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Combining Different Wearable Devices to Assess Gait Speed in Real-World Settings 1-gen-2024 Zanoletti, Michele; Bufano, Pasquale; Bossi, Francesco; Di Rienzo, Francesco; Marinai, Carlotta; Rho, Gianluca; Vallati, Carlo; Carbonaro, Nicola; Greco, Alberto; Laurino, Marco; Tognetti, Alessandro
Energy-efficient Orchestration Strategies for Function-as-a-Service Platforms 1-gen-2024 Righetti, Francesca; Tonellotto, Nicola; Barsanti, Nicola; Vallati, Carlo
LASA-R: Location-Aware Scheduling Algorithm With Rescheduling for Industrial IoT Networks With Mobile Nodes 1-gen-2024 Pettorali, Marco; Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Das, Sajal K.; Anastasi, Giuseppe
Mobility Management in TSCH-based Industrial Wireless Networks 1-gen-2024 Pettorali, Marco; Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Das, Sajal K.; Anastasi, Giuseppe
Preliminary Assessment of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Accuracy for the Monitoring of Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability Parameters 1-gen-2024 Rho, G.; Di Rienzo, F.; Marinai, C.; Giannetti, F.; Arcarisi, L.; Bufano, P.; Zanoletti, M.; Righetti, F.; Vallati, C.; Laurino, M.; Carbonaro, N.; Tognetti, A.; Greco, A.
Smart Sensors for Daily-Life Data Collection Toward Precision and Personalized Medicine: The TOLIFE Project Approach 1-gen-2024 Carbonaro, N.; Laurino, M.; Greco, A.; Marinai, C.; Giannetti, F.; Righetti, F.; Di Rienzo, F.; Rho, G.; Arcarisi, L.; Zanoletti, M.; Bufano, P.; Tesconi, M.; Sgambelluri, N.; Menicucci, D.; Vallati, C.; Tognetti, A.
Using Multiple Devices for Patient Monitoring in Clinical Studies: The TOLIFE Experience 1-gen-2024 Di Rienzo, Francesco; Righetti, Francesca; Laurino, Marco; Greco, Alberto; Marinai, Carlotta; Di Mambro, Irene; Melissa, Eleonora; Carbonaro, Nicola; Bossi, Francesco; Rho, Gianluca; Arcarisi, Lucia; Zanoletti, Michele; Bufano, Pasquale; Tognetti, Alessandro; Vallati, Carlo
Energy-Efficient Resource Management for Real-Time Applications in FaaS Edge Computing Platforms 1-gen-2023 Vahabi, Shahrokh; Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Tonellotto, Nicola
Investigating the CoAP Congestion Control Strategies for 6TiSCH-Based IoT Networks 1-gen-2023 Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo; Rasla, Davide; Anastasi, Giuseppe
LASA: Location-Aware Scheduling Algorithm in Industrial IoT Networks with Mobile Nodes 1-gen-2023 Pettorali, M; Righetti, F; Vallati, C; Das, Sk; Anastasi, G
Method for protecting payload data 1-gen-2023 Lenzarini, Davide; LA MANNA, Michele; Vallati, Carlo; Xefraj, Riccardo; Perazzo, Pericle
Short-Range Localization via Bluetooth Using Machine Learning Techniques for Industrial Production Monitoring 1-gen-2023 Di Rienzo, F.; Madonna, A.; Carbonaro, N.; Tognetti, A.; Virdis, A.; Vallati, C.
A Sensorized High Heel Footwear for Gait Analysis 1-gen-2022 Giannetti, Francesca; Arcarisi, Lucia; Marinai, Carlotta; Di Rienzo, Francesco; Vallati, Carlo; Carbonaro, Nicola; Tognetti, Alessandro
A Smart System for Personal Protective Equipment Detection in Industrial Environments Based on Deep Learning at the Edge 1-gen-2022 Gallo, G; Di Rienzo, F; Garzelli, F; Ducange, P; Vallati, C
A Workflow for Designing an On-line Supervisor for Cyber-Physical Systems: a Case Study 1-gen-2022 Palmieri, M.; Vallati, C.; Anastasi, G.; Bernardeschi, C.
Assessing the Feasibility of Exploiting Edge Computing for Real-Time Monitoring of Flash Floods 1-gen-2022 Righetti, F; Vallati, C; Tubak, Ak; Roy, N; Basnyat, B; Anastasi, G
Demo: An On-line Supervisor for the Line Follower Robot 1-gen-2022 Palmieri, M.; Vallati, C.; Anastasi, G.; Bernardeschi, C.
Exploiting Resistive Matrix Technology to Build a Stretchable Sensorised Sock for Gait Analysis in Daily Life 1-gen-2022 Carbonaro, Nicola; Arcarisi, Lucia; Marinai, Carlotta; Laurino, Marco; DI RIENZO, Francesco; Vallati, Carlo; Tognetti, Alessandro
Latency-Energy Tradeoffs in Federated Learning on Resource Constrained Edge Computing Systems 1-gen-2022 Pampaloni, S.; Tonellotto, N.; Vallati, C.
Mobile6TiSCH: a Simulator for 6TiSCH-based Industrial IoT Networks with Mobile Nodes 1-gen-2022 Pettorali, Marco; Righetti, Francesca; Vallati, Carlo