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A CONSERVATIVE SURGICAL APPROACH TO GALLSTONE ILEUS: AN OUTCOME ASSESSMENT 1-gen-2017 Tartaglia, Dario; Bakkar, SOHAIL YOUSEF HUSSAIN; Bronzoni, Jessica; Piccini, Lorenzo; Cobuccio, Luigi; Bertolucci, Andrea; Galatioto, Christian; Chiarugi, Massimo
BRAF(K601E) Mutation in a Follicular Thyroid Adenoma 1-gen-2017 Macerola, Elisabetta; Torregrossa, Liborio; Ugolini, Clara; Bakkar, SOHAIL YOUSEF HUSSAIN; Vitti, Paolo; Fadda, Guido; Basolo, Fulvio
BRAFV600E mutation: a potential predictor of more than a Sistrunk's procedure in patients with thyroglossal duct cyst carcinoma and a normal thyroid gland 1-gen-2019 Bakkar, Sohail; Macerola, Elisabetta; Aljarrah, Qusai; Proietti, Agnese; Materazzi, Gabriele; Basolo, Fulvio; Miccoli, Paolo
Developing a tool that could reliably refute total thyroidectomy for solitary Bethesda IV thyroid nodules 1-gen-2020 Bakkar, S.; Macerola, E.; Proietti, A.; Aljarrah, Q.; Al-Omar, K.; Materazzi, G.; Basolo, F.; Miccoli, P.
Early surgery: a favorable prognosticator in amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis-a single-center experience with 53 cases 1-gen-2022 Bakkar, Sohail; Cappellani, Daniele; Forfori, Francesco; Di Salvo, Claudio; Catarsi, Sonia; Ambrosini, Carlo Enrico; Miccoli, Paolo; Bogazzi, Fausto; Materazzi, Gabriele; Papini, Piermarco
Energy-based devices in thyroid surgery-an overview 1-gen-2020 Bakkar, Sohail; Papavramidis, Theodosios S; Aljarrah, Qusai; Materazzi, Gabriele; Miccoli, Paolo
First report of benign track seeding after robot-assisted transaxillary thyroid surgery 1-gen-2020 Fregoli, L.; Bakkar, S.; Papini, P.; Torregrossa, L.; Ugolini, C.; Rossi, L.; Matrone, A.; Elisei, R.; Materazzi, G.
Indeterminate Single Thyroid Nodule: Synergistic Impact of Mutational Markers and Sonographic Features in Triaging Patients to Appropriate Surgery. 1-gen-2015 DE NAPOLI, Luigi; Bakkar, SOHAIL YOUSEF HUSSAIN; Ambrosini, CARLO ENRICO; Materazzi, Gabriele; Proietti, Agnese; Macerola, Elisabetta; Basolo, Fulvio; Miccoli, Paolo
Indocyanine green fluorescence: an additional tool for endoscopic adrenalectomy 1-gen-2021 Rossi, L.; Fregoli, L.; Bacca, A.; Bakkar, S.; Bernini, G.; Materazzi, G.
Less is more: an outcome assessment of patients operated for gallstone ileus without fistula treatment 1-gen-2017 Tartaglia, Dario; Bakkar, SOHAIL YOUSEF HUSSAIN; Piccini, Lorenzo; Bronzoni, Jessica; Cobuccio, Luigi; Bertolucci, Andrea; Galatioto, Christian; Chiarugi, Massimo
Minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy (MIVAT) 1-gen-2020 Miccoli, Paolo; Fregoli, Lorenzo; Rossi, Leonardo; Papini, Piermarco; Ambrosini, Carlo Enrico; Bakkar, Sohail; De Napoli, Luigi; Aghababyan, Alexander; Matteucci, Valeria; Materazzi, Gabriele
Minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy (MIVAT) from A to Z 1-gen-2016 Bakkar, SOHAIL YOUSEF HUSSAIN; Materazzi, Gabriele; Biricotti, Marco; DE NAPOLI, Luigi; Conte, Massimo; Galleri, David; Aghababyan, Aleksandr; Miccoli, Paolo
Posterior retroperitonoscopic adrenalectomy; a back door access with an unusually rapid learning curve 1-gen-2017 Bakkar, SOHAIL YOUSEF HUSSAIN; Materazzi, Gabriele; Fregoli, Lorenzo; Papini, Piermarco; Miccoli, Paolo
Postoperatively determined high-risk histopathologic features in papillary thyroid carcinoma initially eligible for thyroid lobectomy: a game changer 1-gen-2021 Bakkar, S.; Al-Omar, K.; Donatini, G.; Aljarrah, Q.; Papavramidis, T. S.; Materazzi, G.; Miccoli, P.
Prevention and management of bleeding in thyroid surgery 1-gen-2017 Materazzi, Gabriele; Ambrosini, Carlo Enrico; Fregoli, Lorenzo; Napoli, Luigi De; Frustaci, Gianluca; Matteucci, Valeria; Papini, Piermarco; Bakkar, Sohail; Miccoli, Paolo
Recent Trends in Surgical Approach to Thyroid Cancer 1-gen-2021 Rossi, L.; Materazzi, G.; Bakkar, S.; Miccoli, P.
Robot-Assisted Transaxillary Thyroidectomy (RATT): A Series Appraisal of More than 250 Cases from Europe. 1-gen-2017 Materazzi, Gabriele; Fregoli, Lorenzo; Papini, Piermarco; Bakkar, SOHAIL YOUSEF HUSSAIN; Vasquez, Mc; Miccoli, Paolo
Surgical Management of Diffuse Sclerosing Variant of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. Experience in 25 Patients 1-gen-2020 Spinelli, C.; Strambi, S.; Bakkar, S.; Nosiglia, A.; Elia, G. M.; Bertocchini, A.; Calani, C.; Leoni, M.; Morganti, R.; Materazzi, G.
Tailored surgery according to molecular analysis in differentiated thyroid carcinomas 1-gen-2018 Miccoli, P.; Materazzi, G.; Macerola, E.; Bakkar, S.
The extent of surgery in thyroglossal cyst carcinoma 1-gen-2016 Bakkar, SOHAIL YOUSEF HUSSAIN; Biricotti, Marco; Stefanini, Gianni; Ambrosini, CARLO ENRICO; Materazzi, Gabriele; Miccoli, Paolo