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A New 1,3,4-Oxadiazole-Based Hole-Transport Material for Efficient CH3NH3PbBr3 Perovskite Solar Cells 1-gen-2016 Carli, Stefano; Baena, Juan Pablo Correa; Marianetti, Giulia; Marchetti, Nicola; Lessi, Marco; Abate, Antonio; Caramori, Stefano; Grätzel, Michael; Bellina, Fabio; Bignozzi, Carlo Alberto; Hagfeldt, Anders
Achievement of regioselectivity in transition metal-catalyzed direct C–H (hetero)arylation reactions of heteroarenes with one heteroatom through the use of removable protecting/blocking substituents or traceless directing groups 1-gen-2016 Rossi, Renzo; Lessi, Marco; Manzini, Chiara; Marianetti, Giulia; Bellina, Fabio
Alkenylation Reactions of Heteroarenes by Transition-Metal Catalysts 1-gen-2010 Bellina, Fabio; Rossi, R; Lessi, Marco
Anticancer effects of novel resveratrol analogues on human ovarian cancer cells 1-gen-2017 Vergara, Daniele; De Domenico, Stefania; Tinelli, Andrea; Stanca, Eleonora; Del Mercato, Loretta L; Giudetti, Anna M; Simeone, Pasquale; Guazzelli, Nicola; Lessi, Marco; Manzini, Chiara; Santino, Angelo; Bellina, Fabio; Maffia, Michele
Autohydrolysis pretreatment of Arundo donax: A comparison between microwave-assisted batch and fast heating rate flow-through reaction systems 1-gen-2015 Galia, Alessandro; Schiavo, Benedetto; Antonetti, Claudia; RASPOLLI GALLETTI, ANNA MARIA; Interrante, Leonardo; Lessi, Marco; Scialdone, Onofrio; Valenti, Maria Grazia
Azo-aromatic functionalized polyethylene by nitroxide radical coupling (NRC) reaction: Preparation and photo-physical properties 1-gen-2016 Cicogna, Francesca; Domenichelli, Ilaria; Coiai, Serena; Bellina, Fabio; Lessi, Marco; Spiniello, Roberto; Passaglia, Elisa
Boosting the NIR reflective properties of perylene organic coatings with thermoplastic hollow microspheres: Optical and structural properties by a multi-technique approach 1-gen-2020 Minei, P.; Lessi, M.; Contiero, L.; Borsacchi, S.; Martini, F.; Ruggeri, G.; Geppi, M.; Bellina, F.; Pucci, A.
Catalytic Synthesis of 1,2,4,5-Tetrasubstituted-1H-imidazole Derivatives: State of the Art 1-gen-2018 Rossi, Renzo; Angelici, Gaetano; Casotti, Gianluca; Manzini, Chiara; Lessi, Marco
Chapter 4 - Synthesis and Biological Profiles of 4,5-, 1,5-, and 1,2-Diaryl-1H-imidazoles 1-gen-2018 Lessi, Marco; Bellina, Fabio; Renzo, Rossi; Manzini, Chiara
Chiral ionic liquid-mediated photochirogenesis. Enantiodifferentiating photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylic acid 1-gen-2011 Fukuhara, Gaku; Okazaki, Takashiro; Lessi, Marco; Nishijma, Masaki; Yang, Cheng; Mori, Tadashi; Mele, Andrea; Bellina, Fabio; Chiappe, Cinzia; Inoue, Yoshihisa
Colourless p-phenylene-spaced bis-azoles for luminescent concentrators 1-gen-2016 Bellina, Fabio; Manzini, Chiara; Marianetti, Giulia; Pezzetta, Cristofer; Fanizza, Elisabetta; Lessi, Marco; Minei, Pierpaolo; Barone, Vincenzo; Pucci, Andrea
Computational Design, Synthesis, and Mechanochromic Properties of New Thiophene-Based pi-Conjugated Chromophores 1-gen-2013 G., Prampolini; Bellina, Fabio; M., Biczysko; Cappelli, Chiara; L., Carta; Lessi, Marco; Pucci, Andrea; Ruggeri, Giacomo; V., Barone
COOLSUN: a preliminary study of “cool” properties of organic pigments 1-gen-2018 Minei, P.; Lessi, M.; Geppi, M.; Biver, T.; Angelici, G.; Ruggeri, G.; Pucci, A.; Bellina, F.
CoolSun: organic paints for cool buildings 1-gen-2019 Minei, P.; Pucci, A.; Ruggeri, G.; Lessi, M.; Bellina, F.; Maraviglia, B.; Pallesi, A.; Contiero, L.
COOLSUN: Studio preliminare sulle proprietà “cool” dei pigmenti organici 1-gen-2018 Minei, Pierpaolo; Lessi, Marco; Geppi, Marco; Biver, Tarita; Angelici, Gaetano; Ruggeri, Giacomo; Pucci, Andrea; Bellina, Fabio
Cross-Coupling of Heteroarenes by C-H Functionalization: Recent Progress towards Direct Arylation and Heteroarylation Reactions Involving Heteroarenes Containing One Heteroatom 1-gen-2014 Renzo, Rossi; Bellina, Fabio; Lessi, Marco; Manzini, Chiara
Development and applications of highly selective palladium-catalyzed monocoupling reactions of (cyclo)alkenes and 1,3-alkadienes bearing two or three electrophilic sites and bis(enol triflates) with terminal alkynes 1-gen-2013 Rossi, R.; Bellina, Fabio; Lessi, Marco; Manzini, Chiara
Direct (Hetero)arylation Reactions of (Hetero)arenes as Tools for the Step- and Atom-Economical Synthesis of Biologically Active Unnatural Compounds Including Pharmaceutical Targets 1-gen-2016 Rossi, Renzo; Lessi, Marco; Manzini, Chiara; Marianetti, Giulia; Bellina, Fabio
Highly regioselective C-5 alkynylation of imidazoles by one-pot sequential bromination and Sonogashira cross coupling 1-gen-2015 Bellina, Fabio; Lessi, Marco; Marianetti, Giulia; Panattoni, Alessandro
Highly Selective Palladium-Catalyzed Direct C-H α-Monoarylation of Carbonyl Compounds using Water Containing the Surfactant Polyoxyethylene-α-Tocopheryl Sebacate (PTS) as a Solvent 1-gen-2011 Bellina, Fabio; Lessi, Marco; Masini, T; Nucara, L; Rossi, R.