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A 3D-CFD Numerical Approach for Combustion Simulations of Spark Ignition Engines Fuelled with Hydrogen: A Preliminary Analysis 1-gen-2023 Sfriso, S.; Berni, F.; Fontanesi, S.; D'Adamo, A.; Antonelli, M.; Frigo, S.
Assessment of the optical efficiency in solar collectors: Experimental method for a concentrating solar power 1-gen-2023 Francesconi, Marco; Antonelli, Marco; Desideri, Umberto
Techno-Economic Evaluation of Future Thermionic Generators for Small-Scale Concentrated Solar Power Systems 1-gen-2023 Bellucci, Alessandro; Caposciutti, Gianluca; Antonelli, Marco; Trucchi, Daniele Maria
An Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation in a Small-Scale Fixed Bed Biomass Boiler 1-gen-2022 Caposciutti, G.; Antonelli, M.; Barontini, F.; Galletti, C.; Tognotti, L.; Desideri, U.
Numerical analysis of energy recovery system for turbocharged internal combustion engines via a parallel compounding turbine 1-gen-2022 Frigo, S.; Francesconi, M.; Sani, L.; Antonelli, M.
A CFD analysis on using a standardized blade in different mechanical draft cooling towers for geothermal power plants 1-gen-2021 Francesconi, M.; Silei, T.; Gamannossi, A.; Provasi, R.; Antonelli, M.
Non-catalytic NOx reduction for marine Diesel engine: an experimental approach 1-gen-2021 Galletti, A. M. R.; Frigo, S.; Antonelli, M.; Pasini, G.; Bertetti, P.; Tocchi, F.
Techno-economic analysis of waste heat recovery by inverted Brayton cycle applied to an LNG-fuelled transport truck 1-gen-2021 Abrosimov, Kirill; Sciacchitano, Federica; Pasini, Gianluca; Baccioli, Andrea; Bischi, Aldo; Antonelli, Marco
Utilisation of advanced biofuel in CI internal combustion engine 1-gen-2021 Frigo, S.; Pasini, G.; Caposciutti, G.; Antonelli, M.; Galletti, A. M. R.; Gori, S.; Costi, R.; Arnone, L.
Advanced biofuel with butyl levulinate and its utilisation in ci internal combustion engine 1-gen-2020 Galletti, A. M. R.; Gori, S.; Pasini, G.; Caposciutti, G.; Antonelli, M.; Frigo, S.
Bio-additives for CI engines from one-pot alcoholysis reaction of lignocellulosic biomass: An experimental activity 1-gen-2020 Raspolli Galletti, A. M.; Caposciutti, G.; Pasini, G.; Antonelli, M.; Frigo, S.
Dielectric Micro- and Sub-Micrometric Spacers for High-Temperature Energy Converters 1-gen-2020 Bellucci, A.; Sabbatella, G.; Girolami, M.; Mastellone, M.; Serpente, V.; Mezzi, A.; Kaciulis, S.; Paci, B.; Generosi, A.; Polini, R.; Vitulano, A.; Vivaldi, I.; Antonelli, M.; Trucchi, D. M.
Life Cycle Assessment of synthetic fuel production from renewable hydrogen: Process contribution and impact assessment considering different 2030 energy mixes 1-gen-2020 Bargiacchi, E.; Thonemann, N.; Geldermann, J.; Desideri, U.; Antonelli, M.
Life cycle assessment of synthetic natural gas production from different CO2 sources: A cradle⇂to-gate study 1-gen-2020 Bargiacchi, E.; Thonemann, N.; Geldermann, J.; Antonelli, M.; Desideri, U.
Woodchip size effect on combustion temperatures and volatiles in a small-scale fixed bed biomass boiler 1-gen-2020 Caposciutti, G.; Barontini, F.; Galletti, C.; Antonelli, M.; Tognotti, L.; Desideri, U.
A comparative assessment of Power-to-Fuel production pathways 1-gen-2019 Bargiacchi, E.; Antonelli, M.; Desideri, U.
Analysis of Balje diagrams for a Wankel expander prototype 1-gen-2019 Francesconi, M.; Dori, E.; Antonelli, M.
Biomass alcoholysis to butyl levulinate and valorisation as additive in ci internal combustion engine 1-gen-2019 Galletti, A. M. R.; Gori, S.; Caposciutti, G.; Pasini, G.; Antonelli, M.; Frigo, S.
Biomethane grid injection or biomethane liquefaction: A technical-economic analysis 1-gen-2019 Pasini, G.; Baccioli, A.; Ferrari, L.; Antonelli, M.; Frigo, S.; Desideri, U.
Complete Exploitation of Eucalyptus nitens: optimization of hydrothermal conversion of its cellulose fraction to levulinic acid and butyl levulinate 1-gen-2019 Antonetti, Claudia; Samuele, Gori; Licursi, Domenico; Frigo, Stefano; Antonelli, Marco; López Rodríguez, Mar; Carlos Parajò, Juan; RASPOLLI GALLETTI, ANNA MARIA