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A model for transient fault propagation in combinatorial logic 1-gen-2003 Omana, M.; Papasso, G.; Rossi, D.; Metra, C.
A New Error Correcting Coding Technique to Tolerate Soft Errors 1-gen-2021 Sen, Priyabrota; Sheikh Sadi, Muhammad; Ashab, Nabil; Rossi, Daniele
A novel dual-walled CNT bus architecture with reduced cross-coupling features 1-gen-2006 Rossi, D.; Cazeaux, J. M.; Metra, C.; Lombardi, F.
A Support Vector Regression based Machine Learning method for on-chip Aging Estimation 1-gen-2021 Alnuayri, Turki; Leonel Hernández Martínez, A.; Khursheed, Saqib; Rossi, Daniele
Accurate linear model for SET critical charge estimation 1-gen-2009 Rossi, D.; Cazeaux, J. M.; Omana, M.; Metra, C.; Chatterjee, A.
Aging Benefits in Nanometer CMOS Designs 1-gen-2017 Rossi, D.; Tenentes, V.; Yang, S.; Khursheed, S.; Al-Hashimi, B. M.
Analysis of BTI aging of level shifters 1-gen-2016 Cai, J.; Halak, B.; Rossi, D.
Analysis of the impact of bus implemented EDCs on on-chip SSN 1-gen-2006 Rossi, D.; Steiner, C.; Metra, C.
Analysis on Retention Time and Adaptive Refresh in Embedded DRAMs with Aging Benefits 1-gen-2019 Najdi, A.; Rossi, D.; Tenentes, V.
BTI and leakage aware dynamic voltage scaling for reliable low power cache memories 1-gen-2015 Rossi, D.; Tenentes, V.; Khursheed, S.; Al-Hashimi, B. M.
BTI aware thermal management for reliable DVFS designs 1-gen-2016 Chahal, H.; Tenentes, V.; Rossi, D.; Al-Hashimi, B. M.
Can clock faults be detected through functional test? 1-gen-2006 Metra, C.; Rossi, D.; Omana, M.; Cazeaux, J. M.; Mak, T. M.
Checker no-harm alarm robustness 1-gen-2006 Rossi, D.; Omaña, M.; Metra, C.; Pagni, A.
Checkers' no-harm alarms and design approaches to tolerate Them 1-gen-2018 Rossi, D.; Omana, M.; Metra, C.
Clock calibration faults and their impact on quality of high performance microprocessors 1-gen-2003 Metra, C.; Mak, T. M.; Rossi, D.
Clock faults induced min and max delay violations 1-gen-2014 Rossi, D.; Omana, M.; Cazeaux, J. M.; Metra, C.; Mak, T. M.
Coarse-Grained Online Monitoring of BTI Aging by Reusing Power-Gating Infrastructure 1-gen-2017 Tenentes, V.; Rossi, D.; Yang, S.; Khursheed, S.; Al-Hashimi, B. M.; Gunn, S. R.
Coding scheme for low energy consumption fault-tolerant bus 1-gen-2002 Rossi, D.; Van Dijk, V. E. S.; Kleihorst, R. P.; Nieuwland, A. H.; Metra, C.
Coding techniques for low switching noise in fault tolerant busses 1-gen-2005 Nieuwland, A. K.; Katoch, A.; Rossi, D.; Metra, C.
Collective-Aware System-on-Chips for Dependable IoT Applications 1-gen-2018 Tenentes, V.; Rossi, D.; Al-Hashimi, B. M.