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A Computational Framework for Environment-Aware Robotic Manipulation Planning 1-gen-2018 Gabiccini, Marco; Artoni, Alessio; Pannocchia, Gabriele; Gillis, J.
A computational framework to explore optimality in human movement 1-gen-2020 Tomasi, Matilde; Artoni, Alessio
A computational strategy for trajectory optimization of underactuated multibody systems with contacts 1-gen-2016 Manara, Silvia; Artoni, Alessio; Gabiccini, Marco
A hybrid analytical/Boolean approach to the generation of rack and pinion drives with variable transmission ratio 1-gen-2021 Grabovic, E.; Gabiccini, M.; Artoni, A.
A methodology for simulation-based, multiobjective gear design optimization 1-gen-2019 Artoni, Alessio
A Model for the Prediction of Frictional Power Losses in Hypoid Gears 1-gen-2022 Grabovic, E.; Ciulli, E.; Artoni, A.; Gabiccini, M.
A regularization method for hypoid gear synthesis using the invariant approach 1-gen-2007 Gabiccini, Marco; Artoni, Alessio; DI PUCCIO, Francesca; Guiggiani, Massimo
A Two-Stage Trajectory Optimization Strategy for Articulated Bodies with Unscheduled Contact Sequences 1-gen-2017 Marcucci, Tobia; Gabiccini, Marco; Artoni, Alessio
An ease-off based optimization of the loaded transmission error of hypoid gears 1-gen-2010 Artoni, Alessio; Kolivand, M.; Kahraman, A.
Caring about the human operator: haptic shared control for enhanced user comfort in robotic telemanipulation 1-gen-2020 Rahal, Rahaf; Matarese, Giulia; Gabiccini, Marco; Artoni, Alessio; Prattichizzo, Domenico; Robuffo Giordano, Paolo; Pacchierotti, Claudio
Combination of musculoskeletal and wear models to investigate the effect of daily living activities on wear of hip prostheses 1-gen-2021 Mattei, L.; Tomasi, M.; Artoni, A.; Ciulli, E.; Di Puccio, F.
Computerized generation, simulation of meshing and advanced contact stress analysis of spiral bevel gears via a new approach 1-gen-2005 Artoni, Alessio; Gabiccini, Marco; DI PUCCIO, Francesca; Guiggiani, Massimo; Facchini, M.
Direct derivation of the dynamic regressors for serial manipulators with mixed rigidelastic joints 1-gen-2011 Gabiccini, Marco; Bracci, A; Artoni, Alessio
Ease-off based compensation of tooth surface deviations for spiral bevel and hypoid gears: only the pinion needs corrections 1-gen-2013 Artoni, Alessio; Gabiccini, Marco; Kolivand, M.
Friction-Induced Efficiency Losses and Wear Evolution in Hypoid Gears 1-gen-2022 Grabovic, E.; Artoni, A.; Gabiccini, M.; Guiggiani, M.; Mattei, L.; Di Puccio, F.; Ciulli, E.
Geometric contact pattern estimation for gear drives 1-gen-2009 Bracci, A.; Gabiccini, Marco; Artoni, Alessio; Guiggiani, Massimo
Global meshless solutions for elasticity problems with direct enforcement of boundary constraints 1-gen-2011 Bracci, A; Gabiccini, Marco; Artoni, Alessio; Guiggiani, Massimo
Grinding face-hobbed hypoid gears through full exploitation of 6-axis hypoid generators 1-gen-2014 Artoni, Alessio; Gabiccini, Marco; Guiggiani, Massimo
Holistic Optimal Design of Face-Milled Hypoid Gearsets 1-gen-2022 Grabovic, Eugeniu; Artoni, Alessio; Gabiccini, Marco
Identification of Motor Control Objectives in Human Locomotion via Multi-Objective Inverse Optimal Control 1-gen-2023 Tomasi, Matilde; Artoni, Alessio