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A data cache for Prolog architectures 1-gen-1993 Lopriore, Lanfranco
A paradigm for secure object access and unrestricted mobility in distributed systems 1-gen-2022 Lopriore, L.
A Pascal simulator of a central processing unit with capability-based addressing features 1-gen-1984 Corsini, Paolo; Lazzerini, Beatrice; Lopriore, Lanfranco
A programmable debugging aid for real-time software development 1-gen-1986 Lazzerini, Beatrice; Lopriore, Lanfranco; Prete, COSIMO ANTONIO
A proposal for fault-tolerance in a multiprocessor system 1-gen-1982 Corsini, P; Lopriore, Lanfranco; Strigini, L.
A task-controlled memory managing system for capability-based addressing architectures 1-gen-1985 Corsini, P; Lopriore, Lanfranco; Strigini, L.
A user interface specification for a program debugging and measuring environment 1-gen-1989 Lopriore, Lanfranco
Abstraction mechanisms for event control in program debugging 1-gen-1989 Lazzerini, Beatrice; Lopriore, Lanfranco
Access control lists in password capability environments 1-gen-2016 Lopriore, Lanfranco
Access control mechanisms in a distributed, persistent memory system 1-gen-2002 Lopriore, Lanfranco
Access privilege management in protection systems 1-gen-2002 Lopriore, Lanfranco
Access right management by extended password capabilities 1-gen-2018 Lopriore, Lanfranco
An implementation of storage management in capability environments 1-gen-1995 Lopriore, Lanfranco; Corsini, P.
An Overview of Ulisse a Distributed Single Address Space System 1-gen-2000 Lettieri, Giuseppe; Dini, Gianluca; Lopriore, Lanfranco
An overview of Ulisse, a distributed single address space system 1-gen-2001 Dini, Gianluca; Lettieri, Giuseppe; Lopriore, Lanfranco
Application-controlled Memory Management in a Single Address Space 1-gen-2001 Bartoli, Alberto; Dini, Gianluca; Lopriore, Lanfranco
Application-controlled memory management in a single address space environment 1-gen-2001 Bartoli, A; Dini, Gianluca; Lopriore, Lanfranco
C++. Esercizi di programmazione sulle classi 1-gen-2019 Lopriore, Lanfranco; Nardini, Franco Maria; Tonellotto, Nicola
C++. Laboratorio di programmazione 1-gen-2019 Lopriore, Lanfranco
C++: Esercizi di Programmazione sulle Classi 1-gen-2012 Lopriore, Lanfranco; Tonellotto, N.