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NA - Nord America 5.294
EU - Europa 2.009
AS - Asia 671
AF - Africa 96
SA - Sud America 16
OC - Oceania 11
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
Totale 8.099
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 5.172
IT - Italia 940
CN - Cina 366
SE - Svezia 323
BG - Bulgaria 256
DE - Germania 124
CA - Canada 119
GB - Regno Unito 117
VN - Vietnam 95
KR - Corea 59
CI - Costa d'Avorio 56
FR - Francia 39
SG - Singapore 39
FI - Finlandia 37
BE - Belgio 34
IN - India 31
TR - Turchia 31
UA - Ucraina 27
SN - Senegal 25
AT - Austria 24
CH - Svizzera 18
RU - Federazione Russa 17
IR - Iran 12
AU - Australia 11
BR - Brasile 11
NL - Olanda 11
MY - Malesia 10
ES - Italia 9
HK - Hong Kong 9
EG - Egitto 8
RO - Romania 8
NG - Nigeria 7
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 5
IL - Israele 5
HU - Ungheria 4
ID - Indonesia 4
IE - Irlanda 4
JP - Giappone 3
CL - Cile 2
DK - Danimarca 2
EU - Europa 2
LT - Lituania 2
MX - Messico 2
NO - Norvegia 2
PT - Portogallo 2
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 2
UY - Uruguay 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
CR - Costa Rica 1
EC - Ecuador 1
GR - Grecia 1
KZ - Kazakistan 1
LA - Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos 1
PH - Filippine 1
PL - Polonia 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
TH - Thailandia 1
TW - Taiwan 1
Totale 8.099
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Fairfield 693
Woodbridge 669
Houston 440
Ann Arbor 392
Chandler 389
Seattle 286
Ashburn 283
Sofia 256
Cambridge 233
Wilmington 214
Milan 171
Princeton 154
Beijing 129
Lawrence 113
Ottawa 100
Medford 99
Serra 72
Boulder 68
Des Moines 63
Nanjing 58
Abidjan 56
Florence 52
Dearborn 49
Frankfurt am Main 41
Redwood City 41
Jacksonville 40
Lancaster 39
San Diego 39
Rome 37
Norwalk 35
London 30
Brussels 28
Dong Ket 26
Dakar 25
Izmir 21
Vienna 19
Hebei 18
Nanchang 18
Washington 17
Hangzhou 15
Livorno 14
Kunming 13
Shanghai 13
Changsha 12
Shenyang 12
Bern 11
Latina 11
Pisa 11
Dallas 10
Guangzhou 10
Jüchen 10
Tianjin 10
Atlanta 9
Napoli 9
Bremen 8
Jiaxing 8
Pinerolo 8
Falls Church 7
Istanbul 7
Lagos 7
Manduria 7
Phoenix 7
Cagliari 6
Catania 6
Gallarate 6
Marseille 6
Tabriz 6
Torre Annunziata 6
Trieste 6
Bologna 5
Fuzhou 5
Hackensack 5
Hefei 5
Lequile 5
Torino 5
Council Bluffs 4
Fano 4
Grafing 4
Los Angeles 4
Nanning 4
Naples 4
New York 4
Ponte San Pietro 4
San Francisco 4
Seoul 4
São Paulo 4
Tampa 4
Turin 4
Wenzhou 4
Zhenjiang 4
Budapest 3
Center 3
Central District 3
Cernobbio 3
Chicago 3
Cosenza 3
Easton 3
Edinburgh 3
Ferrara 3
Fucecchio 3
Totale 5.904
Nome #
ARIANNA: un Ambiente di Ricerca Interdisciplinare per l’Analisi di Neuroimmagini Nell’Autismo 173
Child Behavior Check List 1??5 as a tool to identify toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A case-control study 167
Gut to brain interaction in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A randomized controlled trial on the role of probiotics on clinical, biochemical and neurophysiological parameters 156
Identificazione dei bambini con autismo ad un anno di età: uno studio con la forma retrospettiva del First Year Inventory (FYI) 145
Are children born after assisted reproductive technology at increased risk of autism spectrum disorders? A systematic review. 141
The broad autism phenotype in real-life: clinical and functional correlates of autism spectrum symptoms and rumination among parents of patients with autism spectrum disorder 141
ARIANNA: A research environment for neuroimaging studies in autism spectrum disorders 136
Application of the Repetitive Behavior Scale-Revised - Italian version - in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder 133
Structural MRI Does Not Support the DSM-5 Unification of the DSM-IV-TR Autism Spectrum Diagnoses 131
White matter connectivity in children with Autism spectrum disorders: a tract-based spatial statistics study 129
Serological screening for Celiac Disease in 382 pre-schoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder 125
Selective cognitive empathy deficit in adolescents with restrictive anorexia nervosa. 123
on the application of quantitative EEG for characterizing autistic brain: a systematic review 120
Lateralization of Brain Networks and Clinical Severity in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A HARDI Diffusion MRI Study 119
An integrated approach for the monitoring of brain and autonomic response of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders during treatment by wearable technologies 118
The first 1000 days of the autistic brain: A systematic review of diffusion imaging studies 117
Cortical and Subcortical Brain Morphometry Differences Between Patients With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Healthy Individuals Across the Lifespan: Results From the ENIGMA ASD Working Group 114
