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Constraints on ground deformation processes at the Tulu Moye volcanic complex, Main Ethiopian Rift 1-gen-2023 Kebede, Ba; Pagli, C; Sigmundsson, F; Keir, D; La Rosa, A; Guobrandsson, S
Editorial: InSAR for volcanoes and tectonics 1-gen-2023 Pagli, C.; Wang, H.; Socquet, A.; Drouin, V.
Evidence of Fluid Induced Earthquake Swarms From High Resolution Earthquake Relocation in the Main Ethiopian Rift 1-gen-2023 Raggiunti, M.; Keir, D.; Pagli, C.; Lavayssiere, A.
Extensional Earthquakes in the Absence of Magma in Northern Afar: Insights From InSAR 1-gen-2023 La Rosa, A; Raggiunti, M; Pagli, C; Keir, D; Wang, H; Ayele, A
Magmatic evolution during proto-oceanic rifting at Alu, Dalafilla and Borale Volcanoes (Afar) determined by trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb isotope geochemistry 1-gen-2023 Watts, Emma J.; Gernon, Thomas M.; Taylor, Rex N.; Keir, Derek; Pagli, Carolina
The spatial and volcanic evolution of Ayelu, Abida and Yangudi volcanoes in the Northern Main Ethiopian Rift – Southern Afar, Ethiopia 1-gen-2023 Rees, Rhiannon; Gernon, Thomas M.; Keir, Derek; Taylor, Rex N.; Pagli, Carolina
Using Deep Learning and Radar Backscatter for Mapping River Water Surface 1-gen-2023 Orlandi, Diana; Galatolo, Federico; Cimino, Mario; Pagli, Carolina; Perilli, Nicola; Pompeu, Joao; Ruiz, Itxaso
Across and along-strike crustal structure variations of the western Afar margin and adjacent plateau: Insights from receiver functions analysis 1-gen-2022 Ahmed, Abdulhakim; Doubre, Cecile; Leroy, Sylvie; Keir, Derek; Pagli, Carolina; Hammond, James O. S.; Ayele, Atalay; Be de Berc, Maxime; Grunberg, Marc; Vergne, Jerome; Pestourie, Romain; Mamo, Daniel; Kibret, Birhanu; Cubas, Nadaya; Lavayssi(`(e))re, Aude; Janowski, Marianne; Lenglin('(e)), Olivier; LA ROSA, Alessandro; Chambers, Emma L.; Illsley-Kemp, Finnigan
Analysis of fluid induced earthquake swarms in Northern Main Ethiopian Rift 1-gen-2022 Raggiunti, Martina; Keir, Derek; Pagli, Carolina; Lavayssi(`(e))re, Aude
Analysis of high-resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the Afrera Plain (Afar) reveals relationship between magmatism and tectonics in a rift transfer zone 1-gen-2022 LA ROSA, Alessandro; Pagli, Carolina; Hurman, Gareth; Keir, Derek
Complex strain accommodation mechanisms during rift linkage: an example from the central Afar, East Africa 1-gen-2022 Muluneh, Ameha; Brune, Sascha; Kidane, Tesfaye; Pagli, Carolina; Keir, Derek; Corti, Giacomo
Constraints on the Magma Source and Rift Evolution From Geochemistry of the Stratoid Flood Basalts (Afar, Ethiopia) 1-gen-2022 Tortelli, G; Gioncada, A; Pagli, C; Braschi, E; Gebru, Ef; Keir, D
Enhancing land subsidence awareness via InSAR data and Deep Transformers 1-gen-2022 Orlandi, D.; Galatolo, F. A.; Cimino, M. G. C. A.; La Rosa, A.; Pagli, C.; Perilli, N.
Strain Accommodation by Intrusion and Faulting in a Rift Linkage Zone: Evidences From High‐Resolution Topography Data of the Afrera Plain (Afar, East Africa) 1-gen-2022 LA ROSA, Alessandro; Pagli, Carolina; Hurman, Gareth L.; Keir, Derek
Stratoids flood basalt volcanism at the Afar rift: new insights from trace elements geochemistry 1-gen-2022 Tortelli, Gianmaria; Gioncada, Anna; Pagli, Carolina; Braschi, Eleonora; Gebru, Ermias; Keir, Derek
Evidence of active magmatic rifting at the Ma’Alalta volcanic field (Afar, Ethiopia) 1-gen-2021 Tortelli, Gianmaria; Gioncada, Anna; Pagli, Carolina; Rosi, Mauro; De Dosso, Laura; Keir, Derek
Lower Crustal Earthquakes in the March 2018 Sequence Along the Western Margin of Afar 1-gen-2021 La Rosa, A.; Keir, D.; Doubre, C.; Sani, F.; Corti, G.; Leroy, S.; Ayele, A.; Pagli, C.
Mapping Hydrothermal Alteration at the Fentale-Dofan Magmatic Segment of the Main Ethiopian Rift 1-gen-2021 Raggiunti, M.; Keir, D.; Pagli, C.
Plate‐Boundary Kinematics of the Afrera Linkage Zone (Afar) From InSAR and Seismicity 1-gen-2021 La Rosa, Alessandro; Pagli, Carolina; Wang, Hua; Doubre, Cecile; Leroy, Sylvie; Sani, Federico; Corti, Giacomo; Ayele, Atalay; Keir, Derek
Study of the structure of the lithosphere from the continental plateau of western Ethiopia to the active Afar rift (RESIF-SISMOB) [Data set]. RESIF - Réseau Sismologique et géodésique Français. 1-gen-2021 Doubre, C.; Leroy, S.; Keir, D.; Pagli, C.