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A 114 ppm/∘C-TC 0.78%-(σ/μ) Current Reference With Minimum-Current-Search Calibration 1-gen-2024 Gagliardi, F.; Ria, A.; Piotto, M.; Bruschi, P.
A Compact Fault Tolerant 2-D Anemometer 1-gen-2024 Ria, Andrea; Bruschi, Paolo; Piotto, Massimo
Simultaneous Detection of pH, Antioxidant Capacity and Conductivity Through a Low-Cost Wireless Sensing Platform 1-gen-2024 Goldoni, R.; Ria, A.; Galimberti, D.; Dongiovanni, P.; Strambini, L.; Tartaglia, G.
The SensiTag: An Innovative BAP RFID TAG for Environmental Multi-sensing 1-gen-2024 Ria, A.; Motroni, A.; Gagliardi, F.; Piotto, M.; Bruschi, P.
A Compact All-MOSFETs PVT-compensated Current Reference with Untrimmed 0.88%-(σ/μ) 1-gen-2023 Gagliardi, F.; Catania, A.; Ria, A.; Bruschi, P.; Piotto, M.
An end-to-end real-time pollutants spilling recognition in wastewater based on the IoT-ready SENSIPLUS platform 1-gen-2023 Gerevini, L.; Cerro, G.; Bria, A.; Marrocco, C.; Ferrigno, L.; Vitelli, M.; Ria, A.; Molinara, M.
An IoT sensor platform for LED-based optical spectroscopy 1-gen-2023 Ria, A.; Motroni, A.; Gagliardi, F.; Piotto, M.; Bruschi, P.
Cutting-Edge of RFID: Guest Editorial on Augmented RFID Sensing and Robot Navigation Systems 1-gen-2023 Motroni, Andrea; Ria, Andrea; Catarinucci, Luca; Marrocco, Gaetano; Thomas, Stewart; Bhattacharyya, Rahul; Martinelli, Francesco; Dimitriou, Antonis; Tao, Bo; Sun, Wei
Low-Cost Sweating-Rate Sensor for Dehydration Monitoring in Sports 1-gen-2023 Ria, A.; Piotto, M.; Munoz-Berbel, X.; Bruschi, P.; Dei, M.
Online High-Resolution EIS of Lithium-Ion Batteries by Means of Compact and Low Power ASIC 1-gen-2023 Ria, A.; Manfredini, G.; Gagliardi, F.; Vitelli, M.; Bruschi, P.; Piotto, M.
Passive UHF-RFID Technology: Integrated Communication, Localization and Sensing 1-gen-2023 Motroni, A.; Cecchi, G.; Ria, A.; Nepa, P.
Robot-based UHF-RFID joint SAR localization and tag sensing 1-gen-2023 Motroni, A.; Ria, A.; Cecchi, G.; Nepa, P.
SENSIPLUS-LM: A Low-Cost EIS-Enabled Microchip Enhanced with an Open-Source Tiny Machine Learning Toolchain 1-gen-2023 Vitelli, M.; Cerro, G.; Gerevini, L.; Miele, G.; Ria, A.; Molinara, M.
A 150 mV, Sub-1 nW, 0.75%-Full-Scale INL Delta-Sigma ADC for Power-Autonomous Sensor Nodes 1-gen-2022 Catania, A.; Ria, A.; Manfredini, G.; Dei, M.; Piotto, M.; Bruschi, P.
A 3-decade-frequency-range Sinewave Synthesizer with Analog Piecewise-linear Interpolation 1-gen-2022 Gagliardi, F.; Ria, A.; Manfredini, G.; Bruschi, P.; Piotto, M.
A new Dataset for Detection of Illegal or Suspicious Spilling in Wastewater through Low-cost Real-time Sensors 1-gen-2022 Molinara, M.; Bourelly, C.; Ferrigno, L.; Gerevini, L.; Vitelli, M.; Ria, A.; Magliocca, F.; Ruscitti, L.; Simmarano, R.; Trynda, A.; Olejnik, P.
A Triode-Compensated CMOS Bandgap Core for Sub-250 mV Supply Voltages 1-gen-2022 Gagliardi, F.; Ria, A.; Manfredini, G.; Piotto, M.; Bruschi, P.
An Analog Driver compliant with Supply Voltages exceeding the Ratings of Standard CMOS Processes 1-gen-2022 Gagliardi, F.; Cicalini, M.; Ria, A.; Piotto, M.; Bruschi, P.
An Open Source C Code Generator and a Tiny Machine Learning Toolchain for the SENSIPLUS Platform 1-gen-2022 Bria, A.; Ferrigno, L.; Marrocco, C.; Molinara, M.; Vitelli, M.; Ria, A.; Cicalini, M.; Manfredini, G.; Bruschi, P.
Dual-Band Ge-on-Si Photodetector Array With Custom, Integrated Readout Electronics 1-gen-2022 De Iacovo, A.; Mitri, F.; Ballabio, A.; Frigerio, J.; Isella, G.; Ria, A.; Cicalini, M.; Bruschi, P.; Colace, L.