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A robust iterative learning control for continuous-time nonlinear systems with disturbances 1-gen-2021 Pierallini, M.; Angelini, F.; Mengacci, R.; Palleschi, A.; Bicchi, A.; Garabini, M.
Choosing Stiffness and Damping for Optimal Impedance Planning 1-gen-2022 Pollayil, Mj; Angelini, F; Xin, Gy; Mistry, M; Vijayakumar, S; Bicchi, A; Garabini, M
Control Architecture for Human-Like Motion With Applications to Articulated Soft Robots 1-gen-2020 Angelini, Franco; Della Santina, Cosimo; Garabini, Manolo; Bianchi, Matteo; Bicchi, Antonio
Controlling soft robots: balancing feedback and feedforward elements 1-gen-2017 Della Santina, Cosimo; Bianchi, Matteo; Grioli, Giorgio; Angelini, Franco; Catalano, Manuel; Garabini, Manolo; Bicchi, Antonio
Decentralized Trajectory Tracking Control for Soft Robots Interacting With the Environment 1-gen-2018 Angelini, Franco; Santina, Cosimo Della; Garabini, Manolo; Bianchi, Matteo; Gasparri, Gian Maria; Grioli, Giorgio; Catalano, Manuel Giuseppe; Bicchi, Antonio
Grasp It like a Pro: Grasp of Unknown Objects with Robotic Hands Based on Skilled Human Expertise 1-gen-2020 Gabellieri, C.; Garabini, M.; Angelini, F.; Arapi, V.; Palleschi, A.; Catalano, M. G.; Grioli, G.; Pallottino, L.; Bicchi, A.; Bianchi, M.
Incrementality and Hierarchies in the Enrollment of Multiple Synergies for Grasp Planning 1-gen-2018 Averta, Giuseppe; Angelini, Franco; Bonilla, Manuel; Bianchi, Matteo; Bicchi, Antonio
Iterative Learning Control as a Framework for Human-Inspired Control with Bio-mimetic Actuators 1-gen-2020 Angelini, Franco; Bianchi, Matteo; Garabini, Manolo; Bicchi, Antonio; Della Santina, Cosimo
Iterative Learning Control for Compliant Underactuated Arms 1-gen-2023 Pierallini, M; Angelini, F; Mengacci, R; Palleschi, A; Bicchi, A; Garabini, M
Iterative Learning in Functional Space for Non-Square Linear Systems 1-gen-2021 Della Santina, C.; Angelini, F.
Legged locomotion over irregular terrains: state of the art of human and robot performance 1-gen-2022 Torres-Pardo, Adriana; Pinto-Fernández, David; Garabini, Manolo; Angelini, Franco; Rodriguez-Cianca, David; Massardi, Stefano; Tornero, Jesús; Moreno, Juan C; Torricelli, Diego
On the motion/stiffness decoupling property of articulated soft robots with application to model-free torque iterative learning control 1-gen-2020 Mengacci, Riccardo; Angelini, Franco; Catalano, Manuel G; Grioli, Giorgio; Bicchi, Antonio; Garabini, Manolo
On the role of postural synergies for grasp force generation and upper limb motion control 1-gen-2019 Averta, Giuseppe; Angelini, Franco; Bicchi, Antonio; Valenza, Gaetano; Bianchi, Matteo
Online Optimal Impedance Planning for Legged Robots 1-gen-2019 Angelini, F.; Xin, G.; Wolfslag, W. J.; Tiseo, C.; Mistry, M.; Garabini, M.; Bicchi, A.; Vijayakumar, S.
PIσ- PIσ Continuous Iterative Learning Control for Nonlinear Systems with Arbitrary Relative Degree 1-gen-2021 Cenceschi, L.; Angelini, F.; Santina, C. D.; Bicchi, A.
Robust Footstep Planning and LQR Control for Dynamic Quadrupedal Locomotion 1-gen-2021 Xin, G.; Xin, S.; Cebe, O.; Pollayil, M. J.; Angelini, F.; Garabini, M.; Vijayakumar, S.; Mistry, M.
SoftHandler: An Integrated Soft Robotic System for Handling Heterogeneous Objects 1-gen-2020 Angelini, F.; Petrocelli, C.; Catalano, M.; Garabini, M.; Grioli, G.; Bicchi, A.
Stiffness Bounds for Resilient and Stable Physical Interaction of Articulated Soft Robots 1-gen-2019 Mengacci, Riccardo; Angelini, Franco; Catalano, Manuel G.; Grioli, Giorgio; Bicchi, Antonio; Garabini, Manolo
Swing-Up of Underactuated Compliant Arms via Iterative Learning Control 1-gen-2022 Pierallini, Michele; Angelini, Franco; Bicchi, Antonio; Garabini, Manolo
Time Generalization of Trajectories Learned on Articulated Soft Robots 1-gen-2020 Angelini, F.; Mengacci, R.; Santina, C. D.; Catalano, M. G.; Garabini, M.; Bicchi, A.; Grioli, G.