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Agronomic performance of soybean and sorghum in a short rotation poplar coppice alley-cropping system under Mediterranean conditions 1-gen-2023 Mantino, Alberto; Pecchioni, Giovanni; Tozzini, Cristiano; Mele, Marcello; Ragaglini, Giorgio
Characterization of polar and non-polar lipids of Hermetia illucens and Tenebrio molitor meals as animal feed ingredients 1-gen-2023 Tognocchi, Monica; Conte, Giuseppe; Rossi, Elisabetta; Perioli, Riccardo; Mantino, Alberto; Serra, Andrea; Mele, Marcello
Effect of Cooking with Superheated (SHS) vs. Standard Steam Oven on the Fatty Acids Profile of Different Kinds of Meat and Fish 1-gen-2023 Tinagli, Sara; Amarie, Roxana Elena; Conte, Giuseppe; Tognocchi, Monica; Mele, Marcello; Mantino, Alberto; Casarosa, Laura; Serra, Andrea
Linseed supplementation in the diet of fattening pigs: Effect on the fatty acid profile of different pork cuts 1-gen-2023 Tognocchi, M.; Conte, G.; Mantino, A.; Foggi, G.; Casarosa, L.; Tinagli, S.; Turini, L.; Scicutella, F.; Mele, M.; Serra, A.
Outcomes of a comparison between pastoral and silvopastoral management on beef cattle productivity, animal welfare and pasture depletion in a Mediterranean extensive farm 1-gen-2023 Ripamonti, A; Mantino, A; Annecchini, F; Cappucci, A; Casarosa, L; Turini, L; Foggi, G; Mele, M
Rumen microbial community and milk quality in Holstein lactating cows fed olive oil pomace as part in a sustainable feeding strategy 1-gen-2023 Scicutella, F.; Cucu, M. A.; Mannelli, F.; Pastorelli, R.; Daghio, M.; Paoli, P.; Pazzagli, L.; Turini, L.; Mantino, A.; Luti, S.; Genovese, M.; Viti, C.; Buccioni, A.
Assessing Land Suitability To Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Cultivation In Tuscany Using APSIM To Predict Yield Potential And Stability 1-gen-2022 Ragaglini, Giorgio; Tavarini, Silvia; Mantino, Alberto; Angelini, Luciana G.
Effect of a Phytogenic Feed Additive in Preventing Calves’ Diarrhea 1-gen-2022 Turini, Luca; Mantino, Alberto; Tozzi, Beatrice; Bonelli, Francesca; Silvi, Alina; Mele, Marcello; Sgorbini, Micaela; Meucci, Valentina; Minieri, Sara
Exploring the relationship between bacterial genera and lipid metabolism in bovine rumen 1-gen-2022 Conte, G.; Dimauro, C.; Daghio, M.; Serra, A.; Mannelli, F.; Mcammond, B. M.; Van Hamme, J. D.; Buccioni, A.; Viti, C.; Mantino, A.; Mele, M.
In vitro screening of the ruminal methane and ammonia mitigating potential of mixtures of either chestnut or quebracho tannins with blends of essential oils as feed additives 1-gen-2022 Foggi, G.; Terranova, M.; Conte, G.; Mantino, A.; Amelchanka, S. L.; Kreuzer, M.; Mele, M.
Light reduction affected agronomic performance and nutritive value of temporary grassland swards in a Mediterranean rainfed plot trial 1-gen-2022 Tramacere, LORENZO GABRIELE; Mantino, Alberto; Sbrana, Massimo; Mazzoncini, Marco; Mele, Marcello; Ragaglini, Giorgio; Antichi, Daniele
An on-farm rotational grazing trial: restricting access time to pasture did not affect the productivity of a dairy sheep flock in spring 1-gen-2021 Mantino, Alberto; Cappucci, Alice; Annecchini, Francesco; Volpi, Iride; Bargagli, Enrico; Bonari, Enrico; Ragaglini, Giorgio; Mele, Marcello
Competition for light affects alfalfa biomass production more than its nutritive value in an olive-based alley-cropping system 1-gen-2021 Mantino, A.; Tozzini, C.; Bonari, E.; Mele, M.; Ragaglini, G.
Diets supplemented with condensed and hydrolysable tannins affected rumen fatty acid profile and plasmalogen lipids, ammonia and methane production in an in vitro study 1-gen-2021 Cappucci, A.; Mantino, A.; Buccioni, A.; Casarosa, L.; Conte, G.; Serra, A.; Mannelli, F.; Luciano, G.; Foggi, G.; Mele, M.
Innovating feeding strategies in dairy sheep farming can reduce environmental impact of ewe milk 1-gen-2021 Bosco, S; Volpi, I; Cappucci, A; Mantino, A; Ragaglini, G; Bonari, E; Mele, M
Non-Parametric Statistical Approaches for Leaf Area Index Estimation from Sentinel-2 Data: A Multi-Crop Assessment 1-gen-2021 De Peppo, M; Taramelli, A; Boschetti, M; Mantino, A; Volpi, I; Filipponi, F; Tornato, A; Valentini, E; Ragaglini, G
Simulating the effect of light availability reduction on grass and legume swards in a Mediterranean rainfed plot trial 1-gen-2021 Tramacere, LORENZO GABRIELE; Mantino, Alberto; Volpi, Iride; Sbrana, Massimo; Mazzoncini, Marco; Cappucci, Alice; Mele, Marcello; Ragaglini, Giorgio; Antichi, Daniele
Traditional knowledge affects soil management ability of smallholder farmers in marginal areas 1-gen-2021 Occelli, M.; Mantino, A.; Ragaglini, G.; Dell'Acqua, M.; Fadda, C.; Pe, M. E.; Nuvolari, A.
Carbon budget of an agroforestry system after being converted from a poplar short rotation coppice 1-gen-2020 Pecchioni, G.; Bosco, S.; Volpi, I.; Mantino, A.; Dragoni, F.; Giannini, V.; Tozzini, C.; Mele, M.; Ragaglini, G.
Effect of tree presence and soil characteristics on soybean yield and quality in an innovative alley-cropping system 1-gen-2020 Mantino, A.; Volpi, I.; Micci, M.; Pecchioni, G.; Bosco, S.; Dragoni, F.; Mele, M.; Ragaglini, G.