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1/f and RTS noise in submicron devices: faster is noisier 1-gen-2005 L. K. J., Vandamme; Macucci, Massimo
1/f Noise Characterization of Bilayer MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors on Paper with Inkjet-Printed Contacts and hBN Dielectrics 1-gen-2021 Pimpolari, L.; Calabrese, G.; Conti, S.; Worsley, R.; Majee, S.; Polyushkin, D. K.; Paur, M.; Casiraghi, C.; Mueller, T.; Iannaccone, G.; Macucci, M.; Fiori, G.
2010 14th International Workshop on Computational Electronics 1-gen-2010 Macucci, Massimo; Basso, Giovanni
A new measurement method of MOS transistor parameters 1-gen-1990 Ciofi, Carmine; Macucci, Massimo; Pellegrini, Bruno
A versatile cryogenic temperature controller 1-gen-1998 Oppo, G; Giannetti, Romano; Macucci, Massimo; Pellegrini, Bruno
Accurate Measurement of Shot and Thermal Noise in p-n Junctions over Seven Current Decades 1-gen-1991 Macucci, Massimo; Pellegrini, Bruno
All-2D Material Inkjet-Printed Capacitors: Toward Fully Printed Integrated Circuits 1-gen-2018 Worsley, Robyn; Pimpolari, Lorenzo; Mcmanus, Daryl; Ge, Ning; Ionescu, Robert; Wittkopf, Jarrid A; Alieva, Adriana; Basso, Giovanni; Macucci, Massimo; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; Novoselov, Kostya S; Holder, Helen; Fiori, Gianluca; Casiraghi, Cinzia
Analisi Elettromagnetica di Interazioni Pantografo - Linea di Captazione 1-gen-1999 Antonacci G., A; Giannetti, R; Macucci, Massimo; Tellini, Bernardo
Analysis and Modeling of Radiated Emission from Electrical Discharges and Arc Formation 1-gen-2005 Bertoncini, Francesco; S., DI FRAIA; Macucci, Massimo; Tellini, Bernardo
Analysis of electron transfer between parallel quantum wires 1-gen-1992 Macucci, Massimo; Ravaioli, U; Kerkhoven, T.
Analysis of Electron Transfer in Substituted Biphenylmethane 1-gen-2003 Cacelli, Ivo; Ferretti, Alessandro; Girlanda, Michele; Macucci, Massimo
Analysis of polarization propagation along a semiconductor-based quantum cellular automaton chain 1-gen-2002 Girlanda, Michele; Macucci, Massimo
Analysis of power dissipation in clocked quantum cellular automaton circuits 1-gen-2006 Bonci, LUCA ETTORE MARIO; Macucci, Massimo
Analysis of shot noise suppression in disordered quantum wires 1-gen-2003 L., Bonci; Fiori, Gianluca; Macucci, Massimo; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; Roddaro, Stefano; P., Pingue; V., Piazza; M., Cecchini; F., Beltram
Analysis of shot noise suppression in mesoscopic cavities in a magnetic field 1-gen-2006 Marconcini, Paolo; Macucci, Massimo; Iannaccone, Giuseppe; Pellegrini, Bruno; Marola, Giovanni
Analysis of the electromagnetic emission of a railway vehicle according to the en 50121-3-1 standard: A case study 1-gen-2020 Paonessa, S.; Picariello, W.; Bocciolini, L.; Zappacosta, C.; Di Pascoli, S.; Tellini, B.; Macucci, M.
Analysis of the ultimate noise performance of a mesoscopic cavity magnetic sensor 1-gen-2019 Macucci, M.; Marconcini, P.
Analysis of transport in a graphene ribbon with an antidot lattice, based on the scattering matrix solution of the Dirac equation 1-gen-2016 Marconcini, Paolo; Macucci, Massimo
Approximate calculation of the potential profile in a graphene-based device 1-gen-2015 Marconcini, Paolo; Macucci, Massimo
Armchair graphene nanoribbons: PT-symmetry breaking and exceptional points without dissipation 1-gen-2011 Fagotti, M; Bonati, Claudio; Logoteta, Demetrio; Marconcini, Paolo; Macucci, Massimo