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Quenched Linear Response for Smooth Expanding on Average Cocycles 1-gen-2023 Dragicevic, D.; Giulietti, P.; Sedro, J.
Random-like properties of chaotic forcing 1-gen-2022 Giulietti, P.; Tanzi, M.; Marmi, S.
Quantitative Global-Local Mixing for Accessible Skew Products 1-gen-2021 Giulietti, P.; Hammerlindl, A.; Ravotti, D.
Targets and Holes 1-gen-2021 Giulietti, P.; Koltai, P.; Vaienti, S.
A linear response for dynamical systems with additive noise 1-gen-2019 Galatolo, S; Giulietti, P
Parabolic dynamics and anisotropic Banach spaces 1-gen-2019 Giulietti, P.; Liverani, C.
Global-local mixing for the Boole map 1-gen-2018 Bonanno, C.; Giulietti, P.; Lenci, M.
Infinite mixing for one-dimensional maps with an indifferent fixed point 1-gen-2018 Bonanno, C.; Giulietti, P.; Lenci, M.
The calculus of thermodynamical formalism 1-gen-2018 Giulietti, P.; Kloeckner, B. R.; Lopes, A. O.; Marcon, D.
Duality between eigenfunctions and eigendistributions of Ruelle and Koopman operators via an integral kernel 1-gen-2016 Giulietti, P.; Lopes, A. O.; Pit, V.
Zeta functions and continuous time dynamics 1-gen-2014 Giulietti, P.
Anosov flows and dynamical zeta functions 1-gen-2013 Giulietti, P.; Liverani, C.; Pollicott, M.