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A BEM-Based Model of a Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine in the 3D Shallow Water Code SHYFEM 1-gen-2022 Pucci, Micol; DI GARBO, Chiara; Bellafiore, Debora; Zanforlin, Stefania; Umgiesser, Georg
A DMST-based tool to establish the best aspect ratio, solidity and rotational speed for tidal turbines in real sea conditions 1-gen-2022 Pucci, Micol; Zanforlin, Stefania; Bellafiore, Debora; Umgiesser, Georg
A Double Multiple Stream Tube (DMST) routine to identify efficient geometries of cross-flow tidal turbines in site assessment analyses 1-gen-2022 Pucci, Micol; Zanforlin, Stefania; Bellafiore, Debora; Umgiesser, Georg
Fluid dynamic mechanisms for the wake energy recovery in cross-flow turbines: effects of hydrofoil shape and turbine solidity 1-gen-2022 Zanforlin, S; Lupi, Paola
A Double Multiple Stream Tube (DMST) routine for site assessment to select efficient turbine aspect ratios and solidities in real marine environments 1-gen-2021 Pucci, Micol; Zanforlin, Stefania; Bellafiore, Debora; Deluca, Stefano; Umgiesser, Georg
Investigation of the wake energy recovery of cross-flow turbines in paired configuration by means of 3d-CFD and analysis of the streamwise momentum budget 1-gen-2021 Zanforlin, Stefania; Lupi, Paola
A Hybrid BEM-CFD Virtual Blade Model to Predict Interactions between Tidal Stream Turbines under Wave Conditions 1-gen-2020 Lombardi, Nicolò; Ordonez-Sanchez, Stephanie; Zanforlin, Stefania; Johnstone, Cameron
A simple model for deep dynamic stall conditions 1-gen-2020 Rocchio, B.; Chicchiero, C.; Salvetti, M. V.; Zanforlin, S.
Embedding of a blade-element analytical model into the shyfem marine circulation code to predict the performance of cross-flow turbines 1-gen-2020 Pucci, Micol; Bellafiore, Debora; Zanforlin, Stefania; Rocchio, Benedetto; Umgiesser, Georg
Effects of upstream buildings on the performance of a synergistic roof-and-diffuser augmentation system for cross flow wind turbines 1-gen-2019 Zanforlin, Stefania; Letizia, Stefano
Performance analysis of hydrofoil shaped and bi-directional diffusers for cross flow tidal turbines in single and double-rotor configurations 1-gen-2019 Zanforlin, Stefania; Buzzi, FULVIO PAOLO; Marika, Francesconi
Scalable Coupled Ocean and Water Turbine Modeling for Assessing Ocean Energy Extraction 1-gen-2019 Deluca, Stefano; Zanforlin, Stefania; Rocchio, Benedetto; J. Haley Jr., Patrick; Foucart, Corbin; Mirabito, Chris; Lermusiaux, Pierre F. J.
Advantages of vertical axis tidal turbines set in close proximity: A comparative CFD investigation in the English Channel 1-gen-2018 Zanforlin, Stefania
Development of a BEM-CFD tool for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines based on the Actuator Disk Model 1-gen-2018 Rocchio, Benedetto; Deluca, Stefano; Salvetti, MARIA VITTORIA; Zanforlin, Stefania
Effects of the Reynolds number and the tip losses on the optimal aspect ratio of straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbines 1-gen-2018 Zanforlin, Stefania; Deluca, Stefano
TOWARDS A GENERAL DYNAMIC STALL MODEL 1-gen-2017 Rocchio, Benedetto; Chicchiero, Claudio; Salvetti, MARIA VITTORIA; Zanforlin, Stefania
A simplified aerodynamic model for floating VAWTs 1-gen-2016 Cicirello, Edoardo; Collu, Maurizio; Delafin, Pierre Luc; Nishino, Takafumi; Zanforlin, Stefania
Fluid dynamic mechanisms of enhanced power generation by closely spaced vertical axis wind turbines 1-gen-2016 Zanforlin, Stefania; Nishino, Takafumi
Hybrid CFD-source terms modelling of a diffuser-augmented vertical axis wind turbine 1-gen-2016 Letizia, Stefano; Zanforlin, Stefania
Hydrodynamic interactions between three closely-spaced Vertical Axis Tidal Turbines 1-gen-2016 Zanforlin, Stefania; Burchi, Ferdinando; Bitossi, Niccolò