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The 2008–2010 subsidence of dallol volcano on the spreading erta ale ridge: Insar observations and source models 1-gen-2021 Battaglia, M.; Pagli, C.; Meuti, S.
Across and along-strike crustal structure variations of the western Afar margin and adjacent plateau: Insights from receiver functions analysis 1-gen-2022 Ahmed, Abdulhakim; Doubre, Cecile; Leroy, Sylvie; Keir, Derek; Pagli, Carolina; Hammond, James O. S.; Ayele, Atalay; Be de Berc, Maxime; Grunberg, Marc; Vergne, Jerome; Pestourie, Romain; Mamo, Daniel; Kibret, Birhanu; Cubas, Nadaya; Lavayssi(`(e))re, Aude; Janowski, Marianne; Lenglin('(e)), Olivier; LA ROSA, Alessandro; Chambers, Emma L.; Illsley-Kemp, Finnigan
The Afar triple junction accommodation zone from InSAR derived strain and seismicity 1-gen-2015 Pagli, Carolina; Ebinger, Cynthia J.; Keir, Derek; Wang, Hua
ANALYSIS OF EARTHQUAKE SWARMS IN THE NORTHERN MAIN ETHIOPIAN RIFT 1-gen-2020 Raggiunti, Martina; Keir, Derek; Pagli, Carolina; Lavayssière, Aude
Analysis of fluid induced earthquake swarms in Northern Main Ethiopian Rift 1-gen-2022 Raggiunti, Martina; Keir, Derek; Pagli, Carolina; Lavayssi(`(e))re, Aude
Analysis of high-resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the Afrera Plain (Afar) reveals relationship between magmatism and tectonics in a rift transfer zone 1-gen-2022 LA ROSA, Alessandro; Pagli, Carolina; Hurman, Gareth; Keir, Derek
Anomalously deep earthquakes in the March 2018 swarm along the Western Margin of Afar 1-gen-2020 La Rosa, Alessandro; Doubre, Cecile; Pagli, Carolina; Sani, Federico; Corti, Giacomo; Leroy, Sylvie; Ahmed, Abdulhakim; Ayele, Atalay; Keir, Derek
Central Iceland 2002 - GPS/GNSS Observations Dataset 1-gen-2020 Einarsson, Páll; Pagli, Carolina; Sturkell, Erik; Ólafsson, Halldór; Sigmundsson, Freysteinn
Climate effects on volcanism: influence on magmatic systems of loading and unloading from ice mass variations, with examples from Iceland 1-gen-2010 Sigmundsson, F.; Pinel, V.; Lund, B.; Albino, F.; Pagli, Carolina; Geirsson, H.; Sturkell, E.
Complex strain accommodation mechanisms during rift linkage: an example from the central Afar, East Africa 1-gen-2022 Muluneh, Ameha; Brune, Sascha; Kidane, Tesfaye; Pagli, Carolina; Keir, Derek; Corti, Giacomo
The continued 2008-2010 subsidence of Dallol on the spreading Erta Ale ridge: InSAR observations and source models 1-gen-2021 Battaglia, Maurizio; Pagli, Carolina; Meuti, Stefano
Crustal deformation associated with the 1996 Gjalp subglacial eruption, Iceland: InSAR studies in affected areas adjacent to the Vatnajokull ice cap 1-gen-2007 Pagli, Carolina; F., Sigmundsson; R., Pedersen; P., Einarsson; T., Arnadottir; K., Feigl
Current plate boundary deformation of the Afar rift from a 3-D velocity field inversion of InSAR and GPS 1-gen-2014 Pagli, Carolina; Hua, Wang; Tim J., Wright; Eric, Calais; Elias, Lewi
Deflation of the Askja volcanic system: Constraints on the deformation source from combined inversion of satellite radar interferograms and GPS measurements 1-gen-2006 Pagli, Carolina; F., Sigmundsson; T., Arnadottir; P., Einarsson; E., Sturkell
Deformation and eruption forecasting at volcanoes under retreating ice caps: Discriminating signs of magma inflow and ice unloading at Grimsvotn and Katla volcanoes, Iceland 1-gen-2004 Freysteinn, Sigmundsson; Sturkell, Erik; Pinel, Virginie; Einarsson, Pall; Pedersen, Rikke; Geirsson, Halldor; Tumi Gudmundsson, Magnus; Bjornsson, Helgi; Pagli, Carolina
The development of extension and magmatism in the Red Sea rift of Afar 1-gen-2013 D., Keir; I. D., Bastow; Pagli, Carolina; E. L., Chambers
Development of Fault-induced Sinkhole in a Seismic Zone of the Italian Apennines 1-gen-2019 Pagli, Carolina; LA ROSA, Alessandro; Molli, Giancarlo; Francesco, Casu; Claudio De Luca, ; Amerino, Pieroni; D'AMATO AVANZI, GIACOMO ALFREDO
Dike-fault interaction during the 2004 Dallol intrusion at the northern edge of the Erta Ale Ridge (Afar, Ethiopia) 1-gen-2012 A., Nobile; Pagli, Carolina; D., Keir; T. J., Wright; A., Ayele; J., Ruch; V., Acocella
Diverse pattern of strain at the Afar triple junction 1-gen-2015 Pagli, C.; Ebinger, C.; Keir, Derek; Wang, Hua
Does the lava lake of Erta 'Ale volcano respond to regional magmatic and tectonic events? An investigation using Earth Observation data 1-gen-2016 Barnie, T. D.; Oppenheimer, C.; Pagli, Carolina