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Are energy community members more flexible than individual prosumers? Evidence from a serious game 1-gen-2024 Luzzati, Tommaso; Mura, Elena; Pellegrini, Luisa; Raugi, Marco; Salvati, Nicola; Schito, Eva; Scipioni, Sara; Testi, Daniele; Zerbino, Pierluigi
Economic assessment of multiple energy community participation 1-gen-2024 Mariuzzo, Ivan; Fina, Bernadette; Stroemer, Stefan; Raugi, Marco
Design of Energy Communities and Data-Sharing: Format and Open Data 1-gen-2023 Guerrazzi, E.; Thomopulos, D.; Fioriti, D.; Mariuzzo, I.; Schito, E.; Poli, D.; Raugi, M.
Double Slider-Modular Stator Linear Permanent Magnet Generator for Sea Wave Energy Harvesting: Experimental Validation 1-gen-2023 Consolo, V; Sani, L; Raugi, M; Musolino, A
Energy Communities: A review on trends, energy system modelling, business models, and optimisation objectives 1-gen-2023 Barabino, E.; Fioriti, D.; Guerrazzi, E.; Mariuzzo, I.; Poli, D.; Raugi, M.; Razaei, E.; Schito, E.; Thomopulos, D.
Impact of Nearby Lightning Strikes on Wireless Power Transfer Ground Assembly 1-gen-2023 Formisano, A.; Barmada, S.; Raugi, M.
Introducing energy into marine environments: A lab-scale static magnetic field submarine cable simulation and its effects on sperm and larval development on a reef forming serpulid 1-gen-2023 Oliva, Matteo; De Marchi, Lucia; Cuccaro, Alessia; Fumagalli, Giorgia; Freitas, Rosa; Fontana, Nunzia; Raugi, Marco; Barmada, Sami; Pretti, Carlo
Multi-objective planning method for renewable energy communities with economic, environmental and social goals 1-gen-2023 Mariuzzo, I.; Fioriti, D.; Guerrazzi, E.; Thomopulos, D.; Raugi, M.
On the Spiral Resonator Arrays Size Analysis for Misalignment Compensation in Wireless Power Transfer Systems 1-gen-2023 Fontana, N.; Barmada, S.; Raugi, M.
Impact of Nearby Lightnings on Wireless Power Transfer Ground Assembly 1-gen-2022 Formisano, A.; Barmada, S.; Raugi, M.
Spiral Resonator Arrays for Misalignment Compensation in Wireless Power Transfer Systems 1-gen-2022 Fontana, N.; Barmada, S.; Raugi, M.; Brizi, D.; Monorchio, A.
A multi-objective methodology for evaluating the investment in building-integrated hybrid renewable energy systems 1-gen-2021 Aloini, D.; Dulmin, R.; Mininno, V.; Raugi, M.; Schito, E.; Testi, D.; Tucci, M.; Zerbino, P.
On the Flexibility Characteristics of an Array of Resonators for Simultaneous Power and Data Transfer purposes in Inductive Power Transfer Systems 1-gen-2021 Fontana, N.; Brizi, D.; Barmada, S.; Monorchio, A.; Raugi, M.
Optimization and Robustness Analysis of a Spiral Resonators Array for Misalignment Recovering purposes in WPT Systems 1-gen-2021 Fontana, N.; Brizi, D.; Barmada, S.; Raugi, M.; Monorchio, A.
Toward Sustainable Energy Communities 1-gen-2021 Raugi, Marco; Anastasi, Giuseppe
Harmonic distortion considerations for an integrated WPT-PLC system 1-gen-2020 Sarraj, A.; Dghais, W.; Barmada, S.; Tucci, M.; Raugi, M.
A Magneto-Rheological Brake Excited by Permanent Magnets 1-gen-2019 Musolino, Antonino; Raugi, Marco; Rizzo, Rocco; Sani, Luca; Diez-Jimenez, Efrén
Design and realization of a multiple access wireless power transfer system for optimal power line communication data transfer 1-gen-2019 Barmada, Sami; Tucci, Mauro; Fontana, Nunzia; Dghais, Wael; Raugi, Marco
Impulsive Noise Mitigation with Interleaving Based on MUSIC in Power Line Communication 1-gen-2019 Bai, Li; Tucci, Mauro; Raugi, Marco
Optimal synthesis, design and operation of smart microgrids serving a cluster of buildings in a campus with centralized and decentralized hybrid renewable energy systems 1-gen-2019 Testi, Daniele; Urbanucci, Luca; Giola, Chiara; Aloini, Davide; Squicciarini, Nunzia; Tucci, Mauro; Raugi, Marco