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A Blaschke-Lebesgue theorem for the Cheeger constant In corso di stampa Henrot, Antoine; Lucardesi, Ilaria
An isoperimetric problem with two distinct solutions 1-gen-2024 Henrot, Antoine; Lemenant, Antoine; Lucardesi, Ilaria
Shape Sensitivity Analysis of a 2D Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem 1-gen-2023 Calisti, Valentin; Lucardesi, Ilaria; Scheid, Jean-François
On Blaschke–Santaló diagrams for the torsional rigidity and the first Dirichlet eigenvalue 1-gen-2022 Lucardesi, I.; Zucco, D.
Body of constant width with minimal area in a given annulus 1-gen-2021 Henrot, A.; Lucardesi, I.
Crack growth by vanishing viscosity in planar elasticity 1-gen-2020 Almi, S; Lazzaroni, G; Lucardesi, I
Energy-dissipation balance of a smooth moving crack 1-gen-2020 Caponi, M.; Lucardesi, I.; Tasso, E.
Upscaling of screw dislocations with increasing tangential strain 1-gen-2020 Lucardesi, I.; Morandotti, M.; Scala, R.; Zucco, D.
Sensitivity of the Compliance and of the Wasserstein Distance with Respect to a Varying Source 1-gen-2019 Bouchitté, Guy; Fragalà, Ilaria; Lucardesi, Ilaria
Confinement of dislocations inside a crystal with a prescribed external strain 1-gen-2018 Lucardesi, I; Morandotti, M; Scala, R; Zucco, D
Energy release rate and stress intensity factors in planar elasticity in presence of smooth cracks 1-gen-2018 Almi, S.; Lucardesi, I.
Minimization of the eigenvalues of the dirichlet-laplacian with a diameter constraint 1-gen-2018 Bogosel, B.; Henrot, A.; Lucardesi, I.
On two functionals involving the maximum of the torsion function 1-gen-2018 Henrot, A.; Lucardesi, I.; Philippin, G.
The wave equation on domains with cracks growing on a prescribed path: Existence, uniqueness, and continuous dependence on the data 1-gen-2017 Dal Maso, G.; Lucardesi, I.
A variational method for second order shape derivatives 1-gen-2016 Bouchitté, G.; Fragalà, I.; Lucardesi, I.
Concentration Phenomena in the Optimal Design of Thin Rods 1-gen-2015 Lucardesi, I
Shape derivatives for minima of integral functionals 1-gen-2014 Bouchitté, G.; Fragalà, I.; Lucardesi, I.
A nonstandard free boundary problem arising in the shape optimization of thin torsion rods 1-gen-2013 Alibert, J. J.; Bouchitté, G.; Fragalà, I.; Lucardesi, I.
Elements of Advanced Mathematical Analysis for Physics and Engineering 1-gen-2013 Lucardesi, I
Optimal thin torsion rods and Cheeger sets 1-gen-2012 Bouchitté, G.; Fragalà, I.; Lucardesi, I.; Seppecher, P.