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A Simulation Framework for Aircraft Take-Off Considering Ground Effect Aerodynamics in Conceptual Design 1-gen-2023 Abu Salem, K.; Palaia, G.; Chiarelli, M. R.; Bianchi, M.
Design and Feasibility Study of Novel Flying Wing Carrier for Launching Small Satellites in Low Earth Orbit 1-gen-2023 Chiarelli, M. R.; Borrometi, F. B.; Cipolla, V.; Binante, V.; Abu Salem, K.; Palaia, G.
Medium-Range Aircraft Conceptual Design from a Local Air Quality and Climate Change Viewpoint 1-gen-2023 Abu Salem, K.; Palaia, G.; Quarta, A. A.; Chiarelli, M. R.
Preliminary Analysis of the Stability and Controllability of a Box-Wing Aircraft Configuration 1-gen-2023 Abu Salem, K.; Palaia, G.; Quarta, A. A.; Chiarelli, M. R.
Re-entry dynamics of the reusable stage of a space launcher: a first level model 1-gen-2023 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Carbutti, Stefano; Mariani, Gianluca; Palaia, Giuseppe; ABU SALEM, Karim
The role of pressure field dynamics on the onset of transonic aeroelastic instabilities of high aspect ratio swept wings 1-gen-2023 Chiarelli, M. R.; Bonomo, S.
An unmanned flying wing as a carrier of small launchers for satellite deployment in LEO 1-gen-2022 Borrometi, FABIANO BERNARDO; Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Cipolla, Vittorio; Binante, Vincenzo
Formulation and Experimental design of Reusable launchers through Multiple Investigations (FERMI) : preliminary study of single stage to orbit concept 1-gen-2022 Lakshminarayana, S.; Chiarelli, M. R.
Heat Conduction Plate Layout Optimization Using Physics-Driven Convolutional Neural Networks 1-gen-2022 Sun, Yang; Elhanashi, Abdussalam; Ma, Hao; Chiarelli, Mario Rosario
Role of the pressure field harmonic oscillations in the flutter and flutter-buffet phenomena of high aspect ratio swept wings 1-gen-2022 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Bonomo, Salvatore
Use of piezoelectric patches in Health Usage and Monitoring Systems: A preliminary assessment 1-gen-2022 Chiarelli, M. R.; Di Rito, G.; Luciano, B.; Miralles Irles, I. J.; Liberatori, E.; Bancallari, L.
Tools and methodologies for box-wing aircraft conceptual aerodynamic design and aeromechanic analysis 1-gen-2021 Abu Salem, Karim; Palaia, Giuseppe; Cipolla, Vittorio; Vincenzo, Binante; Davide, Zanetti; Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO
Dynamic Modelling and Experimental Characterization of a Self‐Powered Structural Health‐Monitoring System with MFC Piezoelectric Patches 1-gen-2020 Di Rito, G.; Chiarelli, M.; Luciano, B.
Use of piezoelectric actuators for thrust vectoring in ion engines: conceptual design and preliminary analysis 1-gen-2020 Doddahosahalli Nagarajaiah, Naveen K.; Neri, Guglielmo; JAYAPRAKASH CHALIYATH, Arjun; Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; DI RITO, Gianpietro
Condition monitoring of a morphing laminate with MFC piezoelectric patches via model-based approach 1-gen-2019 Di Rito, G.; Luciano, B.; Chiarelli, M. R.; Galatolo, R.
Numerical investigation into flutter and flutter-buffet phenomena for a swept wing and a curved planform wing 1-gen-2019 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Bonomo, Salvatore
CURVED PLANFORM WING AIRCRAFT: A VIEW TO THE FUTURE 1-gen-2018 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Bonomo, Salvatore; Cascinelli, Giuseppe
Aeroelastic Analysis of Wings in the Transonic Regime: Planform’s Influence on the Dynamic Instability 1-gen-2016 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Bonomo, Salvatore
Erratum to "Aeroelastic Analysis of Wings in the Transonic Regime: Planform's Influence on the Dynamic Instability" 1-gen-2016 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Bonomo, Salvatore
On the active deformations of hybrid specimens 1-gen-2016 Chiarelli, MARIO ROSARIO; Vincenzo, Binante; Stefano, Botturi; Andrea, Massai; Jan, Kunzmann; Angelo, Colbertaldo; Diego Giuseppe, Romano