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Integration of nonsmooth 2-forms: From Young to Itô and Stratonovich 1-gen-2024 Alberti, G; Stepanov, E; Trevisan, D
On minimum spanning trees for random Euclidean bipartite graphs 1-gen-2023 Correddu, Mario; Trevisan, Dario
Optimal transport methods for combinatorial optimization over two random point sets 1-gen-2023 Goldman, M.; Trevisan, D.
The Wasserstein Distance of Order 1 for Quantum Spin Systems on Infinite Lattices 1-gen-2023 De Palma, G.; Trevisan, D.
Wasserstein asymptotics for the empirical measure of fractional Brownian motion on a flat torus 1-gen-2023 Huesmann, M.; Mattesini, F.; Trevisan, D.
Infinite multidimensional scaling for metric measure spaces 1-gen-2022 Kroshnin, A.; Stepanov, E.; Trevisan, D.
Lie brackets of nonsmooth vector fields and commutation of their flows 1-gen-2022 Rigoni, C.; Stepanov, E.; Trevisan, D.
On exterior differential systems involving differentials of Hölder functions 1-gen-2022 Stepanov, Eugene; Trevisan, Dario
On the quadratic random matching problem in two-dimensional domains 1-gen-2022 Ambrosio, L.; Goldman, M.; Trevisan, D.
Convergence of asymptotic costs for random Euclidean matching problems 1-gen-2021 Goldman, Michael; Trevisan, Dario
Quantum Optimal Transport with Quantum Channels 1-gen-2021 De Palma, G.; Trevisan, D.
The Quantum Wasserstein Distance of Order 1 1-gen-2021 De Palma, G.; Marvian, M.; Trevisan, D.; Lloyd, S.
Towards Geometric Integration of Rough Differential Forms 1-gen-2020 Stepanov, E.; Trevisan, D.
A Benamou-Brenier formulation of martingale optimal transport 1-gen-2019 Huesmann, M.; Trevisan, D.
On the optimal map in the 2-dimensional random matching problem 1-gen-2019 Ambrosio, L.; Glaudo, F.; Trevisan, D.
A PDE approach to a 2-dimensional matching problem 1-gen-2018 Ambrosio, Luigi; Stra, Federico; Trevisan, Dario
A rough calculus approach to level sets in the Heisenberg group 1-gen-2018 Magnani, Valentino; Stepanov, Eugene; Trevisan, Dario
Gaussian optimizers for entropic inequalities in quantum information 1-gen-2018 De Palma, Giacomo; Trevisan, Dario; Giovannetti, Vittorio; Ambrosio, Luigi
Lusin-type approximation of Sobolev by Lipschitz functions, in Gaussian and RCD(K,∞) spaces 1-gen-2018 Ambrosio, Luigi; Brue', Elia; Trevisan, Dario
On Lipschitz vector fields and the Cauchy problem in homogeneous groups 1-gen-2018 Magnani, Valentino; Trevisan, Dario