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Three- and four-dimensional topographic measurement and validation 1-gen-2021 Rocca, Fabio; Li, Deren; Tebaldini, Stefano; Liao, Mingsheng; Zhang, Lu; Lombardini, Fabrizio; Balz, Timo; Haala, Norbert; Ding, Xiaoli; Hanssen, Ramon
Vertical analysis of windblown forest short-term decorrelation for SAR tomography: New results of the Pisascat experiment 1-gen-2021 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Bordbari, Reza
Gen-Capon and Gen-MUSIC Diff-Tomo for Non-Stationary Distributed Media: Exploration of Potential for Subcanopy Subsidence Monitoring 1-gen-2020 Lombardini, F.; Bordbari, R.
Analysis of Temporal Decorrelation Effects on Point Spread Function of 3-D Tomo Beamforming 1-gen-2019 Lombardini, F.; Aghababaee, H.; Schirinzi, G.
Foreword to the Special Issue on Recent Advances in Processing of High-Spatial-Resolution Remote Sensing Data 1-gen-2019 Huang, X.; Zhu, X. X.; Dell'Acqua, F.; Fauvel, M.; Dalla Mura, M.; Lombardini, F.
Generalized-Capon Diff-Tomo for Sensing of Decorrelating Scatterers: Insights, Characterization, and Experiments 1-gen-2019 Lombardini, F.; Cai, F.
Generalized-Capon method for Diff-Tomo SAR analyses of decorrelating scatterers 1-gen-2019 Lombardini, F.; Cai, F.
Impact of Dielectric Changes on L-Band 3-D SAR Reflectivity Profiles of Forest Volumes 1-gen-2018 Pardini, Matteo; Papathanassiou, Konstantinos P.; Lombardini, Fabrizio
Radiometric Problems in Superresolution 3D Forest SAR Tomography 1-gen-2018 Lombardini, F.; Vinciguerra, A.; Zoppetti, C.
Advanced Deformation Monitoring: Spaceborne Multidimensional SAR Imaging and Ground-based Interferometry. Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) / DLR Joint Int. Workshop on InSAR Technologies for Urban Infrastructural Health Diagnosis 1-gen-2017 Lombardini, F.
Multidimensional SAR Tomography: Methods and Applications 1-gen-2017 Lombardini, F.; Tebaldini, S.
4D quick Diff-Tomo analyses of short-term decorrelation of distributed scatterers 1-gen-2016 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico; Berizzi, Fabrizio
Advanced Interferometric and 3-/4-/5-D Tomographic Processing of SAR Data 1-gen-2016 Fornaro, G.; Lombardini, Fabrizio; Pauciullo, A.; Reale, D.; Viviani, Federico
Radiometrically Robust Superresolution Tomography: First Analyses 1-gen-2016 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico
SARFID - A SAR approach to RFID tag location. CariPisa n.204/11 Relazione Finale 1-gen-2016 Nepa, P.; Buffi, A.; Lombardini, F.; Viviani, F.
Single-look light-burden superresolution differential SAR tomography 1-gen-2016 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico
4D Characterization of Short- and Long-term Height-varying Decorrelated Forest SAR Backscattering 1-gen-2015 Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico
A phase-based technique for localization of uhf-rfid tags moving on a conveyor belt: Performance analysis and test-case measurements 1-gen-2015 Buffi, Alice; Nepa, Paolo; Lombardini, Fabrizio
RADARSAT-2 Multidimensional Tomography for Improving Interferometric Urban Monitoring. SOAR-EI 5132 Report 1-gen-2015 Lombardini, F.
Three-dimensional and Higher Order Imaging with Tomographic SAR: Techniques, Applications, Issues 1-gen-2015 Reigber, A.; Lombardini, Fabrizio; Viviani, Federico; Nannini, M.; Martinez del Hoyo, A.