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Enabling simulation services for digital twins of 5G/B5G mobile networks 1-gen-2024 Nardini, Giovanni; Stea, Giovanni
A Comprehensive Survey Exploring the Multifaceted Interplay between Mobile Edge Computing and Vehicular Networks 1-gen-2023 Pashazadeh, Ali; Nardini, Giovanni; Stea, Giovanni
An ensemble learning approach for anomaly detection in credit card data with imbalanced and overlapped classes 1-gen-2023 Islam, MD AMIRUL; Ashraf Uddin, Md; Aryal, Sunil; Stea, Giovanni
Bi-dimensional Assignment in 5G Periodic Scheduling 1-gen-2023 Ansuini, G.; Frangioni, A.; Galli, L.; Nardini, G.; Stea, G.
Computationally efficient worst-case analysis of flow-controlled networks with Network Calculus 1-gen-2023 Zippo, Raffaele; Stea, Giovanni
Enabling federated learning of explainable AI models within beyond-5G/6G networks 1-gen-2023 Corcuera Bárcena, José Luis; Ducange, Pietro; Marcelloni, Francesco; Nardini, Giovanni; Noferi, Alessandro; Renda, Alessandro; Ruffini, Fabrizio; Schiavo, Alessio; Stea, Giovanni; Virdis, Antonio
Exploiting Simu5G for Generating Datasets for Training and Testing AI Models for 5G/6G Network Applications 1-gen-2023 Nardini, Giovanni; Noferi, Alessandro; Ducange, Pietro; Stea, Giovanni
Extending the Network Calculus Algorithmic Toolbox for Ultimately Pseudo-Periodic Functions: Pseudo-Inverse and Composition 1-gen-2023 Zippo, Raffaele; Nikolaus, Paul; Stea, Giovanni
Federated Learning of Explainable Artificial Intelligence Models: A Proof-of-Concept for Video-streaming Quality Forecasting in B5G/6G networks 1-gen-2023 Corcuera Barcena, J. L.; Daole, M.; Ducange, P.; Marcelloni, F.; Nardini, G.; Renda, A.; Stea, G.
Isospeed: Improving (min,+) Convolution by Exploiting (min,+)/(max,+) Isomorphism (Artifact) 1-gen-2023 Zippo, Raffaele; Nikolaus, Paul; Stea, Giovanni
Isospeed: Improving (min,+) Convolution by Exploiting (min,+)/(max,+) Isomorphism 1-gen-2023 Zippo, Raffaele; Nikolaus, Paul; Stea, Giovanni
Isospeed: Improving (min,+) Convolution by Exploiting (min,+)/(max,+) Isomorphism: Artifact 1-gen-2023 Zippo, Raffaele; Nikolaus, Paul; Stea, Giovanni
Microstrip Patch Antenna for Single Resonant Frequency Using Various Types of Slots 1-gen-2023 Islam, Md Amirul; Stea, Giovanni; Uddin, Md Ashraf; Mahmud, Sultan; Rahma, Kh. Mustafizur
Platooning-as-a-Service in a Multi-operator ETSI MEC Environment 1-gen-2023 Nardini, G.; Noferi, A.; Stea, G.
Rapid prototyping and performance evaluation of ETSI MEC-based applications 1-gen-2023 Noferi, Alessandro; Nardini, Giovanni; Stea, Giovanni; Virdis, Antonio
Trustworthy AI for Next Generation Networks: the Fed-XAI innovative paradigm from the Hexa-X EU Flagship Project 1-gen-2023 Ducange, P.; Marcelloni, F.; Micheli, D.; Nardini, G.; Renda, A.; Sabella, D.; Stea, G.; Virdis, A.
A MILP Approach to DRAM Access Worst-Case Analysis 1-gen-2022 Andreozzi, Matteo; Frangioni, Antonio; Galli, Laura; Stea, Giovanni; Zippo, Raffaele
A Survey of Blockchain-Based IoT eHealthcare: Applications, Research Issues, and Challenges 1-gen-2022 Sha ur Rahman, Md; Islam, MD AMIRUL; Ashraf Uddin, Md; Stea, Giovanni
A Survey of Smart Classroom Literature 1-gen-2022 Kaur, Avneet; Bhatia, Munish; Stea, Giovanni
COVID-19 Cases Detection from Chest X-Ray Images Using CNN Based Deep Learning Model 1-gen-2022 Islam, MD AMIRUL; Stea, Giovanni; Mahmud, Sultan; Mustafizur Rahman, Kh.