Temporal lobe connects regression and macrocephaly to autism spectrum disorders 113
Disentangling the initiation from the response in joint attention: An eye-tracking study in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders 112
The Broad Autism (Endo)Phenotype: Neurostructural and Neurofunctional Correlates in Parents of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders 112
Olfactory Processing in Male Children with Autism: Atypical Odor Threshold and Identification 105
The CBCL 1.5-5 and the identification of preschoolers with autism in Italy 104
Neuropsychological profile in high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders 103
null 102
High angular resolution diffusion imaging in a child with autism spectrum disorder and comparison with his unaffected identical twin 102
Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in a large Italian catchment area: A school-based population study within the ASDEU project 101
Altered structural brain asymmetry in autism spectrum disorder in a study of 54 datasets 101
Gastrointestinal symptoms and behavioral problems in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder 100
One-class support vector machines identify the language and default mode regions as common patterns of structural alterations in young children with autism spectrum disorders 100
Brain Network Organization Correlates with Autistic Features in Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorders and in Their Fathers: Preliminary Data from a DWI Analysis 99
Gray Matter Alterations in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Comparing Morphometry at the Voxel and Regional Level 97
Brain anatomy of autism spectrum disorders II. Focus on amygdala 97
The impact of internalizing symptoms on autistic traits in adolescents with restrictive anorexia nervosa 95
Excessive physical activity in young girls with restrictive-type anorexia nervosa: its role on cardiac structure and performance 94
Rehabilitative interventions and brain plasticity in autism spectrum disorders: Focus on MRI-based studies 93
The effect of gender on the neuroanatomy of children with autism spectrum disorders: A support vector machine case-control study 93
An integrated EEG and eye-tracking approach for the study of responding and initiating joint attention in Autism Spectrum Disorders 91
Are children born after assisted reproductive technology at increased risk of autism spectrum disorders? A systematic review 87
abnormal growth of head circumference in ASD is limited to the first six months of life 86
The effect of age, sex and clinical features on the volume of Corpus Callosum in pre-schoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A case-control study 86
Profili Sensoriali nell'Autismo: un’indagine esplorativa con il Sensory Profile 86
A view into the brain of female children with autism pectrum disorder: Morphometric regional alterations detected by structural MRI mass-univariate and pattern classification analisys 85
Behavioral Phenotype of ASD Preschoolers with Gastrointestinal Symptoms or Food Selectivity 84
Locomotion and grasping impairment in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder 83
Parental perspectives on psychiatric comorbidity in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders receiving publicly funded mental health services 80
A systematic review of structural MRI biomarkers in autism spectrum disorder: A machine learning perspective 78
Pre-linguistic vocal trajectories at 6-18 months of age as early markers of autism 77
How Attention to Faces and Objects Changes Over Time in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Preliminary Evidence from An Eye Tracking Study 77
Neuroimaging-based methods for autism identification: a possible translational application? 76
The broad autism phenotype in real-life: clinical and functional correlates of autism spectrum symptoms and rumination among parents of patients with autism spectrum disorder - Corrigendum 76
Sympathetic arousal in children with oppositional defiant disorder and its relation to emotional dysregulation 76
Basal ganglia and restricted and repetitive behaviours in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Current status and future perspectives 75
Autonomic Nervous System Response during Light Physical Activity in Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa Measured by Wearable Devices 70
Outcome predictors in autism spectrum disorders preschoolers undergoing treatment as usual: Insights from an observational study using artificial neural networks 69
Heart Rate Variability During a Joint Attention Task in Toddlers With Autism Spectrum Disorders 69
Motor Skills as Moderators of Core Symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Preliminary Data From an Exploratory Analysis With Artificial Neural Networks 69
