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A calibration bench to validate systematic error compensation strategies in hole drilling measurements 1-gen-2022 Beghini, M.; Grossi, T.; Santus, C.; Valentini, E.
A computationally fast and accurate procedure for the identification of the Chaboche isotropic-kinematic hardening model parameters based on strain-controlled cycles and asymptotic ratcheting rate 1-gen-2023 Santus, C.; Grossi, T.; Romanelli, L.; Pedranz, M.; Benedetti, M.
A dynamic model combining the average and the local meshing stiffnesses and based on the static transmission error for spur gears with profile modification 1-gen-2023 Abruzzo, M.; Beghini, M.; Santus, C.; Presicce, F.
A fretting fatigue setup for testing shrink-fit connections and experimental evidence of the strength enhancement induced by deep rolling 1-gen-2016 Bertini, Leonardo; Santus, Ciro; Merlo, A.; Bandini, M.
A method to define profile modification of spur gear and minimize the transmission error 1-gen-2004 Beghini, Marco; Presicce, F.; Santus, Ciro
A new energy based highly stressed volume concept to investigate the notch-pores interaction in thick-walled ductile cast iron subjected to uniaxial fatigue 1-gen-2023 Pedranz, M.; Fontanari, V.; Raghavendra, S.; Santus, C.; Zanini, F.; Carmignato, S.; Lusuardi, D.; Berto, F.; Benedetti, M.
A novel Strain-Energy-Density based fatigue criterion accounting for mean stress and plasticity effects on the medium-to-high-cycle uniaxial fatigue strength of plain and notched components 1-gen-2020 Benedetti, M.; Berto, F.; Le Bone, L.; Santus, C.
A procedure for evaluating high residual stresses using the blind hole drilling method, including the effect of plasticity 1-gen-2010 Beghini, Marco; Bertini, Leonardo; Santus, Ciro
An application of the weight function technique to inclined surface cracks under rolling contact fatigue, assessment and parametric analysis 1-gen-2013 Beghini, Marco; Santus, Ciro
Analisi del contatto di bordo in ingranaggi cilindrici 1-gen-2005 Pinto, V.; Santus, Ciro
Analysis of the contact between cubic profiles 1-gen-2004 Beghini, Marco; Santus, Ciro
Analysis of the plane contact with discontinuous curvature 1-gen-2007 Beghini, Marco; Santus, Ciro
Analytical investigation of the SAFE diagram for bladed wheels, numerical and experimental validation 1-gen-2014 Bertini, Leonardo; Neri, Paolo; Santus, Ciro; Guglielmo, A; Mariotti, G.
Automated Experimental Modal Analysis of Bladed Wheels with an Anthropomorphic Robotic Station 1-gen-2017 Bertini, L.; Neri, P.; Santus, C.; Guglielmo., A.
Bandpass high frequency blisk vibration measurements by down-sampled stereo-DIC acquisitions 1-gen-2022 Neri, Paolo; Paoli, Alessandro; Santus, Ciro
Bending Fatigue Tests on Full-scale Drill Pipe Connections Used for Oil Drilling 1-gen-2009 Santus, Ciro; Bertini, Leonardo; Beghini, Marco; Merlo, A.; Baryshinikov, A.
Bending Test Rig for Validating the Hole Drilling Method Residual Stress Measurement 1-gen-2014 Valentini, E.; Benincasa, A.; Santus, Ciro
Building the Kitagawa-Takahashi diagram of flawed materials and components using an optimized V-notched cylindrical specimen 1-gen-2020 Benedetti, M.; Santus, C.
Caratterizzazione a fatica di una lega di alluminio per aste di perforazione petrolifere 1-gen-2005 Beghini, Marco; Bertini, Leonardo; Lucifora, M.; Santus, Ciro
Comportamento a fatica ad alta temperatura di palette di turbina a gas 1-gen-2018 Monelli, b. d.; Macoretta, G.; Beghini, M.; Bertini, L.; Santus, C.; Scrinzi, E.; Pieroni, N.