nanoparticle synthesis: a MW-assisted solvothermal approach 1-gen-2022 González-Rivera, José; Spepi, Alessio; Ferrari, Carlo; Tovar-Rodriguez, Jorge; Fantechi, Elvira; Pineider, Francesco; Vera-Ramírez, Marco Antonio; Tiné, Maria Rosaria; Duce, Celia
Oil crystallization properties as an index for monitoring early stage curing of oil-based paints: DSC analysis on linseed oil systems 1-gen-2022 Pizzimenti, S.; Saitta, F.; Signorelli, M.; Tine, M. R.; Bonaduce, I.; Duce, C.; Fessas, D.
The Emerging Role of Extracellular Vesicles Detected in Different Biological Fluids in COPD 1-gen-2022 Neri, T.; Celi, A.; Tine, M.; Bernardinello, N.; Cosio, M. G.; Saetta, M.; Nieri, D.; Bazzan, E.
Unfreezing of molecular motions in protein-polymer conjugates: a calorimetric study 1-gen-2022 Pelosi, C.; Tombari, E.; Wurm, F. R.; Tiné, M. R.
Valorization of not soluble byproducts deriving from green keratin extraction from poultry feathers as filler for biocomposites 1-gen-2022 Pulidori, E.; Micalizzi, S.; Bramanti, E.; Bernazzani, L.; De Maria, C.; Pelosi, C.; Tinè, M. R.; Vozzi, G.; Duce, C.
Effect of Polymer Hydrophilicity and Molar Mass on the Properties of the Protein in Protein-Polymer Conjugates: The Case of PPEylated Myoglobin 1-gen-2021 Pelosi, Chiara; Duce, Celia; Wurm, Frederik R; Tinè, Maria R
In situ microwave assisted extraction of clove buds to isolate essential oil, polyphenols, and lignocellulosic compounds 1-gen-2021 Gonzalez-Rivera, José; Duce, Celia; Campanella, Beatrice; Bernazzani, Luca; Ferrari, Carlo; Tanzini, Eleonora; Onor, Massimo; Longo, Iginio; Ruiz, Julian Cabrera; Tinè, Maria Rosaria; Bramanti, Emilia