Autismo in famiglia: quali sono i tratti in comune tra genitori e figli? Un contributo di ricerca nell’ambito del Broader Autism Phenotype (BAP). 66
Confounding factors in machine-learning analysis of multicenter brain MRI data in Autism Spectrum Disorders 65
Gli avanzamenti nella ricerca in tema di autismo 64
Vocal and motor behaviors as a possible expression of gastrointestinal problems in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder 63
Inflammatory biomarkers are correlated with some forms of regressive autism spectrum disorder 63
Autistic traits impact on olfactory processing in adolescent girls with Anorexia Nervosa restricting type 62
Female children with autism spectrum disorde: an insight from mass-univariate and pattern classification analyses 61
Transdiagnostic vs. disorder-focused perspective in children and adolescents with eating disorders: Findings from a large multisite exploratory study 61
Multimodal functional and structural brain connectivity analysis in autism: A preliminary integrated approach with EEG, fMRI, and DTI 61
Evaluation of altered functional connections in male children with autism spectrum disorders on multiple-site data optimized with machine learning 60
Effects of Probiotic Supplementation on Gastrointestinal, Sensory and Core Symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial 58
Psychiatric assessment 58
Stabilità della diagnosi di autismo in età prescolare 57
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Early Language-Related Hallmarks across Structural MRI Study. 57
Moving Toward Telehealth Surveillance Services for Toddlers at Risk for Autism During the COVID-19 Pandemic 55
null 53
[Anorexia nervosa and hyperactivity in adolescence: psychiatric and internal medicine features] 53
Parent-child Interaction Treatment for Preschoolers with Feeding Disorders 53
Contextual priors do not modulate action prediction in children with autism 52
null 52
Sviluppo della circonferenza cranica precoce nei bambini con autismo: alla ricerca di sottotipi clinici 51
Il recupero delle competenze comunicativo-linguistiche nel trattamento precoce del Disturbo dello Spettro Autistico 51
Virtual Histology of Cortical Thickness and Shared Neurobiology in 6 Psychiatric Disorders 49
Lower gray matter volumes of frontal lobes and insula in adolescents with anorexia nervosa restricting type: Findings from a Brain Morphometry Study 48
Consortium neuroscience of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder: The ENIGMA adventure 48
Dealing with confounders and outliers in classification medical studies: The Autism Spectrum Disorders case study 47
Processing Magnetic resonance image features with one-class support vector machines investigation of the autism spectrum disorder heterogeneity 43
George Frankl: an undervalued voice in the history of autism 43
Valutazione dei comportamenti ristretti e ripetitivi nei bambini di età prescolare con Disturbi dello Spettro Autistico 40
Focusing on autism spectrum disorder in xia–gibbs syndrome: Description of a female with high functioning autism and literature review 40
Correlation among maternal risk factors, gene methylation and disease severity in females with autism spectrum disorder 39
Post-Traumatic Stress Reactions in Caregivers of Children and Adolescents/Young Adults with Severe Diseases: A Systematic Review of Risk and Protective Factors 38
Evaluation of chromosome microarray analysis in a large cohort of females with autism spectrum disorders: A single center Italian study 38
Evoluzione delle competenze comunicativo-linguistiche e adattive nei bambini con disturbo dello spettro autistico dopo sei mesi di trattamento 37
Correlation among maternal risk factors, gene methylation and disease severity in females with autism spectrum disorder 37
Subcortical brain volume, regional cortical thickness, and cortical surface area across disorders: Findings from the ENIGMA ADHD, ASD, and OCD working groups 36
A randomized controlled trial into the effects of probiotics on electroencephalography in preschoolers with autism 36
Are fecal metabolome and microbiota profiles correlated with autism severity? A cross-sectional study on asd preschoolers 35
Evaluating Sex and Age Differences in ADI-R and ADOS Scores in a Large European Multi-site Sample of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder 34
Parenting practices moderate the link between attention to the eyes and callous unemotional traits in children with Disruptive Behavior Disorder: An eye-tracking study 34
Trattamento aggiuntivo con sertralina nell’anoressia nervosa in adolescenza: follow-up naturalistico a 8 mesi 31
L’olanzapina nel trattamento di adolescenti con anoressia nervosa restrittiva: la riduzione dell’iperattività come moderatore dell’efficacia 30
Totale 8.033
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2020/2021906 73 42 54 46 54 120 79 54 124 65 69 126
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