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A PUF-Based Secure Boot for RISC-V Architectures 1-gen-2024 DI MATTEO, Stefano; Zulberti, Luca; Cosimo Lapenna, Federico; Nannipieri, Pietro; Crocetti, Luca; Fanucci, Luca; Saponara, Sergio
Cycle-Accurate Verification of the Cryptographic Co-Processor for the European Processor Initiative 1-gen-2024 Nannipieri, Pietro; DI MATTEO, Stefano; Crocetti, Luca; Zulberti, Luca; Fanucci, Luca; Saponara, Sergio
Design and Implementation of a Configurable Fully Compliant DVB-S2 LDPC Encoder for High Data-Rate Downlink Payload 1-gen-2024 Nannipieri, P.; Bartolacci, G.; Bertolucci, M.; Fanucci, L.
Highly-Efficient Galois Counter Mode Symmetric Encryption Core for the Space Data Link Security Protocol 1-gen-2024 Crocetti, Luca; Falaschi, Francesco; Saponara, Sergio; Fanucci, Luca
Scalable Hardware-Efficient Architecture for Frame Synchronization in High-Data-Rate Satellite Receivers 1-gen-2024 Crocetti, Luca; Pagani, Emanuele; Bertolucci, Matteo; Fanucci, Luca
Secure Data Authentication in Space Communications by High-efficient AES-CMAC Core in Space-Grade FPGA 1-gen-2024 Crocetti, Luca; Falaschi, Francesco; Saponara, Sergio; Fanucci, Luca
A Clinical Tool for Prognosis and Speech Rehabilitation in Dysarthric Patients: The DESIRE Project 1-gen-2023 Donati, Massimiliano; Bechini, Alessio; D’Anna, Clelia; Fattori, Bruno; Marini, Marco; Olivelli, Martina; Pelagatti, Susanna; Ricci, Giulia; Schirinzi, Erika; Siciliano, Gabriele; Tavosanis, Mirko; Torri, Francesca; Vanello, Nicola; Fanucci, Luca
An Intelligent System for Telemonitoring Plan Decision and Update in Covid-19 Patients 1-gen-2023 Olivelli, Martina; Donati, Massimiliano; Vianello, Annamaria; Masi, Stefano; Bechini, Alessio; Fanucci, Luca
ECG-Based Stress Detection and Productivity Factors Monitoring: The Real-Time Production Factory System 1-gen-2023 Donati, Massimiliano; Olivelli, Martina; Giovannini, Romano; Fanucci, Luca
Exploiting FPGA Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration for a Soft GPU-based System-on-Chip 1-gen-2023 Monopoli, M; Zulberti, L; Todaro, G; Nannipieri, P; Fanucci, L
Exploring Key Aspects of Soft GPGPU Computing for On-board Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Space Applications 1-gen-2023 Monopoli, M.; Zulberti, L.; Nannipieri, P.; Fanucci, L.; Moranti, S.
Fault Detection Exploiting Artificial Intelligence in Satellite Systems 1-gen-2023 Ferrante, Nicola; Giuffrida, Gianluca; Nannipieri, Pietro; Bechini, Alessio; Fanucci, Luca
FPG-AI: A Technology-Independent Framework for the Automation of CNN Deployment on FPGAs 1-gen-2023 Pacini, T; Rapuano, E; Fanucci, L
Hardware Design of an Advanced-Feature Cryptographic Tile within the European Processor Initiative 1-gen-2023 Nannipieri, Pietro; Crocetti, Luca; Di Matteo, Stefano; Fanucci, Luca; Saponara, Sergio
Highly Parameterised CGRA Architecture for Design Space Exploration of Machine Learning Applications Onboard Satellites 1-gen-2023 Zulberti, L.; Monopoli, M.; Nannipieri, P.; Fanucci, L.; Moranti, S.
Implementation of a Hash-based Secure Core for Integrity and Authentication of Data in Space Applications on Space-grade FPGAs 1-gen-2023 Crocetti, Luca; Falaschi, Francesco; Saponara, Sergio; Fanucci, Luca
Implementation Strategies for Highly-accurate and Efficient Frame Synchronization Modules in Satellite Communication Receivers 1-gen-2023 Crocetti, Luca; Pagani, Emanuele; Bertolucci, Matteo; Fanucci, Luca
Inference and Evaluation of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Microchip's Hardware Accelerator VectorBlox 1-gen-2023 Dada', M.; Zulberti, L.; Nannipieri, P.; Fanucci, L.; Moranti, S.
Remotely Controlled Electronic Goalkeeper: An Example of Improving Social Integration of Persons with and without Disabilities 1-gen-2023 Donati, Massimiliano; Pacini, Federico; Baldanzi, Luca; Turturici, Mauro; Fanucci, Luca
Review of Methodologies and Metrics for Assessing the Quality of Random Number Generators 1-gen-2023 Crocetti, L; Nannipieri, P; Di Matteo, S; Fanucci, L; Saponara, S