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Machine Learning Models for Regional Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecasting with Limited Plant-Specific Data 1-gen-2024 Tucci, M.; Piazzi, A.; Thomopulos, D.
The MIP Workshop 2023 Computational Competition on reoptimization 1-gen-2024 Bolusani, Suresh; Besançon, Mathieu; Gleixner, Ambros; Berthold, Timo; D'Ambrosio, Claudia; Muñoz, Gonzalo; Paat, Joseph; Thomopulos, Dimitri
Design of Energy Communities and Data-Sharing: Format and Open Data 1-gen-2023 Guerrazzi, E.; Thomopulos, D.; Fioriti, D.; Mariuzzo, I.; Schito, E.; Poli, D.; Raugi, M.
Energy Communities: A review on trends, energy system modelling, business models, and optimisation objectives 1-gen-2023 Barabino, E.; Fioriti, D.; Guerrazzi, E.; Mariuzzo, I.; Poli, D.; Raugi, M.; Razaei, E.; Schito, E.; Thomopulos, D.
Generating hydro unit commitment instances 1-gen-2023 Thomopulos, D.; van Ackooij, W.; D'Ambrosio, C.; Stefanon, M.
Multi-objective planning method for renewable energy communities with economic, environmental and social goals 1-gen-2023 Mariuzzo, I.; Fioriti, D.; Guerrazzi, E.; Thomopulos, D.; Raugi, M.
Deep learning as a tool for inverse problems resolution: a case study 1-gen-2022 Barmada, S; Formisano, A; Thomopulos, D; Tucci, M
Nonlinear chance-constrained problems with applications to hydro scheduling 1-gen-2022 Lodi, Andrea; Malaguti, Enrico; Nannicini, Giacomo; Thomopulos, Dimitri
A Deep Learning Surrogate Model for Topology Optimization 1-gen-2021 Barmada, S; Fontana, N; Formisano, A; Thomopulos, D; Tucci, M
A regularized procedure to generate a deep learning model for topology optimization of electromagnetic devices 1-gen-2021 Tucci, M.; Barmada, S.; Formisano, A.; Thomopulos, D.
An Optimized Decentralized Power Sharing Strategy for Wind Farm De-Loading 1-gen-2021 Fan, Xinkai; Crisostomi, Emanuele; Thomopulos, Dimitri; Baohui, Zhang; Shorten, Robert; Yang, Songhao
Fault prediction and early-detection in large pv power plants based on self-organizing maps 1-gen-2021 Betti, A.; Tucci, M.; Crisostomi, E.; Piazzi, A.; Barmada, S.; Thomopulos, D.
Optimized energy and air quality management of shared smart buildings in the covid-19 scenario 1-gen-2021 Anastasi, G.; Bartoli, C.; Conti, P.; Crisostomi, E.; Franco, A.; Saponara, S.; Testi, D.; Thomopulos, D.; Vallati, C.
A Decentralized Power Sharing Strategy for Wind Farm De-Loading 1-gen-2020 Fan, Xinkai; Crisostomi, Emanuele; Thomopulos, Dimitri; Zhang, Baohui; Shorten, Robert
Controlled islanding algorithm for AC/DC hybrid power systems utilising DC modulation 1-gen-2020 Fan, Xinkai; Crisostomi, Emanuele; Thomopulos, Dimitri; Zhang, Baohui; Yang, Songhao
Decomposition and shortest path problem formulation for solving the hydro unit commitment and scheduling in a hydro valley 1-gen-2020 van Ackooij, Wim; D’Ambrosio, Claudia; Thomopulos, Dimitri; Trindade, Renan Spencer
Deep Learning and Reduced Models for Fast Optimization in Electromagnetics 1-gen-2020 Barmada, S.; Fontana, N.; Sani, L.; Thomopulos, D.; Tucci, M.
Handling Separable Non-convexities Using Disjunctive Cuts 1-gen-2020 D’Ambrosio, Claudia; Lee, Jon; Skipper, Daphne; Thomopulos, Dimitri
Rotor Speed Fluctuation Analysis for Rapid De-Loading of Variable Speed Wind Turbines 1-gen-2020 Fan, Xinkai; Crisostomi, Emanuele; Zhang, Baohui; Thomopulos, Dimitri
Autoencoder Based Optimization for Electromagnetics Problems 1-gen-2019 Barmada, S.; Fontana, N.; Thomopulos, D.; Tucci, M.